Tissot Launches 3-d Online Touchscreen Watch: See Video

Tissot has launched a website with 3D features, in which consumers can use their webcam pair through the ‘Touch Collection Watch Watch’ item before purchasing. The product is simulated ‘try on’.
The Tissot website www.tissot.ch/reality is available. Users can sit in front of their computer and raise their wrists to try on the watch in real time through the webcam application or change the style, color and style.
The Touch collection has 28 styles to choose from, and consumers can try on the styles they choose, while also choosing the color of the decoration and wristbands, including the new Sailing-Touch marine watch and T-Touch Expert series. And the Sea-Touch marine series. Consumers can not only appreciate how the watch looks on their hands, but also experience the features of the watch through the touch screen, which also includes the Sea Touch diving function and a wider range of altimeters and barometers , Compass and thermometer. The watch on the wearer’s wrist is vivid in the video, showing the extraordinary features of each one very vividly. All watches tell you the exact time with digital or analog displays.