Minimalist Classic Three Small Three-hand Watches Recommended

Simple style originates from modern minimalism. ‘Less is more’ is based on satisfying functions to the maximum degree of simplicity and has been highly praised by people. The so-called simple style is simple and tasteful. This taste is reflected in the design’s grasp of details, and every small detail and decoration must be carefully considered. It requires more elaborate work in construction, which is an effect that is not easy to achieve. In terms of watches, most of them are simple dial design with exquisite workmanship. Below, the Watch House recommends three classic small three-hand watches for you, let’s taste their beauty.
Parmigiani 1950 series PFC267-1000300-B10002 watch

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: 18k Rose Gold
Case diameter: 39 mm
Watch details: 1950 watch, slim and simple outline, Parma Gianni’s decorative water drop lugs, graphite dial, small three-pin harmonious ratio at a glance to show the time vividly. Equipped with Parmigiani’s latest PF 701 self-winding mechanical movement, the thickness of the movement is only 2.6 millimeters. Its ultra-thin size benefits from the eccentric platinum micro-automatic oscillating weight located in the movement. 42-hour power reserve. This watch is also the first time that the Parmigiani Tonda 1950 is equipped with a rose gold bracelet, replacing its always used Hermès leather strap. Overall simple and beautiful.
IWC Portugal Series IW510206 Watch

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: 18k Rose Gold
Case diameter: 43 mm
Watch details: AUTOMATIC 380.033 watch

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: 18k Rose Gold
Case diameter: 38 mm
Watch details: AUTOMATIC, minimalist and pure style. The solid 18k gold hour marker is moved closer to the edge of the dial. Among them, 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock are marked with a double-rod block scale. The slightly increased black minute scale makes the watch more legible. Caliber L086.2; automatic winding, in accordance with Lange’s strictest quality standards, carefully modified and assembled by hand; five-direction precision adjustment; plywood and bridges made of untreated German silver; hand-carved balance wheel plywood . Provides a 72-hour power reserve.
Summary: The so-called simplicity is not simple. Simplicity is the essence of continuous combination and screening of good quality. It is the popular appearance of object form, and it is condensed into a highly concentrated and highly generalized abstract form. These three newly released watches this year are made to the greatest degree of simplicity in appearance. The unparalleled exquisite craftsmanship perfectly demonstrates the watch’s texture, and all of them are classics.

Frank Muller Reggie Jackson Series Limited Edition Timepiece

At the Tourneau Time Machine watch store in New York City, Reggie Jackson, current consultant of the Baseball Hall of Fame and Yankees, and watchmaker Franck Muller unveiled the limited edition Reggie Jackson timepieces. Welcome the VIP, Reggie Jackson’s super limited series watch is unveiled, and the chronograph number 2 on the spot has already been sold. Tourneau Time Machine gathered high friends that night, and the Yankees players came to support Reggie Jackson. He collaborated with well-known brand Frank Muller on a new collection of watches.
Titanium case Reggie Jackson chronograph, limited to 25 pieces ($ 20,300), powered by automatic caliber 8900CC. © Franck Muller
   The Reggie Jackson collection is available in three styles: two big and three hands and a chronograph. One of the three-handed watches combines black charm with red gold, and the other two are typical Yankee models-using Yankees’ iconic blue banana strap with a blue outer ring and titanium case. The blue stripes of the Yankees uniform stand out on the white surface, while the pointers are red and blue. The 4 o’clock is replaced by ’44’.
This series has two large central seconds versions, each limited to 25 pieces, this one with black and red gold and carved surface. © Franck Muller
    ‘I am very happy that they intend to make watches in my name. I enjoy working and designing watches with each of Frank Muller’s colleagues,’ Jackson said. Jackson’s 21-year baseball career has consistently broken records and gained worldwide fame. ‘They let me make the most of participating designs. For example, pointers, color schemes, numbers, and even black and gold versions. Many athletes and autumn players are cool and love black things-Frank Mueller knows this.’
Reggie Jackson and Francon Muller’s Ron Jackson launch the Reggie Jackson collection on Tourneau. © Worldtempus / Roberta Naas
    ‘I’ve known Reggie Jackson for almost a decade,’ Frank Muller
Reggie Jackson’s New York Yankees uniform has been No. 44 since leaving. So ’44’ replaces the 4 o’clock position on the surface. © Worldtempus / Roberta Naas

Hermes Raises Prices In 2014, Luxury Prices Rose By 60% In Ten Years

French luxury goods maker Hermes plans to raise prices next year. According to reports, Hermes recently stated in the first half of the group’s results that the group plans to raise prices next year. Rising prices for raw materials such as silk and leather are part of the reason.

The latest published results show that Hermès sales in the first half of fiscal 2013 reached 1.672 billion euros, an increase of 11% year-on-year, and net profit increased by nearly 14% year-on-year. Among them, the Asia-Pacific region except Japan maintained a growth momentum, an increase of 17% year-on-year. Hermes said that the Chinese market continues to show strong vitality. However, due to the general downturn in the watch industry, sales of Hermès watch business fell 1% in the first half.

公布 While announcing the results, Hermes announced that it will raise prices next year. Rivals such as Louis Vuttion and Gucci have already started to raise prices earlier this year.

这些 Like these competitors, Hermès attributes the price increase next year to the increase in raw material costs, and this move can ease the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on the brand. For example, the yen weakened against the euro, while the Japanese market accounted for almost a fifth of Hermès’ global sales. Similarly, since July this year, Louis Vuitton has increased the average price of leather goods such as handbags and wallets in the Japanese market by about 8% to counter the weak yen.

