Romantic Tanabata Bvlgari Bulgari Loves ‘love Moments’

Romantic Tanabata is here. BVLGARI Bvlgari recommends the 1 series for lovers. This special day ignites the passion of lovers. Since its birth, the 1 series has always maintained its eclectic and unique spirit, interpreting various forms of ‘preciousness’ with unexpected materials and rich colors. Like intimate lovers, always willing to give each other hot and novel love at any time.

BVLGARI 1 series 2015

BVLGARI Bulgari global spokesperson Carla Bruni perfectly performs the 1 series

Love is eternal promise
   The letter B in the B.zero1 name stands for Bulgari, and zero1 stands for an eternal starting point, with a profound meaning, and a symbol of the enduring Bulgari classic. This timeless classic not to be missed, perfectly displays Bulgari’s brand style and infinite creativity with a poetic and simple curve. It combines the bearing of ancient culture and modern interpretation to witness the eternity for the promise between lovers.

Classic BVLGARI design with double loops on both sides

Freshness of love 1 Rose Gold Black Ceramic Pendant

   With luxurious diamonds and creative ceramics, Bulgari once again harmoniously unifies two materials with completely different attributes, giving the 1 series a unique style. In 1994, ceramics were first used by Bulgari and the brand’s famous Chandra series. White ceramics and gems of various shapes interweave this highly creative and forward-looking jewellery series, creating a unique ‘playful spirit’ that adds freshness to every moment of love. 1 bracelet

   The new 1 bracelet takes the classic spiral curve a step further. Pavé diamonds hover over 18K rose or white gold, or spread on 18K rose gold, showing the diamond’s new style. 1 Rose Gold White Ceramic Pendant 1 bracelet 1 bracelet
Moment of Love 1 rose gold black ceramic 4 ring ring 1 rose gold white ceramic 4 ring ring

   Simplicity and exquisiteness are the two key words of the new ring. Sparkling diamonds are set on the rose gold rings on both sides, making the brand’s iconic round double logo more eye-catching. for selection. The starburst night that is so affectionate and shining, Bulgari 1 replaces thousands of languages ​​and surrounds the beloved TA.