2013 Basel Patek Philippe 7121j-001 Watch Real Shot

[Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. In front of you, we will bring the exhibition report in the first time, and send the new watch pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here I will bring you new Basel products and PP real shots. Friends who like it can see it first.

 Patek Philippe’s women’s moon phase watch series welcomes a new member. The new Calatrava Ref. 7121 watch, launched this year, is set with 66 brilliant-cut diamonds, like a dazzling galaxy. This classic and fascinating treasure seems to make every minute countless endless charm. The timing of the Calatrava Ref. 7121 debut was just right. For modern women who are fashion-conscious and confident, mechanical watches are now their undisputed first choice. It would be perfect if you could add some complexity. If the brilliance of diamonds blooms again, it can be said that the dream comes true. Patek Philippe’s new hand-wound moon phase display Calatrava women’s watch combines these three elements. This watch is particularly striking with its classic elegant, gold-tone round official Calatrava case.

 The new moon phase reveals that the Calatrava Ref. 7121 watch is 33 mm in diameter and is stylish and unconventional. Such a rare treasure is worthy to accompany you throughout your life. It can be used as a perfect jewelry and a reliable timing device. The development and manufacturing process of this watch incorporates many unparalleled features. The first is Patek Philippe’s unique design-for decades, Patek Philippe’s design has been known for its unique and timeless charm. The classic round Calatrava case is carefully crafted from Patek Philippe in yellow gold and polished by hand. The ‘Official Style’ styling includes round case sides, vertical lugs and screw-fastened strap pins. Almost a century ago, when the first official watch was born, this unique shape became very popular, further proving that true beauty does not fade with the passage of time.

 The creamy white dial is feminine and feminine, and the fine grain texture makes it more smooth and silky. The soft background highlights the bright light of gold three-dimensional Porcupine figures, gold hands and 66 top-quality flawless Wesselton diamonds. The total weight of the diamond is about 0.54 carats. The bezel is dotted with a miniature galaxy on the wrist, which surrounds the watch, shining a little bit of starlight. All this perfectly shows the characteristics of this moon phase display watch, and the small moon phase window at 6 o’clock shows you the subtle changes of the moon phase, year after year, and never ends. The moon and stars are adorned with gold powder, which perfectly echoes the gold ‘Poire Stuart’ hour and minute hands and elegant leaf-shaped second hands. The slightly curved sapphire crystal glass back protects the dial and these delicate decorative elements.
 Manually wound mechanical movement
 Caliber 215 PS LU
 Moon phase, small seconds dial
 Bezel set with 66 diamonds (~ 0.52 ct)
 Grained, cream-colored dial, gold applied numerals
 Strap: alligator with square scales, hand-stitched, matt pearly beige
 Prong buckle
 Sapphire-crystal case back
 Water resistant to 30 m
 Gold style
 Case diameter: 33 m
 The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.
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Tissot Holds A Grand Exhibition In Geneva To Celebrate The 160th Anniversary

According to Watch House, in order to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the Tissot brand, the brand has held a number of grand celebrations in different locations. It is reported that from July 26th to October 6th, Tissot will hold a large-scale exhibition in the watchmaking hall Geneva.

 For such a brand that is not only innovative, how to best explain the various journeys that the brand has experienced has become a focus of this exhibition, but in the end, everyone presented a timeline that shocked everyone, every time Everyone has witnessed every bit of the brand.

 Since the 160th anniversary of the establishment of Tissot watches, Tissot has quickly captured the hearts of watch fans all over the world with its changeable, innovative, stylish and cost-effective products, and has become a watch brand that watch consumers love.

 Although the large market environment is not good, the brand still confidently launched a large number of new styles. And also launched a 160th anniversary limited edition, and more attentive in publicity and promotion, so that more people like the brand.

 Judging from the steps in recent years, the watch home can generally be summarized as several major points of the brand: the new movement is put into use, the high-end, low-end market takes into account, the advantages of integrated sports watches, through this marketing strategy also makes the market Seen a lot of surprises.

