Gorgeous Magic Pan Tasting Ebola Cocktail Watch

Since its founding in 1856, Swiss Ebolo has been adhering to the watchmaking philosophy of the founder Jules Borel, and has been committed to creating precise, reliable, beautiful and comfortable high-end timepieces for global lovers. In 2015, Switzerland’s Yibo Road lived up to expectations and unveiled many moving new products in one fell swoop, giving the classics a new beauty. Today, the Watch House brings you a brief review of the new Cocktail Collection of Swiss Ebolu. The official models of the watch are: BGR8080-28291PK (pink), BG8080-78211RD (red), BGR8080-28291WH (white), BG8080-08211PR (purple).

 The Ebola Cocktail Cocktail series re-engraved and upgraded the styles of the 1940s. Its magnificent magic disk with multiple design patents still shocks people now: two ultra-thin hollow time dials replace traditional pointers, and are high-end automatic in Switzerland. Driven by the movement. With precise calculations and meticulous craftsmanship, the artisans created a kaleidoscope visual effect that extends from the inside to the outside during the dynamic interlacing of the two layers of patterns, establishing an extremely high standard for watchmaking technology.

 For over 160 years, Swiss Ebolus has been committed to creating precise, reliable, beautiful and comfortable high-end timepieces for global lovers. This 2015 new dial has been increased from 31mm to 35mm, presenting a more fascinating dial spectacle. I saw a cosmos blooming slowly on the wrist. The dial’s outer bezel is solid-colored, and slim hour markers and scales create a radiant image.

 The new cocktail series watches come in four colors: carmine, orchid purple, pearl white, and cherry pink. Each model has been carefully adjusted to make the dial and the belt completely integrated, just to let the ladies enjoy the attention of their hands. The dials are decorated with double diamond hour markers at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, and a natural crystal diamond is embedded in each octagonal setting, creating endless fun between the square and circular contrasts.

 The watch uses a beautifully shaped dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass, which has a solid texture, clear light transmission, and rounded edges at the edges, exuding retro elegance. The special hands of COCKTAIL according to the wave, the dial’s earlier sharp polygonal star line becomes round and full. Based on its ultra-thin hollow technology, it is finely plated with a layer of rose gold / gold. With a new test, the cocktail series can be said to be another testament to Ebolo’s superb watchmaking skills, and it is also the reason why fashion women have become so popular since the 1940s.

 The crown design is elegant and warm, and the winding feels comfortable. The embossed Ernest Borel classic 40s abbreviation symbol at the top of the crown is also a symbol of the high-end watch of Ebolt, which at the same time shows the brand identity, but also shows retro elegance.

 The watch is equipped with a four-color bright leather strap (leather material), which matches the classic elegance of the golden case, combined with the large checkered crocodile leather texture, revealing an extraordinary fashion taste in elegance. The strap is paired with a beautifully crafted rose gold buckle, which is polished and moisturized.

 The thickness of this watch is moderate, about 10 mm. The case is made of stainless steel. The surface of the case is finely polished. The white and pink models are treated with ion plating rose gold, while the red and purple models are treated with ion plating gold. The delicate metallic luster of rose gold and gold interprets a delicate and elegant warm texture.

 The design of the ‘magnificent magic disk’ adds fun to the watch. Two ultra-thin hollow time dials replace the traditional hands and are continuously rotated by the high-end Swiss automatic movement. Read the time by reading the arrow on the turntable. The watch is equipped with a 2824 / SW200 self-winding mechanical movement, which uses a see-through case design. Through the sapphire crystal embedded in the case back, you can get a glimpse of the movement of the exquisite Swiss automatic movement. The charm of a watch.

 Summary: If you want to count the achievements of Swiss Ebolus in the history of watchmaking, then the cocktail series must be enough to be selected as the masterpiece palace. Yibolu aims to bring consumers a vision of romance, positiveness and the pursuit of a better life. The Yibolu vintage series watches perfectly continue the classic style, combined with the trendy and fashionable elements, while the design maintains a simple style, but it permeates the elegant retro trend.