Thinner, Lighter And More Fashionable Talking About Panerai Pam001312

At the DIVE INTO TIME exhibition in May this year, Panerai launched a new P.9010 movement. Along with it, there are also many new watches, including four stainless steels. Model and an innovative carbon fiber PAM00661. Among them, the stainless steel models are PAM01523 (42mm) and PAM01499 (44mm) with white dials; PAM01392 (42mm) and PAM01312 (44mm) with black dials; and PAM01359 with another all-digital time scale design. Today the editor will introduce you to this PAM01312 watch:

Thinner case

Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 PAM01312
 Looking back at the history of Panerai, in 1993 a limited edition Luminor Marina watch appeared. The appearance of this series was the first blockbuster success example in the history of the Panerai brand. To this day, Luminor Marina watches are still unabated. This new PAM01312 watch is actually an improvement based on the old PAM00312, and the model is also related (analogous to PAM01523 is an upgrade of PAM00523).

Comparison of PAM01312 and PAM00312 case
 The new 1312 case has undergone no small changes, and the editor has done the comparison chart above (left: PAM00312, right: PAM01312), and it is clear that the new watch has been ‘slimmed down.’ Both watches have a 44mm diameter case, while the 1312 equipped with the new P.9010 movement is only 15.6mm thick, 2.3mm thinner than the old 312, and the weight is reduced by almost 40%. The lugs have also become more slender.


 In addition, this watch is in the same vein as all Panerai watches. The case is made of 316L stainless steel, has good corrosion resistance, 44 mm diameter, 300 meters water resistance, and a large black leather strap. At the same time with a stainless steel pin buckle.
Alluring blue seconds

Comparison chart of PAM01312 and PAM00312 dials
 Another change is the adjustment on the dial. From the comparison chart, the previous 312 dial used a green luminous coating, while the new 1312 uses a beige color. At six o’clock also added ‘ ‘Automatic’; in addition, the biggest difference is that the 1312 is equipped with a small blue seconds hand, which I don’t know how many people will be enchanted.

PAM00312 dial

Small blue seconds
 On the 1312 classic black sandwich dial, there are large digital displays and stick-shaped hour markers at the main hour markers, a small seconds dial at 9 o’clock, and a date display at 3 o’clock. Naha style.
More accurate movement

Bottom shell
 The watch uses a transparent case back design. Through the sapphire crystal glass, you can clearly see the structure and polishing effect of the internal P.9010 movement. This new movement was born at the DIVE INTO TIME exhibition held by Panerai this year. In addition, the new design brings more accurate timing functions.

P.9010 movement
 P.9010 self-winding mechanical movement with basic time display, date display and 3-day power reserve function. The diameter of the movement is 13¾ legal minutes and the thickness is 6 mm.
It consists of 200 parts, including 31 gems. Equipped with a two-armed balance wheel splint supporting a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour
(4 Hz) balance wheel, the connected device can suspend the balance wheel when the crown is pulled out, so that the time adjustment of the watch can be perfectly synchronized with the time signal. In addition, the P.9010 movement is equipped with a device that can independently
Move the hour hand back and forth one hour without affecting the minute hand, making it easy to adjust. This function is particularly convenient when changing time zones or changing winter and summer time, and adjusting the hour hand can automatically correct the date display at the same time.
Summary: The new P.9010 movement has achieved the new look of PAM01312. The thinner case and more detailed improvements have made this watch with extraordinary temperament and style. I believe that everyone loves Paner The watch fans of the sea will all stay a little more on this watch. At present, this watch has begun to sell, the domestic reference price is RMB 52,800.