Month: April 2020

Different Cartier Multi-layer Dial Calendar Watch

Since its birth, Cartier has relied on functional and practical mechanical technology to create classic and unique works for high-end watch lovers. The new Rotonde de Cartier calendar watch perfectly fulfills this goal. As an efficient and practical timepiece, it fully reflects the balance between tradition and modernity that only the largest watchmakers can achieve.

 The annual calendar is a new star in the watchmaking industry. It has been successfully commissioned for less than 15 years and has quickly become an indispensable date display function for daily watches. Although the almanac is easy to operate and can be adjusted without resetting, it has never appeared in the Cartier watch series before. To meet the expectations of watch enthusiasts, the Cartier movement research and development team incorporated this feature into Rotonde de Cartier watches, displaying complete and accurate year-round calendar information on the dial.

 The simple calendar function, that is, the mechanism of displaying the date through a window or pointer, must be manually adjusted at the end of each 30-day month (ie, the month with an even date) to ensure that the watch is synchronized with the calendar. However, this simple corrective action is often forgotten, which may cause small errors every month and need to be corrected manually.

 Manually winding the crown, skipping the 31st, and directly displaying the 1st, this irrelevant mechanical system quickly became annoying. Because of this, watchmakers invented the perpetual calendar mechanism in the 18th century. As long as the timepiece is operating normally, the dial can directly display accurate calendar information without further adjustment. Although this machine with digital memory is fascinating, it can still cause trouble if it is stopped for a long time. This highly precise model requires a lot of operation if the calendar display needs to be readjusted, so that the watch owner sometimes has to consult professionals.

 In order to avoid the restrictions when starting the watch, the Cartier movement design team developed a reliable, efficient and tough mechanism for the Rotonde de Cartier calendar watch, which can automatically adjust the date at the end of each month (different between 30 and 31 days). Month), and the week and month are displayed throughout the year. Except for February 28 or February 29 to March 1, manual operation is required, no other adjustments are required.

 Cartier’s new 9908 MC workshop refined movement has a unique setting mechanism that can adjust all the calendar information (day, date and month) through the winding crown. This simple setting system avoids adding any adjustment device to the case, which simplifies daily use to the maximum.

 In this Rotonde de Cartier calendar watch, Cartier chose to use the 1904 MC movement as the basis, and directly load the calendar device on the main plate of the movement. Thanks to countless tests, the large calendar display window at 12 o’clock on the watch can display independent two-digit numbers, and the cascade control system operated by the winding crown can quickly set up various displays of the annual calendar, and these designs are available Favored by lovers of fine watchmaking. This exceptional movement, completely developed in-house by the Cartier brand, is very new and incorporates many important features, including a semi-instant mechanism that converts a large calendar into two independent numbers (about an hour conversion period), ensuring this advanced The watchmaking paradigm has the highest timing stability. In this system, the needle wheel on the large single-digit display panel drives the ten-digit four-pointed star wheel to rotate. The single digit display is the real core component of the calendar system, and at the same time has another secret-a simple and clever mechanism, the month memory cam is directly combined with the light rim of the calendar device, and once the current month is set, it can be accurate Ground display for 30 or 31 days.

 The device has unparalleled efficiency and is designed to calculate the length of odd and even date months (except for February, which changes from 28 days to 29 days every four years), and will not affect the accuracy even under strong vibration.

 Cartier designers successfully combined the date display with the day of the week and month display with a pointer puller. This automatic calendar is also rigorously tested to meet the needs of everyday life.


The Tough Guy Of Sea, Land And Air! Bell & Ross Challenges A New Future

BELL & ROSS has a close relationship with the three major elements of sea, land, and air. It has always been shown in the tough guy style. Today, when BELL & ROSS releases new models to warm up the Basel Watch Fair, it also launches a series of carefully designed advertisements for watches. The ads will take the professional elite of sea, land and air as the protagonists to present watches Powerful posture in the sky.

