Galapagos Islands Special Edition

The Galapagos Islands, more than 1,000 kilometers west of Ecuador, is a mecca for biology. The flora and fauna there have evolved naturally and have never been affected by the mainland. It is an ideal ecology for scientists. Research place. In 1978, UNESCO listed it as a World Natural Heritage, and in 2007 declared the Galapagos Islands an endangered natural heritage. The IWC Ocean series, which has always paid attention to environmental protection, has launched a special section of the Ocean series inspired by the ocean. Part of the sales revenue is used to support the protection of the island’s ecological environment and the research work of the Darwin Foundation. The watch’s all-steel case is coated with a special black vulcanized rubber, and the bottom of the watch is engraved with a sea turtle relief, equipped with a quick-change strap system and a chronograph function.