Audemars Piguet Luxury Sports Watch More In Line With Modern Needs

Royal Oak Offshore has issued special versions of various themes in the past 25 years. As a result, the detailed shape of the watch has also undergone various changes. In 2011, AUDEMARS PIGUET The special section captures some details. The size of 44mm, which originally belonged to the unconventional watch diameter, has been corrected to a permanent product. The 42mm, which is the basic section, has undergone two major changes in 2006 and 2014. Ref. 26470 is the version after 2014.

The grid pattern of the current ROO face plate uses a large grid. The original RO faceplate was painted with paint. Some of the current ROOs have been plated with electroplating, but this blue-faced light should also be painted from the appearance texture.

Feature 1: Modern design interprets the original flavor of the 1990s
The 42mm is a direct successor to the offshore model of the early 1993, but after three generations of modification, as mentioned earlier, when you look back at the earliest ROO of the year, you will feel that it is closer to the original Royal Oak. The current ROO face plate uses a large three-dimensional grid pattern. The grid of the pattern is larger than that of the original or own RO, which creates a quite different impression for the surface and is more in line with its positioning as a luxury sports watch. In addition to the style, the manufacturing process of its face plate is also different. The check pattern of the RO is engraved by a manual operation machine. The current ROO is embossed with a mold, although the two are three-dimensional. The edges and corners are also very sharp, but if you look at it with a magnifying glass, the ROO’s grid pattern will have fewer machine-specific knife marks.

The modifications of the new version are concentrated on the crown. In addition to replacing rubber with ceramic, the shape of the shoulder pads has also been greatly modified; from the side, it can be found that the shape of the shoulder pads is still monolithic, but it has been processed into a three-dimensional level , It looks like there are parts

Feature 2: Crown & material reveal
It is also important to change the 2014 model to replace the rubber-covered crown and chronograph with ceramic materials. The crown and the button-covered colored rubber can be said to be one of the important identification designs of ROO, but the impression of rubber as a material is consumable after all, and it is a bit different from the image of high-end watches. ROO has been in the early generation since 1993. Began to use the rubber-covered crown / push-button approach. It continued to be used when changing models in 2006. Now when you look back, ceramic materials have not yet become popular in the watch industry and the technology has not matured. The development of 44mm in 2011 has already taken the lead in replacing rubber sheaths with ceramics in permanent products. The 42mm in 2014 has continued the same specifications, and has now become the standard equipment of ROO.

The original ROO was equipped with the 2226/2840 movement. In order to strengthen the antimagnetic solid bottom cover, a soft iron inner shell was added. The self-made 3126/3840 rear cover was replaced with a transparent one, so it was naturally cancelled. Soft iron inner shell

Feature three: the case details are also highlighted in some details
There is also a part worth mentioning in this generation, which is probably only from the crown to the shoulder guards of the first generation. Before this, the shoulder guards were integrally formed above and below, and the long side was also made with a slight arc. There are still some shadows of our own RO chronograph. The new version is modified here. In addition to adding a sharp three-dimensional turn between the crown and the handle, the arc on the long side is also drawn straight, and the overall line is more rigid. Hard, more in line with the ROO’s positioning, and more clearly distinguished from its own RO. After three generations and 25 years, the 42mm offshore type has been completely reborn into a completely different existence from the original Royal Oak. The performance of each department has also been updated to meet modern standards. Whether it is quality or physical sales, it is now a luxury The benchmark for sports watches.

Royal Oak Offshore chronograph

Stainless steel material / 3126/3840 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 42mm / reference price: 185,000 RMB– –