The Tough Guy Of Sea, Land And Air! Bell & Ross Challenges A New Future

BELL & ROSS has a close relationship with the three major elements of sea, land, and air. It has always been shown in the tough guy style. Today, when BELL & ROSS releases new models to warm up the Basel Watch Fair, it also launches a series of carefully designed advertisements for watches. The ads will take the professional elite of sea, land and air as the protagonists to present watches Powerful posture in the sky.

BELL & ROSS, which has always shown people in a tough guy style, is not only a brand new watch, but also a new and exciting new ad is about to be launched.

This time, BELL & ROSS has set the title of the new campaign to ‘Watch Beyond’! The title ‘Watch’ is actually a pun, which means that it is accompanied by more sophisticated and practical advanced timepieces, and strives for excellence. The other meaning is to encourage everyone to look forward and to have a broad vision. Wear a helmet, goggles, or Diving goggles, a country dedicated to elite professional fields.
The visual design concept of the advertisement is also closely linked to the ‘Watch Beyond’ title, which allows everyone to try to substitute the extreme environment of professional elite work, and also lets you understand that the timepiece on the expert’s wrist is not only a tool to assist them in completing the task, but also Always a trusted companion.

BELL & ROSS’s “Beyond” ad title not only represents professional timepieces, but also drives everyone to expand their horizons and see the future

In addition, the graphic design of the advertisement is based on the new models of the Aviator and Vintage series. The first advertising photo was taken in the air. A fighter pilot wore one of the classic designs of BELL & ROSS BR-03 Black Matte wrist The watch was followed by the RS17 chronograph advertisement, themed with the BELL & ROSS brand alliance with Renault Formula One team partners. The Renault team test photos in the advertisement were taken at the famous Barcelona Circuit Advertisements for other editions will appear from March 22, along with the new models presented at Baselworld. This time, the BELL & ROSS series of ads includes 4 print ads and 2 videos, which will be launched in 2017. The full content is worth looking forward to!