Extreme Luxury Three High-end Watches Of Around 100,000 Yuan Recommended

Men’s decorations are not as diverse as women’s. Watches, belts, bow ties, handbags … can be counted without pinching fingers. Of course, in addition to dressing up personal images, men’s accessories are more personal. Taste and identity sign. Although the watch is not large, it has high and low grades. The several watches that we are going to introduce to you today are not only excellent in function, but also exceptional in design. They are a luxurious work of art.
Breguet Type XXI 3810ST / 92 / 9ZU watch

Basic Information
Watch Series: Type XXI
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 80,400
Watch details: 98,800
Watch details: ¥ 101,000
For more watch details, please click: glashutte / 24875 /
Watch reviews: This watch has a 40 mm diameter, and the silver-white dial has a reasonable layout. The eccentric hour, minute, and small seconds are displayed on the left, occupying two-thirds of the dial’s space. The meniscus-shaped display frame shows you the moon’s gloomy and clear, looming on the white dial, and the large calendar display window echoes the moon phase. The watch is equipped with Cal.90-02 self-winding mechanical movement. This is a movement produced by Glashütte. It provides a 42-hour power reserve and a water resistance of 50 meters to meet our daily lives. Demand. Through the back of the sapphire crystal glass, you can clearly appreciate the subtle decoration and polishing of the German craftsmanship inside. Hand-carved balance splint and double gooseneck trimming.
Summary: The watch is the product of hundreds of years of superb craftsmanship. With the continuous development of the watch industry, more and more people have begun to pay attention to understanding the watch and understand the history and culture of the brand.


Blancpain Appeared At Monaco Yacht Show Monaco Yacht Show

For nearly a decade, Blancpain has always been with the world’s most prestigious international sailing competitions. The brand’s evolving partnership with Monaco Yacht Show is based on a historical link that connects the world’s oldest watchmaking brand with Sea World and an art of living shared by marine lovers around the world stand up.

At this event, Blancpain was honored to welcome Monaco’s HSH Prince Albert II Prince Albert II on the Over The Rainbow. This boat was commissioned by Jean-Michel Folon, a regrettable early-dead artist Thing. Accompanied by the prince and two athletes, Pierre Frolla and Gianluca Genoni, who hold several world free diving records, Blancpain announced his dedication to raising awareness of the marine environment of the next generation.

Blancpain is dedicated to this great cause, giving 50 children a chance to participate in a one-week diving course taught by l’ Ecole Bleue. Led by free diver Pierre Frolla, this Monaco-based association aims to educate the public and raise awareness of the importance of coastal and underwater areas.

To celebrate its pinnacle on the maritime career and maintain its tradition since attending the Monaco Yacht Show for the first time, Blancpain has launched a limited-edition watch in traditional style that pays homage to the Principality of Monaco. Fifty Fathoms Flyback Chronograph, a world-class luxury watch in pure white, is only available in 20 pieces. This elegant watch is proudly decorated with the Monaco emblem on its pure white dial. This top-level watch is free to use on land and under water, freely, and ignites the endless passion of sailing and water sports. Its noble quality has also made collectors and connoisseurs fascinated.
Source: Blancpain


Sports Watch That Can Be Worn In Winter 2018 Mido Pilot Series Hot Watch Spot

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of Swiss Mido, so this year’s new models introduced by the brand have great appeal in terms of design and price. Especially the new Mido Pilot series watches, with a strong sense of fashion, are the most popular watches this year. However, the north has already entered winter early. In the snowy season, people often are not able to wear sports watches. On the one hand, most sports watches are metal straps. On the other hand, they are not skin-friendly in winter. On the other hand, most sports watches are too thick. It’s easy to snap cufflinks, but the new vintage green watch of Mido Pilot series can not be afraid of winter at all, because it is not only a leather strap, but also moderate thickness. At present, this watch is on sale in the Mido store in Shenyang Middle Street, and interested friends may wish to try it on.

