Master’s Watch Unveiled Two Agreed Series Automatic Watches, Showing Elegance And Graceful Temperament

Baume & Mercier watch, in the ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, once again pay tribute to extraordinary women, grandly launch two new appointment series automatic watches, highlighting the elegant and graceful feminine charm. Just like the traditional oriental culture, these two new works are the perfect gifts to witness special unforgettable moments and express their deep love.
Ingenious movement and outstanding design make luxury watch series

    The series of automatic watches is elegant and harmonious, with a unique and timeless design, like an ode to elegance. The watch bears deep feelings and eternal vows. It is the perfect gift to protect the agreement and celebrate a new chapter in life. It is also a priceless treasure for lovers. Diamonds are not comparable to the precious value of the appointed watch series, and the declaration of love is told at the wrist. This watch is also handed down from generation to generation, carrying beautiful blessings and witnessing the gift of family tradition at special moments in life. The promised series of watches is extremely feminine, passing infinite emotions gently. Its design style is outstanding, symbolizing the wearer’s firm belief in making fate decisions. The Appointment series marks an important moment in the life of an extraordinary woman. It is a perfect gift for yourself, your lover, or as a wedding, engagement, birthday or moment of happiness. This timepiece is not only a watch, but also a lucky amulet for the wearer, to protect precious memories and to have a good time. Swiss haute horlogerie brand Baume & Mercier watch has been committed to creating perfect timepieces for women for more than 100 years, and the agreed series is its model.
Two 30mm watches: make a sincere promise of life


   Baume & Mercier watches always listen to women. Two new appointment series automatic watches exclusively appeared in the ‘Watches and Miracles’ Asian Haute Horlogerie Show, once again witnessing the brand’s concept. Two timepieces with a diameter of 30 mm are equipped with Swiss-made high-precision automatic movements, which perfectly combine high-end watchmaking technology with feminine lines. The round case is made of polished stainless steel or two-tone material, and the oval bezel fits the wrist perfectly. It is a timepiece that elegant women dream of. The delicate dial is made of mother-of-pearl, draped with two-tone gold-plated or polished hands, Roman numerals, and engraved with 8 diamonds (0.03 carats total), shining brightly. The movement and spiral oscillating weight are treated with ‘Geneva ornamentation’, and the sapphire crystal glass case back has a clear view, showing the brand’s profound tradition. A polished stainless steel or polished satin-finished two-tone bracelet with an exquisite triple-fold safety buckle provides an elegant fit to the wrist in everyday wear. Both watches can be engraved with personalized words to convey sweet love.