Ulysse Nardin ‘moon Of The Moon’ Astronomical Watch

17 years after the completion of the historic astronomical ‘Timepiece Trilogy’, the Athenian watch has once again entered the universe and astronomical world, and has developed another revolution that subverts tradition and possesses the DNA of Dr. Ockling. Sexual astronomical watch-‘Moonstruck’ presents the scientific and accurate way to show the influence of the position and relationship of the sun, moon and earth on the tide, and the alternation between the new moon and the full moon shown by its moon phases Changes can still be accurately revealed in the next 100,000 years!

  The ‘moon imagination’ surface dial is made of high-quality mother-of-pearl, with hand-drawn earth graphics, and its movement is equipped with a silicon escapement and silicon hairspring made of cutting-edge technology. This original watch, which combines art and extreme complex watchmaking craftsmanship, will be officially exhibited at Kaohsiung Chint Watch and Clock from December 22 to January 6, and ‘Monthly Fantasy’ 2012 will also be displayed at the scene. The latest ‘Golden Moon Phase’ series of watches, together with a variety of classic and complex models of the Athenian watch, sincerely invite all friends who like ‘moon imagination’ to come and appreciate, don’t miss this exhibition opportunity!

ULYSSE NARDIN Moon Fantasy Astronomical Watch