   The Mido Pilot series long kinetic energy automatic mechanical watch is a very famous sports watch of the brand. Since its birth in 1944, it has always been a symbol of Mido’s outstanding waterproof watches. With a screw-in crown, screw-down case back and waterproof ring inside the unidirectional rotating bezel, Mido’s new Pioneer Series long kinetic automatic mechanical watch is water-resistant to 200 meters, that is, it can withstand 20 atmospheres of water Pressure. In fact, as a sports watch, in addition to its high water resistance, its atmospheric design style, luminous hands and scales are all attractive places.

  In winter, it is suitable to bring a warm color to look a bit ‘warm’. The new Mido Pilot series long kinetic automatic watch uses a PVD rose gold-plated stainless steel case and a brown leather strap treated with Patina color-washing process. Gentle tones bring a soft and elegant texture. The dial and bezel use a unique vintage green tone, which is low-key but different from traditional tones, highlighting personality, and can bring a different personality to the dull winter clothing.

  The matte dial has a matte texture. Compared with the common smooth sunburst, it can reduce interference in strong light when reading, and the dial is more concise and clear. The three-dimensional square scale on the dial is inlaid with luminous coating, which can emit light at night for easy reading time, and its three-dimensional effect enhances the luxury of the watch.

  The unidirectional rotating bezel, although the frequency of daily use is not high, can enhance the overall fun of the watch. In trivial life, it can be used to simply record the time, such as time to and from work, control meeting time, etc., only Need to turn the 12 o’clock scale of the bezel to the minute hand position to record.

  As an important symbol of the Pilots series, the embossed starfish pattern is also designed on the back of the watch. This is a tradition of the Pilots series and also represents the series’ excellent water resistance.
  Summary: Since its launch, this Mido Pilot series long kinetic energy automatic mechanical watch has received a lot of praise, not only excellent performance, stylish and personal design, and it can be worn on many occasions, if you consider Want to buy a better comprehensive watch, this Mido Pilot series watch is one of the options worth considering.
This quotation was collected on November 14, 2018. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Shop name]: Shenyang Middle Street Mido store
[Shop address]: No. 135, Zhongjie Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang
[Contact]: 024-24842718 Please call as a ‘watch home’ user


Sweet And Beautiful Colors On The Dial

The culmination of enamel crafts is probably the ultimate in micro-painting enamel. It is a miniature enamel painting, also known as a painting enamel. The best of these is the exquisite miniature miniature painting Drawn from.

   The micro-painted enamel technology originated in the Flanders region of Europe in the middle of the 15th century. The top-level micro-painted enamel has a transparent and lustrous luster and an attractive color that will never fade. Baptism is always new.

Agate bowl for grinding enamel pigment, agate is harder than enamel particles

   The advantages of micro-painted enamel are reflected in this, the pattern lines are more abundant, and more detailed and complicated patterns can be drawn without restriction. At the same time, this is also a difficult place. This requires not only deep painting skills and artistic understanding, but also a thorough understanding of the complex chemical changes behind enamel painting.
   It is common practice to burn a layer of white enamel on the dial as a base, and then use a pen made of several nutria beards or mink hair to paint. In the process, the enamelist spent several weeks or even months carefully painting under a high-power microscope, painting once and burning once, so that the color continued to increase, until it gave out an eye-catching brilliance. Of course, after each firing, the surface must be ground flat before the next painting. When the drawing is finished, apply a processing solvent containing transparent enamel for the last firing. This layer of processing solvent is to prevent the enamel color from aging and fading after coming into contact with air. After the firing is completed, fine grinding and polishing are performed with a whetstone. A micro-painted enamel dial is born.

   The value of each micro-painted enamel lies not only in its rarity, but also in the uniqueness of each work. The raw material of the enamel is a glassy transparent substance. After being ground into a powder, it is mixed with oil to become oil paint raw materials. It is repeatedly fired in a 800 ° C kiln Hundreds of times to stabilize its color, and because of different reactions at different firing temperature and time, and the same master of micro-painting can not burn two identical works, it can be described as a true orphan .
   At present, there are not many watch brands producing micro-painted enamel, including Blancpain, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget, etc., because a surface with micro-painted enamel often takes one and a half years to complete, the price is bound to be expensive and economical. Fewer people know how to appreciate.