In fact, luxury brands in the world are based on changes in the euro exchange rate as the basis for price increases. This time, it is also a normal price adjustment. Before the spring and summer new products and autumn and winter new products are listed, they are an opportunity for luxury brands to adjust their prices .

Mi Michel Gutsats, the director of MBA and EMBA at Marseille Business School in France, said in an interview with ‘First Financial Daily’: ‘Usually such price increases occur 2 to 3 times a year.’

The normal price increase every year has caused a large price increase for luxury goods in the past few years. Statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the price of luxury goods has risen by 60% in the past 10 years. Reasons for the price increase include: the rising cost of raw materials costs; seasonal discounts also lead to price increases; more and more emerging wealthy.

Industry professionals analyzed in an interview with this reporter: ‘Inflation, raw materials, and rising labor costs are all objective reasons. Raising prices is also a strategy for luxury brands to maintain their high-end image.’

Recently, Minister of Finance Lou Jiwei mentioned in his report to the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress that the next step will be to expand the scope of the consumption tax, and include some products that seriously pollute the environment, consume excessive resources, and some high-end consumer goods. Adjust consumption tax collection links and tax rates. In the industry’s opinion, this will also be one of the reasons for luxury brands to raise prices in the near future.

For the future, He Bin, director of China for Italian men’s luxury brand Kiton, said in an interview with this reporter: ‘True high-end, high-quality luxury goods will continue to rise in price.’

The constant rise in prices of luxury goods also makes the market ‘buy luxury goods to maintain value’, but industry insiders do not agree: ‘Now luxury goods are basically mass-produced, which has greatly reduced the exclusiveness and scarcity of luxury goods , Only a very small amount of antique-type luxury goods still have value preservation, and nowadays luxury goods circulating within a larger audience have basically no value preservation. ‘

Extremely Thin Elegant Charm Tasting Piaget Altiplano Ultimate 910p Automatic Watch Rose Gold

As an indispensable gene of Piaget Piaget, this outstanding design of ultra-thin also creates a creative style that the brand can control freely, becoming one of the most representative design features in the brand. At the 1957 Basel Watch Fair, the brand launched a 9P manual-winding movement with a thickness of only 2 millimeters, which surprised four people and became a milestone in the history of ultra-thin watchmaking. In 2018, the brand once again focused on the theme of ultra-thin. At the highly anticipated Geneva Fine Jewellery & Watch Salon, the 4.3-mm-thick Altiplano Ultimate 910P automatic watch was launched. Combined to reproduce the brand’s extraordinary and unique aesthetic design. This watch is available in white and rose gold. Here we take a look at the low-key luxury rose gold model as an example: (watch model: G0A43120)

Dial movement in one

   The new watch continues the classic design of the series, perfectly integrating the dial, movement and case, which not only exceeds the limit thickness of the watch, but also presents the ultimate and unique design aesthetics through the clever dial layout. The eccentric hour, minute and small seconds dial is located at 10 o’clock on the watch, showing the basic function of time indication. At 7 o’clock, a moving display window is added to add practical functions to the watch. It is sighing that it is extremely thin, and you can also appreciate the look of the movement through the dial, making this new model more exquisite and mechanical precision.
Thinner thickness

   The diameter of this watch is 41 mm. Due to the fusion of the movement and the case, the thickness of the watch is only 4.3 mm, which is extremely thin. The case is polished and polished, showing smooth lines and full arcs, which is very beautiful. Compared with platinum, rose gold is more gentle and luxurious. Incorporating an elegant, subtle men’s charm into it, echoing the slim and light shape and the simple disk design, highlighting the gentle and elegant style of men’s wearers.
22K Gold Peripheral Rotor with Black PVD Coating

   At this point, you may ask, isn’t it an automatic watch? Where is its pendulum? On the outer edge of the disk, there is a black PVD-coated 22K gold oscillating weight specially created by the brand. Because it is set on the periphery, it does not increase the thickness of the movement, achieving the overall slim effect. The oscillating weight is cast in gold, which brings perfect mechanical properties. At the same time, it also adds weight to the movement’s oscillating weight, ensuring its stability and solidity, and showing excellent winding performance. Through the movement of the 910P pattern, you can feel that the oscillating weight rotates with gravity. Don’t have any fun.
Real time display of the rest of the watch

   The 18K rose gold crown is located on one side of the watch. The Piaget logo ‘P’ is engraved on it, and the crown is decorated with a non-slip texture.

   It is equipped with a 910P self-winding mechanical movement, and parts such as the main splint embedded in the case are polished and sandblasted; the balance wheel is alternately retouched with solar radiation or ring-shaped corrugated matte polishing. The bridge is chamfered and polished with a sun-radiated matte finish, and the hollow beauty perfectly showcases the dynamic beauty of the movement. The movement is assembled from 238 parts (case and movement), with a vibration frequency of 21,600 times / hour (3 Hz), and can provide a power reserve of about 50 hours.

   The black alligator leather strap is decorated with bamboo patterns and grey stitching, which is more elegant. With pin buckle, wearing is more convenient.

Piaget Altiplano Ultimate 910P Automatic Rose Gold

Summary: In the field of horology, making small and thin is the embodiment of a brand’s excellent watchmaking skills. The Altiplano Ultimate 910P automatic watch is another successful challenge for Piaget in the field of slimness. The combination of low-key luxury rose gold material and unique oscillating weight design gives people a bright impression. If you like this watch, you may wish to pay more attention.