Save The Global Environment Watchmaking Brands In Action

In this era of emphasizing corporate social responsibility, many companies have begun to devote themselves to philanthropy rather than high-profile exposure star ambassadors to shape the brand image. The performance of the watchmaking industry is particularly outstanding. Watches are often closely related to sports and outdoor adventures. The efforts to protect the environment make the connection more real and close, and watch fans hope to do their part for this. From helping to pick up beach litter to funding complete scientific research projects, eight watchmaking brands actively fulfill their social responsibilities and are committed to protecting the cleanliness, safety, and integrity of the planet.

Heal the ocean

   The ocean is a focus that attracts a lot of attention. Omega, Oris, Breitling, Blancpain, CarlF. Bucherer and Rolex all support marine protection in their own ways. They are also the mainstay of diving watches. manufacturer. Part of the sales of the Omega Seahorse Series Ocean Universe Watch is specifically funded for the Beautiful Planet Foundation to raise public awareness of marine environmental issues and promote sustainable development concepts. In addition, the brand has launched two environmental protection projects in Tanakak Island and Bahoi, Indonesia, one of which focuses on protecting the ecosystem and coral reefs in northern Sulawesi. At the same time, Omega also co-produced the award-winning documentary ‘Marine Universe’, reminding the world to defend the ocean, it is urgent.

   The Breitling Super Marine Culture series supports the Marine Conservation Association and is committed to maintaining the health of marine ecology and clean beaches. In the past 30 years, the Marine Conservation Association has organized tens of thousands of clean-up beach operations in 153 countries and regions. Breitling’s new Super Marine Culture series “Marine Conservation Association” limited edition watch is born for this purpose. This watch was launched in May this year at the Bali Beach Cleanup to support the Ocean Conservation Association’s goals and clear the beach. plastic. The Breitling Surfers Action Team also contributed to the clean beach action, including the famous surfer Kelly Slater from the United States and two Australian athletes Sally Fitzbond and Stephanie Gilmore.

   Blancpain also helps to protect the ocean and contribute to environmental protection through special edition Fifty Fathoms watches. The brand promises to donate 1,000 euros, or a total of 250,000 euros, for every fifty new “Limited Ocean” series 2018 new limited edition watches sold, to continue to help the long-term development of marine protection. Today, Blancpain has co-funded 18 scientific expeditions and has helped to increase the area of ​​marine protected areas by 4 million square kilometers, doubling the total area of ​​marine protected areas worldwide.

Protecting endangered species

   Every watch from Oris Marine Protection Trident is dedicated to the corresponding environmental protection project. The Blue Whale Limited Edition (200 pieces) supports the work of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society to create safe habitats for these endangered species. The third generation of the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition (2,000 pieces) supports the Coral Reef Recovery Foundation’s project to rebuild a severely affected coral reef. The Clean Ocean Limited Edition (2,000 pieces) supports the Pacific Garbage Screening Program, and the agency is developing a technology to intercept plastics before they enter the ocean. Each watch comes with a special case made of environmentally friendly algae and recycled plastic.

   The Bucherer Plavich deep dive watch ‘Black Devil Fish Special’ is dedicated to saving the endangered devil fish. Part of the sales proceeds will be donated to the ‘Devil Fish Foundation’, a British charity active in 20 countries. The organization’s mission is to conserve marine ecology and protect the living environment of endangered devil fish. The ‘Ghost Fish Foundation’ leads a global research project to promote conservation awareness to help protect the tame giant black devil fish. Bucherer’s funding was specifically used to launch a research project this year in the waters of Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, to understand the migration and behavioral patterns of manta rays.

Social care

   Rolex’s ‘Protect the Earth, Perpetual Action’ project covers land, sea and sky, integrating the brand’s environmental protection initiative into a three-pronged approach: cooperation with the National Geographic Society (Rolex has been working with the society since the 1950s) Everest expedition to study the impact of climate change; continued support for ocean scientist Dr. Sylvia Earl’s Blue Mission marine protection program to save hotspots threatened by environmental degradation; and the Rolex Award for outstanding talent for recognition and promotion Pioneering human well-being and protecting the global environment. One plan involves the use of previously unrecycled plastics to make parts in cars and electronics.

   Chopard’s conservation efforts focus on tracing the supply chain as part of its approach to supporting the Sustainable Road to Luxury Goods. The company has committed to procuring and using as much ‘fair mining’ certified gold puppets as possible. ‘Fair mining’ is a certification label that guarantees that gold comes from responsible artisanal gold cooperatives and small mining sites, and involves strict working conditions standards, including fair treatment of labor, prohibition of child labor, and social development and environmental protection during the mining process. Chopard can produce all the gold alloys needed in the in-house foundry, and up to 70% of the production waste (gold that has entered production activities) is recycled, which means that ‘fair mining’ certified gold can achieve a closed cycle.

   When buying a watch, the relationship between brand and environment should not be the sole criterion for judgment, but it is also an important factor to be remembered and considered, which adds an additional weight to the final decision. Of course, since most of these watches are issued in limited editions, they are even rarer, which increases the potential for value preservation. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)