 For Tissot, ‘time, you control’ is more than just a slogan. It conveys the DNA of the Tissot brand-Tissot has always strived to perfectly integrate cutting-edge technology and fashion design in watchmaking. Since 1853, Tissot has been innovating based on tradition, and today it has grown into the number one Swiss traditional watchmaking brand in the world. Over the past 160 years, Tissot has evolved from a watch factory headquartered in the small town of Lillac in the Jura Mountains, Switzerland, into a global brand with sales outlets in more than 160 countries. Tissot’s leading position benefits from its unparalleled ability to innovate. It spares no effort in the pursuit of the use of special materials, the development of advanced functions and the design of details. Tissot has launched more and more high-quality watches, but the price-performance ratio is more attractive than any other Swiss watch brand, which also reflects its commitment to ‘entry luxury’.

The Choice For Mature Men Kunlun 753.231.91/0f81 An32 Watch

Kunlun was founded in 1955. Although it was not long established, it quickly grew into a well-known watch manufacturer recognized by the world. Kunlun’s Admiral Cup series is one of Kunlun’s signature series. In 1956, the Royal Ocean Race Club hosted the Admiral’s Cup Regatta and became one of the best sailing competitions in the world. In order to commemorate this event, Kunlun introduced a square watch, and the case was re-made. The design, with a dodecagonal case and twelve international nautical flags, only the Admiral Cup series watch took shape. Today, let’s enjoy the 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 watch in the Admiral Cup series.
       This Kunlun 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 watch is a men’s automatic mechanical watch, this watch is definitely the last big guy, it has a diameter of 50 meters. Coupled with the rose gold material and unique dodecagon shape design, this watch is not ordinary people can control, but if you are a mature male with a thick wrist, then it will be on your wrist again Showing indescribable domineering. The black dial design and mild rose gold color are also very comfortable. Black represents the calmness of men, while gold and red are like the glory in the years that have passed.

    The appearance of this watch is very distinctive. In addition to the unique 12-sided case of the Admiral Cup series, its crown is also placed on the left side of the case, making the watch unique. Its 12 hour markers on the dial are also of great significance. These 12 hour markers are 12 nautical flag patterns, which show the significance of this series. The bottom cover of the watch is also engraved with the relief of the Admiral’s cup holder. While showing its historical significance, it also echoes its name. In short, the design of 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 is quite outstanding.
    The Kunlun 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 watch not only has an outstanding and unique appearance, but also has good functionality. At the 6 o’clock position of this dial, there is a large calendar window for displaying the date information of the day. The calendar window displays information with white Arabic numerals on a black background, which makes us still look very clear.
    This watch also has a chronograph function, similar to a normal chronograph watch. The time display of this watch is also realized by the central hour hand, central minute hand and small second dial, so that it is a wrist during normal normal operation. Table saves power. What’s more important is that its central second hand is also liberated for the timekeeping function of the watch. It realizes the timekeeping function of the watch with the 30-minute chronograph dial and 12-hour chronograph dial, which also makes it very convenient for us to read. The second hand gives us clear information about timing.

    Kunlun 753.231.91 / 0F81 AN32 is an automatic mechanical watch. Its movement is a self-produced automatic mechanical movement CO753. The diameter of this movement is 29.89 mm, which is larger than the size of its case. In terms of size, the size of this movement is too small. This movement has an oscillating frequency of 28,800 times. This oscillating frequency can support its good performance and make the watch have excellent stability when traveling. The application of 27 jewel bearings not only reduces the friction between the gears during operation, extends the life of the watch, but also makes the appearance of the movement look more beautiful. In addition, this movement can also provide a 48-hour power reserve, which is in line with modern people’s work and rest time, can perfectly adapt to people’s pace of life, and provide convenience for friends who do not like to represent the weekend. In summary: the function cannot be said to be very powerful, but the timekeeping function and the date display function can provide us with good help in life, and Kunlun’s self-produced movement is a strong support for the excellent performance of this watch. In summary, this watch has a good performance both in terms of appearance and internal movement performance. I believe it will be a good product for mature men’s wrist.