Mature Workplace–life Experienced Is Always Beautiful And Touching

Smooth and clean ponytails, dark suits, pointed heels, and high-end commercial vehicles have become the strong woman images in many people’s hearts. Speeches, conferences, interviews, business trips, and dinners have become the main content of life. The black schedule is a headache … It seems that work and life can never be balanced. What substance can make you inject energy instantly? Is a gold watch enough? of course!

Tank Anglaise yellow gold model, alligator strap

 Continuing the consistent style of Intan, this new model also adopts the crown design style of the series watches. It is more comfortable to wear and looks more sophisticated. The luxurious crocodile leather strap uses the best coloring technology. The color is covered on the surface of the leather. This dark brown does not have an aggressive posture, but has a luxurious texture. You who walk on the cutting edge of the workplace, compared to those fresh and colorful workplace, you can always show the maturity and elegance just right. Or the workplace dress is plain, but wearing such a watch, under the neutral atmosphere, reveals the golden light and high-quality preferences emitted from the heart. This color can always make you a trend pointer on various occasions. The speeches in the conference hall raised their hands to reveal their wisdom and mature professional charm. Raising his hands inadvertently, quietly revealing a touch of golden luster from the cuffs, and under the tough and deep temperament of senior women, it shows the essence of elutriation after years of baptism.
 For dinner, whether it’s a private party or a business dinner, this watch can make your dress more eye-catching and improve your taste. Roman numerals, like melodious notes in a cello, float into the dial and merge into art. The gold case is sparkling but rich in content, with a dark strap, not too luxurious, but not too public. When the charm contained in each inch of gold case becomes light, let your charm fade away. It can always cope with various occasions perfectly with you, let the same person meet you in all directions.
 To understand Yingtan’s overall style and charm, it is not enough to appreciate its charm from women’s watches alone. The Men’s Intan is even more prominent in the attributes given to its collection. If there is only one choice in life, then Yingtan is a great choice for urban men.
 Tank Anglaise white gold large model, crocodile leather strap

Similarly, in accordance with the choice of men, Queen Intan is always the best choice for business elites. The square case is more domineering and powerful than the round case, and the blue hands symbolize the vast and unrestrained inner world, giving the most accurate direction to the dream. Seeing the second hand passing, I didn’t feel tired at all. Out of rudeness and vulgarity, the men who choose tanks are mostly restrained and humble, but at the same time they have no shortage of artistic temperament. The alligator leather strap is noble, but also has a wild charm. While the white gold material highlights the taste, it also shows the nobility.
 Tank Anglaise small model in rose gold and diamonds, alligator strap

 Of course, in addition to the black and white gold models, there are more luxurious rose gold watch with diamonds with rose gold case models to choose from. It is the same as white gold in terms of collocation, but it is relatively more able to highlight the luxury and nobility of precious metal materials. This small rose-gold and diamond-studded style will be easier to match with the line head. It can be used as a versatile style for ladies at banquets or daily life.
In summary: Intan belongs to the highly watched series of tank watches. Its positioning is exactly like a car. Compatible with any occasion, such as business, home and travel. At any wonderful moment in life, Yingtan’s company can always add color to your look. It is a must-have style for watch fans, and it is the only choice for many people. Choosing Intan is, in a sense, choosing an elegant and calm lifestyle.