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Grand Slam winner Gary. Gary Player has won nine Tour and nine Evergreen Tour awards, making him one of the most successful players in golf history. As the World’s Most Traveled Athlete®, Pryor has won 165 events on six continents over the past sixty years and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. Hall of Fame).

Gary Pryor is a South African professional golfer. He has accumulated 9 Grand Slam titles, 6 PGA Evergreen Tour titles and 3 British Evergreen Open titles in his career. , Together with Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, called ‘Golf Big Three’

He worked with Arnold Palmer and Jack. Nick Nicklaus, also known as ‘The Big Three,’ smashed the altar from the late 1950s to the late 1970s. Encouraged by his father to play golf, he turned professional at the age of 17. His father told him that one day he could own a Rolex ROLEX watch. Today, Rolex watches remind him of the difficulties he has faced, the achievements of many years, and his beloved father.

After winning the US Open in 1965, Prairie became the third Grand Slam champion in history. After retiring, he was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974

Pryor grew up in South Africa. At the age of nine, his mother died unfortunately. His father worked in a gold mine, reaching 8,000 feet underground and earning 100 South African pounds per month. His brother joined the army at the age of 17, while his sister was at a boarding school. His father told Pryor: ‘Go play golf, because you can always participate in this sport. If you do well, you can travel around the world.’
Pryor was able to win because he knew how to work hard. His home was dark and empty. At the age of nine, Pryor needed to iron clothes and cook food himself. He sometimes cried in bed at night because he felt very lonely and was afraid of the dark environment when he was young. Although not absolute, Pryor believes that the more you go through adversity, the more you can accomplish. Instead of taking pity on himself, he accepted the challenge. ‘Papa, I want to be a professional player.’ He was only 17 at the time.

The influence and encouragement of his early father pushed Pryor to continue to practice hard and challenge himself. After obtaining his first Grand Slam trophy, he purchased a Rolex watch for himself and was happy to share his efforts with his father Results

Prairie believes that hard work is the key to everything. He never took it for granted. In fact, if children were kept in this state of mind, it would be hurt to them. Children must be made aware that life is not easy. Pryor has been training hard, and there is no doubt that he will not give up easily in the game. After arduous practice, she will be eager, patient, and full of strength, and her arms and body will become strong. He was often told: ‘You practice too hard, you swing too much, and your body can’t survive it.’ Pryor replied: ‘Instead, the more I hit the ball, the better my skill.’ If His life is craving for luxury and enjoyment, and he must not win the existing world championship.
As Pryor said, his father was very poor, and when he saw Pleier desperately practicing with little success, he said to him, ‘If you have been so diligent, one day you can buy a Rolex. ‘He was just kidding, because Rolex had a good reputation a long time ago. After Prairie won the first Grand Slam award, he bought his first Rolex watch. He can’t go back to his professional stage 60 years ago or remember everything clearly, but he remembered saying, ‘Dad, I finally got a Rolex watch.’

At present, Pryor wears the Rolex Day-Date (but this is not the first Rolex he started in the 1960s). This watch reminds him of his career and interaction with his father. The story made him addicted

If you haven’t taken your life for granted, then you will be grateful to get or purchase meaningful items. Prairie believes that gratitude is very important in life, because people often forget their lives and actually have an advantage over others. This is what he knows about traveling the world. Pryor considers himself very fortunate, because the idea has long been ingrained in his mind.
Pryor received the watch he is currently wearing years ago. It is cast in K gold, reminding him of his first Rolex watch and the days when his father worked in a gold mine. Pryor considers a watch to be an emotional item, depending on how you get it and the memories associated with the watch. To him, it is not just a watch, but a story.

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Pryor still associates his father with Rolex watches. He loved his father so much that he played a significant role in Pryor’s life. He is six feet two inches tall and burly. However, when Pryor won the event, he would cry with joy. Pryor inherited his father’s personality and often couldn’t control his emotional side. For example, sometimes he pats his watch and says, ‘Dad, I have gone through a lot and finally achieved something.’ To miss the time he spent with his father.