Patek Philippe Limited Edition, Then ‘steel Watch’

Recently, Patek Philippe held the ‘Fifth Large-scale Patek Philippe Watch Art Exhibition’ in Singapore and launched a new wave of six limited edition watches.

Patek Philippe Limited Edition 5167A in red.
 For the term ‘the fifth large-scale exhibition of Patek Philippe watch art’, players may find it relatively unfamiliar, and at the same time it is held abroad, it sounds relatively distant. But if I put it another way, everyone may be familiar. When Patek Philippe made a sensation, the limited-edition steel case large three-hand flying watch 5522A, which had once soared, was launched at the ‘Pattern Philippe Watch Art Exhibition’, but it was held in New York at that time. It can be seen that Patek Philippe will launch some special heavyweight watches when it organizes an exhibition.

Patek Philippe 5522A steel case large three-pin flight watch, limited to 600.
 At this year’s large-scale exhibition, Patek Philippe launched six limited edition watches, including two heavyweight steel watches, namely the Patek Philippe 5167A Grenade Limited Edition and the Patek Philippe Women’s Flight Watch 7234A (A represents the steel case in the Patek Philippe model) .
Patek Philippe’s ‘Red Grenade’.
 This limited edition 5167A red color grenade is amazing, but at the same time it makes sense. Because Patek Philippe has launched a variety of colors on the grenade, playing with various colors. We can simply sort out: 5168G blue color, 5168G green color, 5968A orange color, 5167A black color, and the latest limited edition 5167A red color. The grenade series has become the most fashionable watch in Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe Limited Edition 5167A
 The limited edition red 5167A uses the red second hand, and the scale on the dial is also red. The watch face is a grayish color similar to 5968. At the same time, the watch uses red tape, which matches the color of the dial. The limited edition 5167A also uses the Patek Philippe 324 movement, which is printed with PATEK PHILIPPE SINGAPORE 2019 on the watch’s transparent caseback. Limited to 500. Through this limited red 5167A, I would like to say two questions.

Patek Philippe 5168G white gold shell blue color

Patek Philippe 5168G white gold shell green color
 The first is size. Patek Philippe recently launched a 5168G white / blue gold case in white gold with a size of 42 mm. The previous grenade is 40 mm regardless of the steel case 5167A or rose gold case 5167R. Therefore, some people have suggested whether the size of the Patek Philippe Grenade will increase afterwards. Judging from this limited edition red 5167A, 5167 still maintains 40 mm size. The steel shell grenade has not increased its size. It can be seen that 5168 is 42 mm and 5167 is 40 mm.

Patek Philippe Steel Shell 5167A Regular Edition
 Another is that Patek Philippe steel shell sports watch Nautilus is hot year round, and compared to Nautilus, the price of Patek Philippe Grenade is relatively ‘rational’. In recent years, Patek Philippe has also launched new and new colors on the grenade. Patek Philippe’s positioning of the grenade series is ‘modern, dynamic and fashionable’ (see Patek Philippe’s official website). From the trend of grenades in recent years, grenades are more fashionable than nautilus, and the difficulty of getting started is relatively low. For players who are keeping an eye on Patek Philippe sports watches, if they are not too entangled with Nautilus, grenade is a relatively easy alternative.

Patek Philippe 5968A steel case chronograph orange color
Patek Philippe Women’s Steel Case ‘Flying Watch’
 Patek Philippe also launched a steel case female flight watch 7234A in the six limited edition watches. In fact, this watch is no stranger to you, 7234 is a small size female model of Patek Philippe male flight watch 5524. The 5524 measures 42 mm and the 7234 measures 37.5 mm.

Patek Philippe Women’s Steel Case Flight Watch 7234A
 The Patek Philippe Women’s 7234 was actually launched last year, but it was the 7234R with a rose gold case, and this time it was the first 7234A with a steel case. In addition to the smaller size of the female model 7234, the overall appearance and functions are the same as the male model 5524. It is a two-time flight watch. The new limited edition 7234A uses a blue disk with a fine sun pattern on the surface. At the same time, the watch uses a blue canvas strap (synthetic fiber) and the color of the dial. The steel case 7234A also uses the 324 movement, and PATEK PHILIPPE SINGAPORE 2019 is printed on the transparent case back of the watch. Limited to 400.

Patek Philippe men’s platinum case 5524G (top) and women’s steel case 7234A (bottom)
 After Patek Philippe launched the women’s flight watch 7234, we can see that Patek Philippe’s lineup of women’s watches is very rich. In addition to the consistent CALATRAVA women’s watch, TWENTY4 women’s watch, sports watches, including nautilus, grenade, and flight watch 7234, as long as the men’s watch involves sports models, women’s watches also have corresponding.

Patek Philippe Tourbillon Minute Question 5303R
 Of course, in addition to the two new steel watches above, the limited editions introduced this time also include tourbillon three minute large complex watch 5303R, world time 5930G, world time three minute 5531, etc. These limited timetables will be sold in Singapore. I used to introduce and recommend watches that you can buy in the domestic market. Does Patek Philippe’s limited watch have anything to do with domestic players? From the perspective of the limited steel case 5522A previously sold in New York, it still has a relationship.

Patek Philippe World Time Question 5531R

Patek Philippe World Time 5930G
 China is one of the largest markets for world-renowned watches, and a large number of watches are bought by domestic players. Senior players know that the limited number of steel case 5522A has finally entered the domestic market. Looking at the number of 5522A that year, the number of 600 is limited. For example, the steel case red grenade limited to 500 this time is likely to appear in the country. Because it is a limited edition watch and a steel watch, the actual market price will definitely go higher and higher. Every strength player can pay more attention.