Inheriting Classics And Being Creative, The Jaeger-lecoultre Master Compressor Extreme Lab2 Watch

Master Compressor Extreme LAB launched a new chronograph watch. This series is characterized by extremely high accuracy and extraordinary reliability. Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 is a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, top-quality materials and watch development. More importantly, under the inspiration of Jaeger-LeCoultre master craftsman, a wave of breaking the inherent boundaries of the world was set off.
   Such a complex watch must be perfect in terms of functionality and practicability. This is the consistent watchmaking philosophy of the watch factory. This new watch combines high-end ergonomics and meets Jaeger-LeCoultre’s stringent requirements for accuracy and reliability. The Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 watch’s built-in crown function selector is easy to operate. The patented digital timer shows the minute hand jumping timing, as well as manual stop seconds, cycle power reserve and dual time zone time display functions. At a glance, time can be clearly distinguished. The movement is housed in a lightweight and sturdy TiVan15 titanium vanadium alloy case with a high-tech scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. The specially designed button is also covered with a large area of ​​striped rubber, which makes the operation more comfortable and smooth, and better protects the crown. The bottom of the case is equipped with a quick-change strap. The new double pin buckle can adjust the length of the strap at will, making the strap fit your wrist perfectly.
   Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 will be your reliable and convenient loyal companion. The watchmaker’s watchmakers successfully simplified the operation of the watch while ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the watch. In order to ensure the normal use of all watch functions under any conditions, the watchmaker has developed a function selector and independent stop-second device.
Function selector
   The built-in button on the crown activates the function selector, which directly adjusts the functions of the watch without carefully pulling out the crown. After selecting the function, just rotate the crown to adjust accordingly. The crown is used to wind the barrel when the function selector is stopped in the ‘neutre’ position. With one touch, you can adjust the second time zone and date. Tap it again to jump to the main time zone time adjustment mode. Then press it again and the function selector will return to its original position again.
   This design does not require the crown to be pulled out, nor does it require the use of a traditional compression screw mechanism, thereby ensuring unparalleled waterproof performance.
Stop seconds device
   During the time adjustment, the second hand will continue to run, so the accuracy of the watch will not be affected. For minute-to-second time adjustment, you just need to press the slider on the left side of the case. Under the dual action of sliding and pressure, the second hand will stop running, and when the slider is released, the second hand will start to rotate again. This operation is divided into two steps of sliding and pressing, which can avoid accidentally activating the second hand.
Strap replacement device
   Originating from innovative ideas, the new strap changer is controlled by a lever on the case back. The rotating performance makes the connection of the strap and the case more free, and also makes it easier to replace the strap. The double-sided crocodile leather strap makes wearing more reliable and perfectly ergonomic. The two-pin safety buckle allows you to choose between two positions between each groove when adjusting, making the length adjustment more accurate.
   High-tech materials, a bold design, and a double hoop structure add a sense of beauty to this chronograph. The overall use of blue and white color style, especially on the hour counter is particularly eye-catching, enough to see the designer’s pursuit of image beauty and clear style. Although the Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2 watch is complex in appearance, the wearer can easily control it.