Walking By The Waves, Returning To The Sea By The River Ball Watch-facing The Harsh Environmental Challenges, Walking With The Explorers Of The Yangtze River

Since the establishment of the brand in 1891, BALL Watch has always been committed to innovation without fear of challenge. BALL Watch is famous for producing the official standard railway timepieces of the United States railways, and has always been committed to manufacturing accurate and practical professional timepieces.

  This year, in the Chinese market, Bohr Watch uses the slogan “Making strong steel watches for harsh environments” to explain in detail the insistence on quality and originality as an independent watchmaking brand. In the continuous introduction of professional watches with outstanding materials and versatile functions, Boer Watch has also strengthened the brand’s personality charm that is not afraid of difficulties and challenges through cooperation with different explorers around the world.

  As the ‘BALL Watch Explorers Association’ signed the explorer Ash Dykes (Ash Dykes) ‘s Yangtze River trip successfully completed, Bol Watch chose Shanghai-this international city located at the Yangtze River estuary The media meeting of ‘Walking by the River and Returning to the Sea’. At the meeting, Mr. Yao Zhongwei, General Manager of China, briefly reviewed the dazzling achievements made by Bol Watch in China this year, and introduced a new watch series made of 904L stainless steel. As a Swiss independent watch brand, Bol Watch dares to challenge the use of top-grade materials such as 904L stainless steel. It is an important measure in itself to work with explorers to change the world by challenging themselves.

  For Bollist, ‘exploration’ is not just a simple breakthrough of limits and blind pursuit of stimulus, but a constant observation of society and self in the process, changing the world by challenging impossible things, and achieving long-term beliefs.

  Ash Dykes is such a young explorer with a sense of social responsibility. He crosses more than half of China, trekking all the way from the snow mountain at the source of the Yangtze River to the estuary, experiencing plateau hypoxia, snowstorms, landslides, and entering the ‘Lichma’ super The multiple tests of the strong typhoon not only completed the trip to the Yangtze River, but also participated in the Yangtze River and coastal biodiversity scientific research activities on the way, reminding the world to cherish the Mother River. Yang Yong, another Chinese explorer who came to the media meeting, participated in the famous Yangtze River rafting in history in 1986. After that rafting, Yang Yong was determined to become a Yangtze River hydrology examiner from an Yangtze River explorer, and as an independent geologist, he presented a rigorous academic report for the South-North Water Transfer Project. The two explorers’ perseverance and fearlessness in improving the world also coincided with the spirit of the brand.

Indestructible 904L stainless steel
  In October 1847, a little boy was born in an unknown town in Ohio, USA. No one would think that he will become a pivotal figure in the history of the watch industry and the American railway industry in the future. He devoted his entire life to setting official railway time standards and making timepieces that are accurate and reliable even in harsh environments. This man is the founder of BALL Watch-Mr. WebbC. Ball. The rapid development of the United States relies on its huge railway network, but what many people don’t know is that accidents in the early years of railway transportation often caused casualties, and many of them were due to different time in different regions and lack of accurate timepieces.

  In 1891, two trains on the Lake Shore Line and Michigan Southern Railway Company suffered a serious collision in Ohio. The accident was caused by the misoperation of the timepiece on one of the trains. The train missed its arrival time. The incident prompted the authorities to appoint Mr. Webb C. Ball as a timepiece prosecutor to specifically formulate the ‘Official Railroad Standard’ standards, setting out detailed requirements for the appearance of the pocket watch, the accuracy of the movement, and even the inspection system . From then on, BALL Watch is synonymous with precision. BALL Watch has always kept the founder’s innovative concept in mind, and for the first time introduced Pioneer Pioneer and Energy Storage Pioneer models cast from 904L stainless steel. 904L stainless steel is different from ordinary stainless steel. Due to the addition of more precious metals such as additional chromium and copper, 904L stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, rust resistance and acid resistance. Its tough hardness makes the watch made of 904L stainless steel more able to cope with extreme environments. Because of this, the remanufacturing of 904L stainless steel also requires more difficult mechanical processes. Visually, 904L stainless steel has a dazzling gloss and is durable.

  Reliable reading is an extremely important quality for every Bol watch. The Pioneer series follows the brand’s time-honored design elements. The Arabic numerals ‘6’, ‘9’, ’12’ and the other hour scales on the dial are composed of self-luminous radon night lights. The radon night light used by Bolt watches can illuminate continuously for 25 years, and its brightness is 100 times higher than existing luminous coatings. In a dark environment, radon night lights can continuously provide light, ensuring clear and easy to read at all times. 40 mm diameter, mechanical movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory COSC. Every watch is rigorously tested to ensure accuracy.

  In view of the ubiquity of electromagnetic waves in modern life, the Pioneer series watches are specially designed with anti-magnetic protective covers for the movement, and their anti-magnetic performance has jumped to 80,000A / m. The watch is also equipped with a water resistance of 100 meters, without fear of all land and water challenges.
Challenge the Yangtze River Natural Insurance

  Born in a small English town, Ash Dykes is one of the world’s most highly regarded young explorers, praised by the global explorer Bear Grylls as ‘Epic adventures by an inspiring man’. He always adds socially responsible tasks to his trekking journey. During the 78-day crossing of the Mongolian desert, he kept an eye on local environmental issues. On his way across Madagascar in 2016, he was on the verge of death due to malaria. Ash resolutely became a special ambassador for the charity to fight malaria.
  In the newly completed Yangtze River hiking challenge, Ash also shouldered the task of scientific research and protection of the Yangtze River and coastal biodiversity, and cooperated with regional environmental protection organizations and volunteers to organize environmental protection public welfare activities such as protecting the Yangtze River Mother River. Ash hopes that this expedition in China will cause more people in the world to pay attention to China’s national biodiversity. He was thrilled when he was in the stunning interior of China, walking through dazzling landscapes, interacting with locals, and getting close to wildlife. In his view, the unique ecological environment of the Yangtze River Basin and various kinds of spiritual creatures make this challenging journey full of unexpected surprises and gains.

  Another guest, Yang Yong, has an unusual origin with the Yangtze River. In 1986, a group of young people relied on the simplest rafting equipment to create the world’s first miracle of unpowered Yangtze River rafting. Yang Yong was one of these young people.
  After that rafting, Yang Yong became an expeditioner and even a guardian from an explorer. As an independent geologist, he has traveled across rivers and glaciers in China for 30 years, and he has provided rigorous reflections and reports for the South-to-North Water Transfer Project. Both outstanding explorers have left the legendary story of exploring the Yangtze River in their own unique way, and they also perfectly explain the spirit of Bohr Watch’s brand of fearlessness and adversity.