Christie’s Christie’s Will Hold Its First Auction In Inland China (Shanghai)

On September 26, 2013, Christie’s will hold its first auction in inland China. The auction location is in Shanghai. Christie’s, one of the world’s leading art auction houses. The collection features rare artworks, watches, jewellery, cars and fine wines from around the world. Currently, Christie’s has offices in 90 major cities around the world, and regularly holds auctions in 16 locations around the world. It also provides auction-related services, including art storage and security, education, art picture libraries and Property, etc. In 2005, Christie’s global auction turnover totaled 1.8 billion pounds (3.2 billion US dollars), which is Christie’s highest record in history, further confirming its leadership in the industry. Now let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and precious watches that will be auctioned on September 26.
The first is Patek Philippe’s Ref. 5159 calendar, with an 18K pure white gold case. This watch is now the only 5159 fully engraved case, a watch customized according to the classic style designed by the original owner of the watch. It is said that this watch is a model of ref. 5160, but the case of the case is not rendered with a blue hue. Estimates range from $ 102,000 to $ 157,000.

The second is the Patek Philippe ref. 3939 minute repeater watch with a particularly fine dial. The dial is made of rose gold and decorated with rubies. This watch is the predecessor of ref. 5539, with a minute repeater tourbillon to hide its amazing movement behind the intuitive and simple dial. In addition to the ruby ​​in the dial, which adds a noble and luxurious atmosphere, the entire watch looks very low-key. This unique ref3939 is priced between $ 400,000 and $ 600,000.

In addition to the ref. 3939 watch mentioned above, there is another ruby ​​watch auctioned in Shanghai, the ref. 3974 perpetual calendar minute repeater watch. This watch was released in 1992 and has only 20 pieces worldwide, so it is very precious and rare, with an estimated value between $ 460,000 and $ 693,000.

In addition to these unique watches, there are several pocket watches that are also very eye-catching. One of them includes the 1976 pocket watch with a winding stem and the famous songwriter Hector Berlioz painted in glaze Miniature portrait. Estimates range from $ 82,000 to $ 124,000.

Finally, let the time go back a bit and admire this ‘The Theater’ pocket watch. This unlabeled watch belongs to Du Bois Et Fils and dates back to around 1800. This watch was originally created for the Chinese market and is very suitable for this Shanghai auction. The bezel of this watch is studded with pearls, and the dial is painted with a classic theater scene. As time goes by, the characters on the dial will slowly move. There are only eight watches in the world. The last known watch (bezel without pearls) was sold in Geneva in 1996 for CHF 166,500. It is now in the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. The watch is estimated to cost between $ 495,000 and $ 693,000.