Hublot Opens Its 70th Boutique In Zurich

According to the Home of Watches, the famous watch brand recently feared that Hublot opened its 70th boutique in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich is by far the largest city in Switzerland and the richest city in Europe. This time Hublot’s choice to open a new boutique here also proves the brand’s strong strength from another aspect.

 On the same day that the boutique opened, Hublot launched a new website, In addition to the brand’s fine watches, there are many brand football partners, including the famous ball king Bailey.

 At the same time, the Hublot brand also officially announced the invitation to Swiss football player Xherdan Shaqiri, namely Sheldan Shaqiri, to join the brand’s family.

 Sheldon Shakri was born in Gurnee, Kosovo, and has been playing in Switzerland since 1999. In 2001, he moved from Augst to Basel, where he eventually became a professional player through the youth league. In his first season in the Premier League, his first appearance was in a warm-up match against Uruguay in March 2010, and the team eventually lost 1-3. On the afternoon of February 9, 2012, the Bayern Club officially announced that it had reached an agreement on the transfer of Swiss teenager Shakri. The two parties signed the contract until the summer of 2016, and the Swiss genius will report this summer. The contract is from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2016.

 Sakiri is only 1.69 meters tall, but he is extremely fast, has good feet and is good at creating threats on both sides. He has scored 4 goals and 4 assists in 24 games for Basel this season. Because of his outstanding performance at the club, 20-year-old Shaqiri has been a frequent guest on the Swiss national team under the leadership of German Heathfield. So far he has played 17 times for the national team and scored 4 goals. From the perspective of potential and existing capabilities, Shakri did not lose Royce.

 The boutique in Zurich perfectly interprets the new design concept of Hublot. The 70-square-meter store combines the characteristics of various materials in the design, including oak and wool carpets and the use of various silk fabrics. And embellishment of details.

 The main style reflects the use of materials in the sixteenth century, weakening the visual effects in cabinets and decorations, but it did strengthen the overall feel of the watch. A warm atmosphere is created with different lights, and modern furniture, especially handmade Italian leather sofas, also make the whole look noble and elegant.