F.P. Journe And Christies Assist In Disaster Relief In Japan

Christie’s Christie’s, the global arts leader, and the legendary watchmaker FP Journe have launched an unprecedented collaboration program, the first new FP Journe ‘Sport’ series Centigraphe Sport watch It will be auctioned at Christie’s Hong Kong auction. This mechanical chronograph watch, numbered ‘001’, will be auctioned at Christie’s Hong Kong auction on May 30, 2011. The auction proceeds and buyer commission will be donated to aid Japan Victims after the recent earthquake and tsunami. The donation ceremony will be held on June 3, 2011 at the Swiss Embassy in Japan in Tokyo.
Aurel Bacs, Christie’s International Head of Watches, said: ‘This is a very unique collaboration in the field of watchmaking and watch auctions. It comes from two giants: watchmaking FP Journe, and Christie’s Christie’s. We walked together based on kindness. Because of your friendship and respect for each other’s work, we are united to make this beautiful event, we are really honored. I also hope that collectors worldwide will be able to We also feel our enthusiasm for preparing this charity auction and actively support this meaningful charity. ‘
François-Paul Journe, the internationally renowned watchmaker and global CEO of the FP Journe brand, said: ‘Xinwen Aurel Bacs and Mr. François Curiel have agreed on behalf of Christie’s Christie’s in the spring auction of Hong Kong’s fine watches I am very honored to take the latest model of the FP Journe brand. I will personally support Christie’s Hong Kong auction in support of Christie’s Hong Kong auction, and sincerely thank the bidders who participated in the charity auction of this model. I I sincerely hope that bidders will be the beneficiaries of the good money when bidding for this new product. ‘
Source: F.P.Journe