Month: March 2020

Tissot Launches 3-d Online Touchscreen Watch: See Video

Tissot has launched a website with 3D features, in which consumers can use their webcam pair through the ‘Touch Collection Watch Watch’ item before purchasing. The product is simulated ‘try on’.
The Tissot website is available. Users can sit in front of their computer and raise their wrists to try on the watch in real time through the webcam application or change the style, color and style.
The Touch collection has 28 styles to choose from, and consumers can try on the styles they choose, while also choosing the color of the decoration and wristbands, including the new Sailing-Touch marine watch and T-Touch Expert series. And the Sea-Touch marine series. Consumers can not only appreciate how the watch looks on their hands, but also experience the features of the watch through the touch screen, which also includes the Sea Touch diving function and a wider range of altimeters and barometers , Compass and thermometer. The watch on the wearer’s wrist is vivid in the video, showing the extraordinary features of each one very vividly. All watches tell you the exact time with digital or analog displays.


Jewelry From All Corners Tasting Vacheron Constantin Overseas Automatic Women’s Jewellery Watch

The Overseas series can be said to be the only sports watch series in Vacheron Constantin’s series and the most practical series, so when many people buy the first Vacheron Constantin, They will choose to start from this series, and this series has developed for more than ten years, and also provides more choices for those who like this series.

The horizontal and vertical series was born in 1996. The earliest series is made of all steel, and the antimagnetic soft iron inner case is added to the case. It can be said that it is solid, and the unique Maltese cross link on the metal bracelet also reflects the series. It was full of arrogance and immediately swept the world as soon as it was launched, because people can finally take Vacheron Constantin to ‘cross the world’. In the blink of an eye, in 2008, the series launched more elegant leather strap models and complex models, which also opened the prelude to the diversified development of sports watches, which we will introduce today. Vertical and horizontal women’s jewelry watches are representative of this trend.

The diameter of this women’s jewellery watch is 36mm, which fully meets the unique personality and elegance of women. The case is made of 18K white gold, the lugs and the case are integrated, and it is in line with the ergonomic design concept. It fits the slender wrists of women very much. Because this watch is called horizontal and vertical, even in this precious metal jewelry version, Vacheron Constantin does not forget to equip the platinum case with an antimagnetic soft iron inner case to ensure that the movement is not affected by magnetic fields. Accurate, in other words, the diamond can be dropped, and the watch is not allowed.

 All models of the Vertical and Horizontal series are equipped with anti-magnetic soft iron, so even if the series uses no matter how beautiful and complicated the movement is, we can not see it, but we can see that this series is unique at the bottom of the table we can see To the Amerigo Vespucci brig pattern, I do not say this pattern, everyone will know what it means. Because this watch is a precious metal version, there are a lot of precious metal marks such as 750, St. Bernard’s dog head, and equality. These interesting patterns should be compensated for the invisible movement. The case back is locked by screws and is water resistant to approximately 50 meters.

 I believe that the most striking thing about this watch is probably the diamond. The whole watch is set with a total of about 626 round diamonds and a total weight of about 2.6 carats. Among them, the case is set with about 528. It can be said that the unique bezel shape of the vertical and horizontal series. A graceful temperament has been added against the backdrop of diamonds. Women are very suitable in daily life or at important occasions.

Now I will talk about these diamonds in particular. First of all, these diamonds have to be super-perfectly cut on 57 faces or even 58 faces. Secondly, these diamonds must ensure that their chroma and clarity are exactly the same. Here, please everyone. Pay attention to the number, it is exactly 626 diamonds! In addition, the minimum standard clarity of general table diamonds will reach VVS1, and the chroma will also be above F, but the top brands like Vacheron Constantin, the diamond clarity must reach a higher IF level, so this is indeed a project!

 In addition to the diamond itself, the setting technique is the key. From the arrangement and density of the diamonds on this watch, it can be said that the craft has reached the peak. If you do n’t use a magnifying glass, you will find it The dazzling light of diamonds has merged.

 It seems to be in sharp contrast with the eye-catching diamonds. This watch has specially chosen a deep black dial, which is easy to read and elegant. The date display at 3 o’clock and the diamond-set 18K white gold hour scale echo perfectly, while the black coating on the hour and minute hands adds a touch of mystery to this watch.

 The strap of this watch is selected from the design of black Mississippi crocodile leather and 18K white gold double-folding buckle, which not only looks noble but also sacrifices comfort. In addition, this watch also comes with a silk strap.

 Although we cannot see the movement assembled by this watch from the outside, this does not prevent us from exploring its footsteps. This automatic winding movement, numbered 1226, can be described as a well-known family. It is regarded as the main force of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The automatic three-needle 899 movement is improved. Speaking of the 899 movement, we ca n’t help but mention its ‘father’ 889, 889 is well known on the rivers and lakes, no one knows it, because its qualifications are too old, since the 1980s . In 2005, its son 899 was born.

 It can be said that the 1226 movement completely inherits all the advantages of the 899 movement. The movement is composed of 143 parts. The main splint and the oscillating weight are rhodium-plated. The original circular Geneva stripe has been polished and is still a traditional level The stripes are polished, strictly following the style of the Geneva watch brand. The back of the movement is also polished with a fine pearl pattern. It looks more layered and brighter, and it is also equipped with beautiful blue steel screws and a partial hollow rotor on the side of 21K solid gold. The beauty of the entire movement immediately caught everyone’s eyes to appreciate it, of course, there must be no logo on the rotor that represents the identity.

 The size of the 1226 movement is 26 mm in diameter and 3.25 mm in thickness. It has 41 ruby ​​bearings, kif shock absorbers and a power reserve of 40 hours. The vibration frequency is 28800 times / hour. In terms of escapement, this movement is not commonly used. The light pendulum matches the structure of the fast and slow needles. Instead, a fine adjustment screw is uniquely used on the hairspring outer post. Moreover, the balance wheel has also been adjusted in four temperatures and six directions. This structure is enough to make the already outstanding accuracy even higher. In addition, since this movement is derived from the improved version 899 of the 889, not only the ball bearing in the center of the oscillating weight has become a harder and smoother ceramic material, but also the automatic wheel structure has been optimized. The previous two-way winding has been changed to single. The winding up has improved the winding efficiency instantly, and the power reserve has been increased from 38 hours to about 40 hours.
to sum up:
 This watch is called Queen of women’s watch in terms of momentum and configuration! In view of its cold and brilliant color, all over and around it exudes a mysterious and powerful atmosphere. If you meet a woman with this watch one day, your most correct way is to respect her.