Being A Time Listener Six Ladies Ask For Table Recommendations

The evolution of watches to today is more and more complicated, and there are even 24 kinds of watch functions. If what functions are most important, different people have different answers, and my personal opinion is that the dial and The function of the three questions is just like the first impression a woman gives to a man, and the three questions mean the cultural heritage that has not changed since ancient times. Here are a few questionnaires for ladies with good taste.
     Repeater, which is a reed watch, usually through a button or dial on the case, can start a series of devices to make a sound to report the time at that time. Usually there is a dial or button on the side of the case. When it is pushed or pressed, it will drive a series of mechanisms of the time signal device. It will sound with a small hammer and a ring-shaped spring bar. Resolving time.
Breguet Classique Grande Complication 7639
     Diamonds reduce the energy loss caused by sound vibrations. The extremely beautiful band on the case back will move with the sound. Because the hardness and purity of the diamond can effectively reduce the energy loss caused by sound vibration and improve the loudness of the sound, it can ideally transmit the sound beyond the range of the watch case. Under the leadership of professional acoustic experts, diamond conduction design has been applied to the speaker, and its mosaic method ensures the best acoustic effect of the minute repeater. The 7639 is capable of producing extremely pure sounds, and its effects delight top connoisseurs, calling this watch an amazing treasure!
     Recommended reason: whether it is front or back, it creates a strong desire in the pocket, and it is all exquisite. It is a model of achievement born in the Breguet Acoustic Laboratory is the Classique Grande Complication 7639 watch. As the ‘advanced version’ of 7637, this watch adds brilliance to the function of the minute repeater with inlaid baguette diamonds.

Zenith Traveller Minute Alarm Clock
     The work consists of 744 parts, with a total of 11 hands on the dial, providing at least 46 functions. Sounds amazing, right? It’s really amazing, and it takes a lot of effort to remember all the features. The platinum version of this series sells for up to RMB 5,614,000, which is equivalent to a Lamborghini lying on the wrist. In addition to the minute repeater, it also has an alarm function. In alarm mode, sound in a combination of two tones. In vibration mode, it ensures that it does not interfere with the environment. The second time zone is also displayed on the center axis, and a date display including instant date conversion and two power reserve systems (one for watches and one for alarm clocks) are also provided. In the end, it uses the famous El Primero chronograph movement, which beats with a rhythm of 36,000 vibrations per hour, thereby providing a tenth of a second accuracy.
     Recommended reason: 2 tonal combinations, and a vibration mode, which can eliminate environmental interference. This watch is also very accurate, it is a questionable watch worthy of collection.

Harry Winton Diane Minute Repeater
     Women’s watches on the market are generally thin and thin, and limited by the thickness of the watch. Women’s watches with complex functions are not common, and three questions are rare. Now known as the ‘King of Diamonds’, Harry Winston introduced this minute repeater watch, which shocked everyone. Diane’s design is inspired by the classic Roman goddess Diana. In terms of appearance design, the designer still highlights the advantages of the brand’s gem setting. For the brand, the case part is like a gem setting table, which has a wide creative space. It is made of 18K white gold. Case with diamonds and rubies on the case.
     Above the dial covered by layers of enamel, there are five automatic devices. These five automatic devices are like small jewellery flowers. They are used to display the hours, minutes and seconds, and are connected to the function of the minute repeater. . When the minute repeat function is activated, the self-winding flower-shaped movement immediately comes to life. The watch can report the hour, quarter clock and minute according to the set automatic ringtone, and it is equipped with a manual movement.
     Recommended reason: The design quotes Greek mythology, showing an exquisite style, and the function design of the watch is also excellent.

Atrium Quartz Minute Repeater
     Naughty monkeys, clowns playing with balls, cute bears, elegant ballet dancers, fierce tigers and heroic animal trainers. These six puppets, hand-carved in 18K gold, were held in the hands of an Athens sculptor. Animate life, appear vividly on the dial decorated with blue aventurine, creating a lively scene. With the time, the engraving and the minute, they each have their own actions, time, as if seeing the time running Origin of life in.
Recommended reason: The images of various animals are vividly portrayed by watchmakers. On the dial, a vibrant scene is created. The plump shape and original time design are worthy of every minute-watch enthusiast to collect this watch.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Minute Repeater
     It is not difficult to burn enamel. It is not easy to burn well. It is even more difficult to burn bright colors. Bright red is a difficult problem in enamel burning. According to the Eastern moral credo of ‘sludge without stains, sorrow without sorrows and sorrows without sorrow,’ this enamel lotus questionnaire created by Jaeger-LeCoultre is a great gift tailor-made for the Chinese.
     Tap the button at 9 o’clock to start the minute repeater function (by alternately tapping the sound from the gong in the watch), and report the hours, quarter clocks and minutes. The mellow and pure timekeeping ringtone is a breakthrough achievement in the field of minute repeaters, and the sound of the timepiece by the crystal reed is more natural.
     Recommended reason: Enamel is probably the most difficult craft in a watch. If you are a perfectionist, this carefully crafted watch is very suitable for you.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5033 Minute Repeater
     Collecting a Patek Philippe watch is almost an ordinary person’s dream, a goal for ordinary watch fans and a must-have for top watch fans. If this is a Patek Philippe watch with a bezel and lugs set with 92 baguette diamonds, a pointed buckle set with 6 baguette diamonds, and a perpetual calendar watch, I don’t know how many people’s hearts will be taken away.
     Patek Philippe’s minute repeat sound is the highest quality that can only be manufactured by the president. The minute repeater “church piano tone” timepiece of this minute repeat perpetual watch is activated by the side slide of the case. In these timepieces, the mainspring is wound by a rotor, which is driven by the movement of the wrist. The rotor of the Patek Philippe watch is made of 21K or 22K gold, because the high gravity of the precious metal optimizes the kinetic energy efficiency, and the date is adjusted on March 1 every year.
     Recommended reason: The biggest reason to buy this questionnaire should be luxury, as many as 100 diamonds can definitely show the most charming feminine style.