   Blancpain released a ‘The Unique’ haute couture watch in 2012. The dial draws inspiration from traditional oriental scrolls and vividly restores classic Chinese-style ink painting-like classic pictures to a diameter of 45 using micro-painting enamel technology. Mm square dial.
   The difference from common micro-painting enamels is that in order to better restore the aesthetic mood of traditional Chinese ink painting, the dial is fired at one time rather than fired multiple times. This requires more sophisticated skills experience. Each step in the firing process bears a high degree of risk, and if it is accidentally lost, it is completely lost, and it has almost strict requirements on the skills and patience of the micro-painter.
   At that time, the ‘Glimpse of Hong Hong’ with such Chinese style was unknown to anyone. In this year, Blancpain celebrates the opening of its boutique in Taikoo Li, Chengdu, the brand will launch 5 new micro-painted enamel beams and orphan watches.
Blancpain micro-painted enamel beam wish watch

   The legends of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai began in the Western Jin Dynasty. They are not only well-known in China, they have spread far and wide, and they are also known as the eternal song of love. At the same time, it is also the only Chinese folklore that has widespread influence in the world. It is as famous as the famous western love story ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and praises the young people’s pursuit of free love and loyalty.
   Based on the theme of ‘Liang Zhu’, Blancpain created five micro-painted enamel high-end customized watches, all of which are orphan products. The micro-painted enamel process showed the pictures of five oriental watches on the five watches, telling Liangshan Bo and Zhu Yingtai fell in love but couldn’t hold on for life. Eventually they both committed suicide and later turned into a tragic love story of butterflies flying together.
   Each watch is a key scene of Liang Zhu’s legend, including worship on the grass bridge, hard reading in the same window, eighteen-phase delivery, meeting on the platform, and flying butterflies.

Blancpain worship of the Blancpain enamel beam wish series

   In the scene of Caoqiao worship, Liang Zhu and the two met for the first time in private, fell in love with each other, and bowed down on their knees. The masters of art cleverly caught a glance at Zhu Yingtai’s hidden affection. It was a glance that day, but three lives.

Blancpain Micro-painted Enamel Beam Series

   The scene of studying hard in the same room was selected as a scene of two people reading and playing together. The scene of three years in the same room, the two people with deeper feelings were surrounded by green branches, and the warmth filled with a smile and a permeation filled.

Eighteen Phases of Blancpain Enamel Beam Series

   In the 18th phase of the forbearance, Liang Shanbo bowed his head slightly, Zhu Yingtai stared at Yiyi, the two of them fluttered in the clothes, the grass swayed, and the heart was broken in the wind.

Blancpain Enamel Beam Series Meeting

   During the meeting between the terraces, the dishes were unmoved, and the daughters were restored. The English and Taiwanese speechlessness was difficult to violate the parents’ marriage order. Shanbo was sad and sad. The window at the upper right of the dial and the trees in the attic outside the window expanded the space of the picture And depth, it seems that they have extended the memory of the two, and the cruel reality in the past is gently contrasted outside the frame.

Blancpain Micro-painted Enamel Beam Series

   In the final scene, in the scene of flying butterflies, Liang Shanbo seemed to have all the freedom, and he dared to look directly at his lover. Two butterflies flew to one side, and the flowers bloomed brilliantly, reaching the climax of romanticism.

   Blancpain’s art masters, using superior color materials, repeatedly roasted at 800 degrees Celsius, micro-painted enamel undergoes fine chemical changes in time, showing a delicate, irreproducible color. The fusion of classic themes and extreme craftsmanship comes slowly through five watches. Watching a watch like a beautiful legend, such a wonderful masterpiece is not to be missed.


Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph Second Generation Stainless Steel And Gold Edition

Luxury golden rhyme shines in summer

 Breitling Superocean Chronograph II Steel & Gold & Breitling Superocean 44 Steel & Gold

 Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph Second Generation Stainless Steel and Gold Edition Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph 44 Stainless Steel and Gold Edition

 Summer diving carnival can not give up the pursuit of gorgeous appearance, stainless steel and gold version of Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph II (Superocean Chronograph II) and Breitling Super Ocean 44 watch (Superocean 44), the first time in a unidirectional ratchet The rotating bezel uses 18K rose gold graduated rings to complement the moving luster of the stainless steel case; with gold hands, the charming black charm is set off against the black dial, which makes the entire watch shine. With its gorgeous appearance, the watch has super water resistance of up to 500 meters and 2000 meters. It is an unquestionable professional diving watch, demonstrating the excellence of Breitling watchmaking skills. The most dazzling color ‘Gold’ is colorful, enjoy a wonderful luxurious summer.

【Technical data】

Breitling Superocean Chronograph II Steel & Gold

Movement: Breitling 13 movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), self-winding, 28,800 high-frequency swings per hour, 25 gem bearings; timing accuracy of 1/4 second, with 30 minutes and 12 hours cumulative timing Display; calendar display;

Case: stainless steel and rose gold; water-resistant to 500 meters (1,650 feet / 50 atmospheres); screw-in crown and safety chronograph button; one-way ratchet-shaped rotating bezel; curved sapphire crystal, double-sided Glare treatment; diameter: 44 mm;

Dial: deep sea white;

Strap / Bracelet: Cowhide strap, Superocean strap, Ocean Racer rubber strap (with holes), Diver Pro II deep dive rubber strap (spine ridge), Professional II and Professional III Stainless steel bracelet.

Breitling Superocean 44 Steel & Gold

Movement: Breitling 17-type movement, certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), self-winding, high swing frequency of 28,800 per hour, 25 gem bearings, calendar display;

Case: stainless steel and rose gold; water resistance to 2,000 meters (6,600 feet / 200 atmospheres); screw-in crown; unidirectional ratchet-shaped rotating bezel; curved sapphire crystal, anti-glare treatment on both sides; diameter : 44 mm;

Dial: deep sea white;

Strap / Bracelet: Cowhide strap, Superocean strap, Ocean Racer rubber strap (with holes), Diver Pro II deep dive rubber strap (center ridge), Diver Pro III deep dive rubber watch Strap (with brand signature), Professional II and Professional III stainless steel bracelet.


Casio’s New Baby-g Fluorescent Led Watch Debuts

Casio’s women’s watch Baby-G has always been a favorite of younger generations of women. Compared to those 5-digit luxury watches in Switzerland, the lively and fresh Baby-G is obviously better. The latest BGA-130 / 131 with fluorescence makes it even more exciting in the dark night.

The dial of the BGA-130 / 131 uses LED lights, and the hands are coated with special fluorescent ink, so the backlight is much brighter than that of traditional electronic watches. Of course, the ultraviolet radiation of this phosphor has passed safety certification. There is no need to eat more salt.

The BGA-130 / 131 has a total of 5 styles, including pink dial and black surface BGA-130-1BJF, pure black BGA-130-1BJF, pure white BGA-131-7BJF, and pure blue BGA-130 -2BJF and BGA-130-4BJF with pink dial on white dial.


Timeless Classic Panerai Radiomir 1940 Series Pam00516 Watch

At 2015 SIHH, Panerai released a number of new watches. Among these models are innovative materials, carved craftsmanship and classic replicas. Each watch is a Panerai watch. A manifestation of many years of watchmaking experience. The watch introduced below is a Panerai Radiomir 1940 series. While continuing the classic look of the series, the watch incorporates innovative design.

Watch diameter 48 mm
   The case of this Radiomir 1940 watch is made of polished AISI 316L stainless steel. This material is the best material of Panerai watches because it has high corrosion resistance and low allergy. It has no problem with skin contact. Resistant to the extreme environments encountered by commandos.

