Casio Couples Watch To Create Christmas Romantic Mood

The shining and elegant watch brand SHEEN endorsed by CASIO’s Guilun Magnesium joins hands with the dynamic and fashionable EDIFICE series to form a couple partner, and vowed to use gentle tenderness to drive away the winter’s wandering and let the air be filled with the warmth of Christmas. With romance, you and TA are full of the sweetness of love in the hands and feet, compose a beautiful and warm winter love song, let the exclusive tenderness overflow the word ‘table’.
Among them, SHE-4023DP & EFR-511D adopts a square dial for the watch, which shows its unique personality and charm. The most unique feature of the EFR-511D men’s model is the orderly three-eye small dial in the dial, which can display a variety of information and is 100 meters waterproof. The dial of the SHE-4023DP ladies’ model is made of mother-of-pearl, which is also waterproof to 50 meters. The geometric shaped hands in the center of the dial are simple and capable, and the warm color strokes are full of warmth and love. The hour markers are embellished with Swarovski rhinestones. The entire dial is like a star-studded jewel box, which shines with elegance.
The round dial SHN-5000BP & EF-500BP is beautiful and exquisite. The classic appearance of stainless steel is rich in texture, which highlights its elegant and elegant temperament. With silver as the main color, they reflect each other’s urban charm. In addition, it is accompanied by exquisite and unique surface design and original details, which exudes an elegant and noble atmosphere. Regardless of the men’s and women’s models, the dials are equipped with small hands at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, which echo the central protruding hands. The avant-garde and large-faced faces are unconventional.
In addition to the above two pairs of watches, CASIO also provides other color pairs of the same series styles. The square dial series has a black dial to choose from; the round dial series is not far behind, and there are black dials to choose from, with different combinations. Dress, show different feelings.
As a matter of course, SHEEN and EDIFICE join forces to play more than just the above models. In December, CASIO launched the ‘Moments of Love’ theme event, just buy any pair of SHEEN and EDIFICE watches. , You can get a beautiful watch box, so that you and TA’s deep love will be permanently sealed. Sweep the loneliness and dullness of winter with the dazzling light of love, open up infinite imagination of romantic love, freeze the shining moments in love, and make all the sweet and memorable moving pictures branded as the clearest beautiful memories.