BELL & ROSS, which has always shown people in a tough guy style, is not only a brand new watch, but also a new and exciting new ad is about to be launched.

This time, BELL & ROSS has set the title of the new campaign to ‘Watch Beyond’! The title ‘Watch’ is actually a pun, which means that it is accompanied by more sophisticated and practical advanced timepieces, and strives for excellence. The other meaning is to encourage everyone to look forward and to have a broad vision. Wear a helmet, goggles, or Diving goggles, a country dedicated to elite professional fields.
The visual design concept of the advertisement is also closely linked to the ‘Watch Beyond’ title, which allows everyone to try to substitute the extreme environment of professional elite work, and also lets you understand that the timepiece on the expert’s wrist is not only a tool to assist them in completing the task, but also Always a trusted companion.

BELL & ROSS’s “Beyond” ad title not only represents professional timepieces, but also drives everyone to expand their horizons and see the future

In addition, the graphic design of the advertisement is based on the new models of the Aviator and Vintage series. The first advertising photo was taken in the air. A fighter pilot wore one of the classic designs of BELL & ROSS BR-03 Black Matte wrist The watch was followed by the RS17 chronograph advertisement, themed with the BELL & ROSS brand alliance with Renault Formula One team partners. The Renault team test photos in the advertisement were taken at the famous Barcelona Circuit Advertisements for other editions will appear from March 22, along with the new models presented at Baselworld. This time, the BELL & ROSS series of ads includes 4 print ads and 2 videos, which will be launched in 2017. The full content is worth looking forward to!


Burberry Christmas Watches Recommended Cheng Jing Timepieces Warm Dreams

The Christmas bells rang, the warm dreams bloomed for the second time. Winter is the season of gestating dreams, and the existence of Christmas allows God to collect these fiery dreams, and then, in a solitude, send Santa Claus to turn the dream situation into reality. Blancpain Blancpain is willing to accompany Santa’s footsteps in this festival with the theme of warmth and dreams, and transform it into a warm winter sun, shining in everyone’s face.

 The dusty snowy night returns to people, longing for a solitary lamp in front of the house, reflecting the soft yellow warmth of the house; bored and idle scholars, looking forward to drinking green ants and new wine with two or three old friends, sitting around the red mud stove ——Because of the cold chill in winter, it is the easiest to breed warm reveries: spirits, hot tea, thick soup … The warmth of chill is the most precious gift in this cold season, Blancpain Blancpain will certainly not let go. , To the warmth of Christmas as promised to millions of households.

 At Christmas, we sincerely select two timepieces, and we hope to plant a hope for the coming year on your wrists and your friends and relatives. The round dial will iron the skin, bear your warm Christmas wishes, feel the pulse resonance, and pass the temperature of dreams.

       Blancpain VILLERET gold engraved watch: thousands of mountains and rivers quietly fall asleep

 I believe that everyone’s heart is buried with a dream about distant places. The snow in northern Europe, the looming shadow of Mount Fuji, and the bright lights of Victoria Harbour-was it the landscape of your dreams? Stroll on the Champs-Elysees Avenue, make a sincere wish at the ancient temple of Kyoto, and climb up the Great Wall-is it your whereabouts? Blancpain Villeret watch with gold engravings embodies the world’s thousands of mountains and mountains in a square inch timepiece. After your dreams are awakened, you can still walk freely in a dream country.

 The Villeret gold engraved watch is highly recognizable due to the strong contrast between its internal and external styles. This hand-wound watch is the first 45mm diameter watch of the Villeret family. The oversized red gold dial is made of semi-domed flame-fired enamel. It inherits Blancpain’s classic traditional style and is painted on a 12-hour scale. Behind the unusually simple design, there is a splendid brilliance: through the sapphire crystal back cover, a gorgeous movement decoration completely hand-made by Blancpain sculptors is presented.

