Sunstone With Magical Magic Makes Jacques De Loire Brilliant

Murano, early 17th century. On an island just a few chains away from Venice, the European art and leisure capital, a glass craftsman accidentally incorporated metal flakes in glass powder. However, he was blessed by “mistakes”. On this lagoon that admired the perfection, a Venus glass was created. This material exudes the world’s unique brilliance.
   This ‘avventura’ (Italian for accident) is still one of the most fascinating materials for artisans. The unique and dazzling blue and its endless iridescent glow are naturally favored by Jaquet Droz. In 2015, Jaquet Droz launched a new member of the series-Sunstone, continuing this aesthetic exploration. ‘Sunstone’ radiates a unique brilliance, and its inner gold foil sparkles in the magical dazzling brilliance, reminiscent of this shining star that was regarded by ancient wise men as stars and gods.
   Sunstone contains the magic of the sun and the ultimate elegance of the golden age of Venice. Sunstone has become a new member of the long mineral dial tradition cherished by the Jaquet Droz brand with its stunning and charming characteristics. Jade, lapis lazuli and even meteorites are also listed. Crafted by Jaquet Droz’s unique ghost axe. The watchmakers chose to decorate the iconic models with this new material. Grande Seconde Circled two small dials that are intertwined into a figure 8 are made of Sunstone. The 35mm Petite Heure Minute dial (35 mm) adds a new look Chic charm, and the gold foil on the dial of the delicate and exquisite jewellery watch Elegant 8 (Lady 8) scattered soft golden light, so that it blooms unprecedented brilliance.
   With Sunstone and three new models, Jaquet Droz opens a new chapter in Huanian with innovative technology, ultimate aesthetics, unique quality and the infinite dream condensed by these gold dusts. The unique colorful crystal light turns into a splendid galaxy on your wrist, like an invitation to travel, and it is fulfilled every moment.