The watch is made of AISI 316L stainless steel

Case continues Radiomir 1940 classic pillow shape

Watch with a black alligator strap

Table diameter made of clear sapphire crystal

Classic black dial with compact and reasonable layout
   The black sandwich dial accommodates multiple functions, with a small second at 9 o’clock, a date and month display at 3 o’clock, and a linear indicator at 6 o’clock, named ‘Time Equation’. The difference between the normal time indicated by the watch and the real time indicated by the solar meridian is the ‘equation of time’. This difference is caused by the interaction of the inclination of the earth and its elliptical orbit. The linear time equation indicator used in this watch shows this time difference, and it is automatically set when setting the date and month of the watch.

Classic hands and display windows continue to be used between dials

The case and lugs are finely polished, with sharp edges and corners

See-through case back for a glimpse of the movement’s structure

Power reserve display on the back of the watch

Summary: The 2015 SIHH presented us with a unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:


How Did Your Boyfriend Suck ‘powder’?

As a classic brand in the fashion world, Casio has always been the basic entry model for countless fashionistas. This summer, your ‘now’ boyfriend will bring the Fire Casio G-Shock watch again. If you are worried that the ‘Li Xiantong’ street collision rate is too high, this G-Shock S-Series with a soft low-saturation pink strap The watch is your best choice. Its design inspiration comes from the very popular ‘daddy shoes’, which fully reflects the stylish personality. Pink can have a lot of imagination for boys: whether you want to use it as a good boy, or cleverly use ‘Sao Fan’ to take a punk line; whether it is introverted or born, just choose a pink watch Xiaoha believes that the pink boys will have the opportunity to make some ‘pink memories’ this summer! Edit: Evelyn | Visual and Cartography: Jojo Pictures: From the brand (partially from the Internet) Flow Hip Hop is a watch and jewelry culture guide for 8090 young people initiated by watchmakers ——