 The Calibre 15B movement of this timepiece is assembled from 117 parts and has been used in pocket watches of the same family. The splint of the 15B movement is slightly thicker than other models, so that Blancpain’s sculptors can slap their talents and sculpt a beautiful landscape on the wrist. The five masterpieces presented by Villeret gold engraved watches at the Basel show showcased the unique features of Switzerland, France, Japan, mainland China and Hong Kong, China.

 Each of the Villeret gold engraved watches is unique, and the gold engraving on the back of the watch can be customized. You can place the dream landscape in your wrist and remember it forever; or engraving a significant place on it and giving it to the one who was with you at the time, glittering your exclusive memories. It is worth mentioning that the Blancpain 6615 pocket watch of the same family also has a similar design concept. It will be decorated with an unprecedented sculpture on the pocket watch and closer to the chest of the dream.

 The Villeret watch with gold engraved decoration returns to the true after the extreme of watchmaking art, explaining the true meaning of dreams. It is irrelevant to show off-behind the introverted appearance of non-fat powder, there is often a gorgeous and fierce desire, which is at your fingertips direction.

VILLERET Gold Watch / Pocket Watch
CAL.15B manual winding movement
40-hour power reserve
Water resistant to 30 meters
18K rose gold case, enamel dial, alligator strap
Table-back gold carving craft presents different features of five regions
Customized gold carving pattern on the back
Table diameter: 45MM

 Blancpain eccentric date retrograde women’s watch: bright stars and long sweet dreams

   Every woman may have had a sweet dream. Like the lonely and beautiful rose in The Little Prince, he always claims to be the unique fragrance in the vast universe, and is the only existence in the eyes of lovers. Maybe this is ridiculous, but I don’t know that behind these cute little fantasies, there is a lot of tenderness. Three thousand weak water, take a scoop alone. Among the similar roses in the garden, there was only one special rose, which was dedicated to the heart of the little prince.
Love is focus, love, and love. Blancpain knows the charm of love, and is willing to present this eccentric date retrograde women’s watch specially designed for women at Christmas time.

 Blancpain’s eccentric date retrograde women’s watch combines moon phase profit and loss and retrograde date display functions. It combines watchmaking creativity and romantic feelings, and will surely surprise thousands of women with their dreams. This timepiece features a 5N red or white gold plated case, a bezel set with 40 gorgeous diamonds, and a dial made of four different mother-of-pearl. The cross-section of the mother-of-pearl is bright white or dazzling, or the fluorescence is bright, and the pieces are interlocked and intersected. On the blue sky of the moon phase display, the bright moon face echoes with the gems and stars, rendering a poetic and artistic expression.

    The Calibre 2650RL automatic movement leaps inside the watch. It consists of 302 parts set with 32 gems. It is an eccentric small dial at 6 o’clock, a moon phase at 12 o’clock, and a central retrograde date. Instructed to provide power with a 65-hour power reserve. The tip of the blue snake-shaped date retrograde hand is embellished with a bright star emblem, shining against the dial of the sky background decorated with diamonds; the crown is also set with a gorgeous diamond. In addition, through the sapphire back, it can be clearly seen that the automatic oscillating weight is shaped into a five-petal flower, highlighting the delicate and elegant femininity of this watch. Paired with a white strap, it complements the elegant, light and gentle style.

   On a dreamy Christmas night, wrapping the Blancpain eccentric date retro-women’s wrist watch around the wrist will definitely become the most dazzling focus, making elegant women’s whole body shine. All the beauty of dreams will come true at this instant.

Off-center date retrograde women’s watch
2650RL movement, only 5.37 mm thick
Red or white gold case
Watch thickness 10.75 mm
Case diameter 36.00 mm
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Sapphire crystal and transparent case back
Diamonds on the dial total 0.021 carats, and diamonds on the case total 2.00 carats

 The melody of ‘Little Bethlehem Song’ came from a distant place, praising the birth of Jesus. In this holy festival, Blancpain prays blessedly and hopes that all warm dreams will bloom quietly in the clear winter. A moment of joy and time will be transformed into eternity in the flow of minutes.