October 13, 2016, Shanghai-The famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA presented the ‘Her Time’ Ladies Watch Centennial Exhibition in Shanghai Glory. The exhibition shows Omega’s classic posters beyond time and beautiful and elegant antique timepieces, leading the audience to experience Omega’s commitment and long-term contribution to women’s watches for more than 100 years.

Omega ‘Her Time’ Ladies Watch Centennial Exhibition

   For more than 100 years, Omega has been committed to making bright and elegant ladies’ watches, and perfectly interpreted the beautiful appearance and the precise timing of the movement in each Omega watch. Today, the brand brought the ‘Her Time’ ladies ‘watch to the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art with a century-old exhibition, telling the audience about Omega’s brilliant achievements in the manufacture of ladies’ watches.

Omega ‘Her Time’ Ladies Watch Centennial Exhibition

Omega ‘Her Time’ Ladies Watch Centennial Exhibition

Omega ‘Her Time’ Ladies Watch Centennial Exhibition

   From early luxury Lépine pocket watches to today’s high-profile women’s watch collections, the exhibition showcases a number of representative timepieces, including the Omega Jewellery Watch from 1946 and the Omega Stealth from 1956 ‘Topaz ‘Jewelry watches, as well as Omega Ladymatic watches with revolutionary innovative movements, are still the best examples of Omega internal and external repair.

1906 Omega Art Nouveau Lépine pocket watch

Omega Ladies Watch 1906

   The passion and pursuit of ladies’ watch manufacturing is deeply rooted in the essence of the Omega brand. From 1894 to 1935, Omega used more than 35% of advanced movements for women’s watches. The women’s watch market was once neglected at that time, and Omega actively explored this field. Its dedication was not only reflected in exquisite and beautiful timepieces, but also in retro art works of Omega and precious advertising posters. . They vividly depict women’s colorful pace of life. Whether it is enjoying the splendor of nightlife, or experiencing the chicness of sports, Omega can always accurately capture the noble and elegant women.

1915 Ladies Omega Watch

1924 Omega Rare Art Deco Jewellery Watch

   The Omega ‘Her Time’ exhibition is based on pure and elegant white and brilliant warm gold. The exhibition hall is filled with Omega watch exhibits of various periods and display drawers for exploration and discovery.

1956 Omega ‘Flowers’ jewelry watch

1959 Omega ‘Leaves’ Luxury Sapphire Watch

   Speaking of this ‘Her time’ exhibition, Mr. Raynald Aeschlimann, the global president and CEO of Omega, described it as ‘the beautiful display of the glory journey of Omega’ and said, ‘We have achieved extraordinary Achievements, but on the road of making ladies’ watches, I believe that Omega is just getting started. We look forward to more exciting technological innovations and watch designs. ‘

1965 Omega ‘Flowers’ Stealth Jewellery Watch

   For everyone curious about the Swiss women’s watch manufacturing process, the Omega ‘Her Time’ exhibition is definitely not to be missed. Here, the audience will not only appreciate the extraordinary and exquisite beautiful timepieces and the innovative technology that transcends the times, but also deeply feel Omega’s unique women’s watch manufacturing concept and outstanding heritage. The exhibition is open to the public from October 1st until October 30th.