Eight Women’s Watches Condensing The Essence Of Aesthetics

Whether the style of the female watch is French elegance or romantic garden, its gorgeous appearance does not just stay in the surface pattern game. The elegant and agile line design and natural and fresh style elements are like masters of Impressionism. The little messy colors of light and shadow on Monet’s canvas. The eight luxurious watches recommended below are best matched with elegant dresses, allowing you to reproduce the image of the European court goddess.
Jaeger-LeCoultre La Rose
I admired this shocking rose quietly, and there seemed to be a bird singing in my ears. After panic, the delicate petals seemed to be shaking in front of my eyes. Jaeger-LeCoultre owns the ability to make jewelry watches so ingenious. This flower queen with a graceful figure is a unique orphan with 3100 stones set on the body and 1300 stones set on the stem. Although it can be classified as a watch with a romantic garden temperament, the glamorous field that is not everyone can control, is the so-called ‘you can watch from a distance, but you can’t play with it’
Minjiang Shidanton ‘Plum and Warbler’ Shimo Watch
东方 Orientals who adhere to mystery, Zen philosophy and cultural thinking always like to empathize with things. Flowers, birds, fish, and insects are the most representative elements. The combination of plum blossoms and nightingale created dill-painted tables, taking the beautiful meaning of spring blossoms and birds singing, is exactly what Wang Guowei said in the world’s words and phrases. This poetic and artistic watch is beautiful and elegant, and it is the first choice of temperament women.
Piaget Limelight Women’s Watch
If you are careful enough, you must pay attention to the dress and wear of European royal queens. Whether it is the crown, scepter or even the hand holding the scepter, you will wear a large carat gemstone. Needless to say, wearing a large gemstone can best reflect the wearer’s honorable status, and it can also instantly improve your aura. The bracelet of this Piaget Limelight ladies watch is embedded with an emerald-cut pillar, an oval-cut aquamarine, let alone the harmonious color scheme, the combination of gorgeous round diamonds and large stones alone is dazzling. Mystery, the temperament of aristocratic style suddenly emerged.
Audemars Piguet Millenary Précieuse Millennium Treasure Watch
The best way to break the silence is to stage a ‘transformation’ so that you can stand out in the beauties of the harem. Just looking at the shape, we know that Audemars Piguet knows this well, and a beautiful ‘chain meter’ was staged in the Millenary Précieuse watch: a round chain bezel in 18K pink gold set with 147 high-quality diamonds. The solid and empty ring-shaped case and the butterfly hair ornament have the same effect. Isn’t the brocade silk satin strap the epitome of a long skirt? What a great luxury.
Van Cleef & Arpels Fil de l’eau watch
When childhood memories suddenly appeared, the fantasy imagination was unrestrained, and the green leaves in front of me instantly turned into the most innocent color in the heart, or goose yellow, or peach pink, or purple, or red … In Van Cleef & Arpels’s eyes, the most The innocent color may be the combination of blue and white. The tension of white infinitely enlarges the imaginary space, and the dreamlike blue makes the space full of romantic emotions. It’s like a dream garden on your wrist.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Watch
劳 This Rolex watch with a new design is not only exquisite and elegant, but also for the first time with a diamond-set bezel. The 36 mm case encloses the beautiful moment when the sakura is falling in the wind. The feminine charm of the design also allows it to accompany ladies to different occasions, or to enjoy various lifestyles: elegant, or sports, or leisure.
Jacques de L’ HEURE CELESTE Watch
Since aliens and UFOs usually appear in a circular shape, can it be understood as: Dot wind will be popular in the future world. Goldbach’s conjecture, Escher’s strange circle, don’t think about it all. For the next three to fifty years, before the price has soared, quickly buy a round-shaped, spherical shape like L’HEURE CELESTE. Themed watch, otherwise it will be OUT in the future world.
Dior LA D DE DIOR OPAL watch
The color used in the dial has a strong visual impact. The ring of diamonds sparkles with joy, embracing this mysterious, always turbulent color. In this warm, hasty but logical hue, there is a vibrant transparency. However, the transparency and lightness surprised me very much. In order to understand it, I stared at these color blocks for a long time with very soft eyes, and found that it glowed with tranquility, a kind of dynamic tranquility and peace that could not be expressed with words. Deep harmony rippling in this atmosphere.


Cost-effective Choice Breitling Challenger 44 Watch

I remember it was last year that Breitling announced that it would stop producing quartz watches. Before that, Breitling’s most entry-level watch, I remember it was a quartz watch with a water resistance of 3,000 meters. The impression should be one After more than ten thousand years, after 100 years of change of ownership, great changes have begun, from product style to category distribution. This year, Breitling launched the Challenger 44 watch, which is the most entry-level model among new products, with a public price of 25,100 yuan.

  The Challenger series is undoubtedly a very masculine series in the Breitling brand. The sturdy stainless steel case is mainly mercerized and polished, showing a cold and resolute texture.

  The new watch has two dials, black and blue. Relatively speaking, the blue dial with the dynamic shell is obviously more attractive.

  The ratcheting bezel is a feature of Breitling. This kind of bezel is not only tightened and will not turn wrong, but each cell is very clear and clear.

  The scale is made directly on the stainless steel bezel. Compared with common aluminum or ceramic rings, it appears more straightforward and powerful, fully reflecting the name of the series-the personality and boldness of the challenger.

  The blue dial is set with a three-dimensional metal scale, and the scale is coated with a luminous coating, which can still read the time in a dim environment.

  As a sports watch, the shoulder is designed to protect the crown from bumps.

  The dense bottom design bottom cover is equipped with a B17 self-winding movement inside. It is a general-purpose movement produced according to Breitling standards and has been certified by the Observatory to still achieve excellent time performance.

  The new Breitling Challenger series, with its large size and masculine case, gives the watch its resolute and decisive masculinity, helping the challenger to explore the peak.
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