Introduction To Mermaid Dive Watch

Athens watch mermaid diving series, automatic winding movement. Do you still remember the beautiful mermaid story in your childhood memories. Innocent childhood, Andersen’s fairy tales gave us too many illusions and dreams. When we have grown up, every time I think of the mermaid, I still feel that she is full of mystery and magic as a child. The Athens watch mermaid diving series continues our wonderful dream, let us continue!

 Creative fusion and globalization are not only closely related to food culture and communication, but also ubiquitous in daily life. Athens designed the ‘Mermaid Diving Watch’ for modern women, which represents the perfect combination of fashion and practicality. Athens especially presents the ‘Mermaid Diving Watch’ for women who like to be at the forefront of the trend, adding contemporary fashion elements, keeping up with the trend, a dynamic sports case, exquisite handwork, a mechanical watch truly suitable for diving.

 Wear a ‘Mermaid Dive Watch’ to work or have fun until dusk, walking a busy day. The moon rises on the horizontal line, and it is close to the time of the cocktail party, ‘Mermaid Dive Watch’ instantly transformed from a watch into shining jewelry, suitable for any occasion. The transparent case back allows the self-winding movement and automatic dial to be seen. The ‘Mermaid Diving Watch’ comes with a stainless steel and 18K rose gold case, with elegant and elegant diamond dial or elegant tonal dial.

 Athens watch mermaid diving series, automatic movement