EDIFICE, a metal pointer men’s watch brand owned by Casio, adheres to the ‘Speed ​​& Intelligence’ brand concept of speed and wisdom, is not bound by tradition, and is brave enough to innovate. With its unique features and stylish design, it leads to a Strike the dynamic, exclusive motorsport extreme speed, deeply welcomed by fashion elites who love sports style watches. As the watch’s leading technology representative, Casio has been an official partner of the Red Bull Racing team since 2009. Experience precise timing and limits

 The test of the environment has provided support for Red Bull’s brilliant results.

 Inheriting motorsport genes for ultimate speed

 The newly launched EFR-530SBBJ-1A is a 2013 Basel model with a large diameter of 47mm and a 3D three-dimensional dial. A black dial with a metal three-dimensional time scale is used. The hour and minute hands are coated with special light-storing materials To ensure the user’s visual and clear information transmission. The inverted conical bezel design, like the dashboard of a car, emphasizes the dynamic large dial, giving people a sense of precision. The small bezel of the wheel structure at 12 o’clock, with the striking red second hand, has an exquisite design and originality, demonstrating the infinite dynamics of EDIFICE’s speed control and the pursuit of precision.

 The EFR-530SBBJ-1A combines speed and aesthetics of design craftsmanship. Its main functions include a stopwatch (1/20 second), 100 meters waterproof, date display, etc. In addition, the built-in TOUGH SOLAR solar drive system can convert the light source into charging energy. It will provide you with continuous and accurate timepiece power. It is the only choice for metropolitan men who require complete control of time and are fascinated by the latest technology.