Putin’s Watch Taste: Patek Philippe And Blancpain

Of the many politicians in Russia, the watch worn by former President Putin is the most expensive. It is a perpetual calendar gold watch of the world’s number one watch brand ‘Paida Philippe’, valued at up to 60,000 US dollars. Putin used to wear it on his right wrist, becoming a fashion trend sought after by Russian high society.

Russian Prime Minister Putin Tough Guy Loves Patek Philippe
The current Russian Prime Minister Putin has always loved Swiss watches. He owns world-renowned watches such as Patek Philippe and Blancpain. These watches match his tough guy temperament. Putin also said, ‘I want the government of Moscow, the local government. And the federal administrative agencies in the Russian Federation, just like the Swiss watch, keep running & rdquo ;. No one can deny Putin’s influence on Russia today, and even his habit of wearing a watch with his right hand has become a fashion trend sought by Russian high society.
In 2008, ‘Russian News Weekly’ conducted a survey, exposing watch brands and styles worn by Russian dignitaries and heads of state. The survey results show that among Russian politicians, President Putin wears the most expensive watch, which is a perpetual calendar gold watch of the world’s first watch brand ‘PatekPhilippe’ (PatekPhilippe), valued at up to 60,000 US dollars. This scary gold watch is equivalent to a year’s salary for President Putin. And Putin has also been an advocate of Patek Philippe. In 2003, he also wore another classic style ‘Paktec Philippe’ gold watch & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; Calatrava & rdquo ;, naturally also expensive.

 The first Calatrava series watch came out in 1932. Today, Calatrava has become a model of watch design, proportioned, elegant and practical, and it is one of the most respected timepieces made by Patek Philippe. To some extent, Patek Philippe’s ‘dignity and bravery’ and Putin’s ‘stable and convincing’ exist. Patek Philippe exudes aristocratic temperament, which makes people scramble to collect. Putin’s eternal leadership temperament is truly admired. No wonder Russia circulates such a love song, ‘Marry someone, marry someone like Putin’, using the Patek Philippe slogan: ‘No one can have Putin, just looking forward to the next dream. & rdquo;

 11In November 2010, Putin and his wife underwent a census. Putin wore a Blancpain Aqua lung limited edition watch and was investigated by the census officer. Introduced in 2005 by the famous L & eacute; man Grande Date Aqua lung limited edition watch. Globally limited to 2005 pieces. This watch uses Blancpain’s self-developed 6950 self-winding movement with a 70-hour power reserve. Brushed 18K white gold, black Aqua lung dial, natural rubber strap, 40mm diameter body. The sturdy case is effectively waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, and the well-made case provides additional protection to the movement.
Putin’s Blancpain watch rate is quite high, it is said that he has at least three Blancpain watches. Regarding Blancpain watches, there is also a story of the Prime Minister donating watches to ordinary workers. The British ‘Daily Telegraph’ reported that Putin had been asked for a commemorative gift on the spot by a worker while inspecting an arsenal in Tula. Putin hesitated, and still took off his watch and gave it away. It is understood that this watch is the famous Swiss Blancpain watch, which is probably worth about $ 6,000, almost equivalent to the income of ordinary Russians at that time.