Beautiful Sapphire Case Is Not Only Technology But Also Art!

Sapphire has excellent characteristics such as high hardness and scratch resistance, and is widely used in the surface of high-end watches. It is favored by major brands and consumers. With the need for design and the pursuit of technology, the scope of application of sapphire on watches is also increasing. Let’s enjoy the classic fusion of sapphire technology and art through a set of sapphire case series watches.

   The Blancpain L-evolution series of sapphire transparent Carrousel watches, replacing traditional metal splints with sapphires, makes the entire Carrousel device “suspended” in the table without any side branches. The sapphire splint, bridge and the sapphire case are closely fitted, and the perfect essence is concentrated in the rose gold case with a diameter of 43.5 mm. Through the transparent back of the case back, you can enjoy the beauty of the harmonious movement. Rare treasures.
Henry Moser

   H. Moser &
The Cie (Henri Moser) tourbillon two-time sapphire skeleton watch also uses full sapphire to create the case. The overall contour modification and its unusual shape, delicate bezels, curves of the dial and watch glass, etc., all the beauty of these features are emphasized by the transparent sapphire case. The production of the pure sapphire case uses technology mastered by very few people in the world: the soaking method. Interesting tables can be searched for.

   Corum (Kunlun) Golden Bridge series watches, in addition to the traditional case with upper and lower sides of the sapphire, 3H and 9H are also equipped with sapphire on both sides, the entire watch gives a transparent vision on all sides, the beauty of the internal machinery The angle is present.

   Coincidentally, Parmigiani’s Bugatti Super Sport
The Sapphire watch also uses a transparent sapphire design. The case is framed by a hollow gold structure and covered with sapphire. This makes the Super
The size of the Sport series has increased, but the transparent sapphire gives the entire movement a clear view, which fascinates the wearer. The crystal-clear look and extraordinary mechanical charm show the extraordinary skills of beauty and watchmaking in the same field of vision.
Richard Miller

The case made by Mille (Richard Miller) sapphire is definitely a pioneering material. It is unexpected that sapphire can also become a case? It also challenges the beauty of perspective to such an extreme. The limit of thinking has been surprising us.

   Of course, Hublot’s technical challenges are not inferior to Richard Mille’s, and it is equally transparent and beautiful.

   This one is called Double Tourbillon Technique
Sapphire watches, the entire case is also made of transparent sapphire, the outer ring is fixed with 8 long screws, the outer diameter of the entire watch reaches 49.95mm (common version is 47.5mm).