Dior And All Actresses Perform Basel Watches

At the annual Baselworld watch and jewelry event, Dior has become a high-profile brand. Whether it is a new product launch or a pavilion design, the industry can see the strength and intentions of the brand. More creatively, the brand also cooperated with Wang Luodan, Linda, Song Qian and other stars to interpret the street fashion of the 2016 Grand Bal high-end watch series, and interpreted the new fashion trend of Dior’s new watches to be beautiful.

Linda wears Dior Grand Soir Kaléidiorscope

New Dior Grand Soir Origami watch

   This year’s new Dior watches are big winners in Baselworld in terms of quantity and quality. In addition to the brand’s classic Grand Bal series, there are many new continuations. They also introduced the original Dior Grand Soir Kaléidiorscope series, Dior Grand Soir Origami series, etc. The new watch is very artistic.

   The Dior Pavilion is also the highlight of this year’s brand. The design style is beautiful and fits the theme of the watch, showing the beauty of new watches in all aspects.
   Not only that, but this year the brand’s most noticeable is the help of stars, interpreting the new fashion of the 2016 Dior Grand Bal watch.

Wang Luodan wears the DIOR VIII GRAND BAL COQUETTE series
Stainless steel, diamonds, sapphires, garnets and feathers

Gold, diamond setting

Song Qian wears DIOR VIII GRAND BAL PLISSÉ RUBAN series premium watch red
Stainless steel, yellow gold, diamonds and mother-of-pearl
   The new Dior high-end ladies watch is full of fashion charm under the interpretation of stars, especially with Dior’s high-end fashion and fashion handbags, it is the full display of Dior’s fashion essence.