Peacock Opens Grand Seiko Launches New Hi-beat 36000 Gmt Limited Watch

Historically, the peacock has been the inspiration for many ideas and myths. The ancient Japanese believed that the peacock represented immortality, and other cultures also regarded this beautiful bird as a symbol of new life and even omniscience. Around the world, peacocks attract attention and fascinate them. Once seen, the peacock’s feathers are hard to forget, and its beauty is universally recognized.

   The dial of Grand Seiko’s new Hi-Beat 36000 GMT watch captures this beauty. The dark green color scheme and the printed pattern make this dial impressive and memorable. The case (40 mm) and movement configuration are indistinguishable from the well-known models that won the “Small Hands Award” at the Geneva Fine Watch Awards in 2014. The high-frequency 9S86 movement with GMT function is assembled by the Shishi Advanced Timepiece Workshop. All Grand Seiko’s mechanical watches are manufactured in the ochre high-end timepiece workshop and are manually assembled by male and female artisans.

   Regardless of performance or appearance, the new watch is the best example of Grand Seiko mechanical watchmaking. The 9S86 movement has an accuracy of +5 to -3 / day and can provide a power reserve of up to 55 hours. The GMT pointer as a dual time zone display can be adjusted independently without affecting the daily display time of the pointer. This watch is the perfect companion for international travelers.

   Launched in 1967, the 44GS watch sets the style of Grand Seiko, while the dial of the new watch gives a more modern interpretation of classic design. Like all Grand Seiko watches, the new watch is equipped with a highly polished case, comfortable wearing, and characteristic hands, which are easy to read. A smooth and flawless surface is achieved by Zaratsu polishing, which requires superb craftsmanship and skill. It is reported that Grand Seiko’s new Hi-Beat 36000 GMT watch is limited to 700 pieces, with a list price of 7,700 euros, equivalent to about 60,000 yuan.