Blancpain Blancpain’s Lettres Du Brassus Welcomes The Era Of Digital Glory

Thanks to a new iPad app, the iPad version of Blancpain Digital Library has been launched. The 12th issue of Blancpain’s periodical Lettres du Brassus has ushered in a digital age. This electronic publication is not a simple adaptation of the printed version. It contains more diverse content for Blancpain fans to refer to tastings in their spare time.

Blancpain’s paper-printed journal Lettres du Brassus is well-known for its impressive content and has won several international awards. Nowadays, digital journals should also make their debut with the trend of the times. This new digital magazine makes full use of the superior technology applied to the iPad, bringing endless fun, interaction and even surprises to readers.
The digital version covers movies, high-definition video exploration, vocal music, or simple reading materials. Carefully selected works are on the tablet, from the style of life, to new technology, to Blancpain’s latest new products, full of content and fun.
Visit the Apple Online Store to download the new Blancpain Library app. The digital version of Lettres du Brassus is available in French, English, and Simplified Chinese. Like paper printed journals, it is launched twice a year.
Click here to download the Blancpain iPad app
Source: Blancpain