Zhenith Zenith Powers 2013 Only Watch Charity Auction Again

Zhenith Zenith once again supported the ‘Only Watch’ charity auction in 2013, and will specially donate the first century space hero Felix Baumgartner who broke through the sound barrier in stratospheric space The Zenith El Primero’s flagship series Somfly flying back in the jumping project returned to the original 1/10 Jump Second watch for auction, thereby raising funds for the Monaco Muscular Atrophy Association.

This unique timepiece, the Zenith El Primero’s flagship Stratocloud flyback 1 / 10th of a second from the Zenith watchmaking factory, successfully accompanied Felix Baumgartner to complete the same temperature The layer space jump project, and thus became the only watch in the world to break through the sound barrier in near air.
Zenith successfully created the first legendary chronograph movement, El Primero, in 1969, and flew it from Paris to New York to hang it on a Boeing 747 aircraft landing gear to verify the accuracy and robustness of this movement. During the flight, the watch experienced a height drop of 10,700 meters, a large temperature difference, low pressure and irregular vibration, and it still operated normally when the aircraft landed. In 2012, Zenith watch achieved another amazing height again. From the altitude of 38,969.4 meters (127,852.4 feet), the stratosphere at the edge of space fell at a maximum speed of Mach 1.25, becoming the world’s first successful breakthrough of sound barriers in near air The founder of this watch has once again verified the reliability of Zenith watches in extreme environments: extremely high and low temperatures, sudden changes in pressure, severe vibrations, and violent acceleration.

Zenith El Primero’s flagship Strato Flyback 1/10 Jump Second watch perfectly integrates Zenith core features: a classic tri-color dial, the world’s first high-frequency chronograph movement, El Primero, and the groundbreaking 1 / 10 seconds display function.
Zenith, pioneering spirit from 1865
Founded in Switzerland in 1865, with a long history of 148 years, it is one of the four true Swiss watchmakers.
Brand DNA-Legitimacy, Fearlessness, Pleasure
Inventor of high frequency automatic chronograph
So far, it has won 2,333 Swiss Observatory time measurement awards and 1,425 independent timekeeping awards, enjoying the reputation of a true watchmaking expert.
The EI Primero chronograph movement, born in 1969, can be called the world’s most accurate and highest frequency automatic chronograph movement, 36,000 revolutions per hour, the time is accurate to 1/10 seconds, and the kinetic energy storage value exceeds 50 hours.
297 patents, 180 classic movement types, from which 600 movement styles have been developed