The Explorer II launched by Rolex for the first time in 1971 not only inherits the extraordinary tradition of the original Rolex Explorer, but also has a unique style. With its uniquely designed features, this rugged and sophisticated watch is an indispensable companion for speleologists, volcanologists, and polar and forest explorers. Today’s watch to Egypt brings a brief review of a Rolex Explorer II series watch, the official model of the watch is: 216570.

In 2011, the Explorer II was launched for the 40th anniversary and received a lot of technological and aesthetic innovations. The most obvious is the size of the case, which has been enlarged from 40 mm to 42 mm in diameter, making the surface wider and easier to read. The larger pointer is also more visible. However, what is most unique is its orange 24-hour hand with an arrow shaped end, which echoes the prototype of the 1971 Explorer II model.


This Explorer II watch is made of 904L high-strength stainless steel. The new case redesigned in 2011 has been increased from 40 mm to 42 mm. The large dial and CHROMALIGHT display make the time clear and easy to read in any environment.


The watch uses a screw-down double-locking waterproof crown to ensure water resistance up to 100 meters. The crown shoulder guard integrated with the middle case protects the crown. This watch designed for extreme environments fully It reflects the inextricable bond between Rolex and exploring the world.


The bracelet of the watch is also made of 904L stainless steel, which is very resistant to corrosion. The buckle is a folding buckle, and the buckle also has a fine adjustment device, which can fit the wrist well.


The watch’s unique middle case is cast from 904L stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance. The triangular bottom cover is screwed tightly by Rolex watchmakers’ exclusive tools to completely seal the case and ensure 100 meters of water resistance.


The watch can also be used to display dual time zone time. Traditional hands display the local time, while the 24-hour hands on the graduated scale can indicate the time in the second time zone. An ingenious mechanism controlled by the winding crown makes it easy to adjust the local time using the independent hour hand. During the adjustment process, the minute, second and second time zone time displays are not affected.


The watch is equipped with an Oyster strap and Rolex’s patented oyster safety clasp, which prevents the strap from opening in an accidental situation; it also comes with a cleverly designed Rolex patented EASYLINK easy-adjustable chain link, which can quickly adjust about 5 mm Length, which makes wearing more comfortable in all situations.


The watch is equipped with a cal.3187 self-winding movement. The movement has obtained the official Swiss timepiece certification. This certification is specially awarded to precision watches that successfully passed the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC) test. This movement, like all Oyster movements, has unparalleled reliability. , Equipped with a stable balance wheel, its inertial oscillation period is precisely adjusted by gold MICROSTELLA fine adjustment screws. The balance swing assembly is installed in the PARAFLEX cushioning device and is firmly supported by a parallel plate bridge with adjustable height.


Summary: This is a watch specially designed for explorers. When adventure becomes an instinctive pursuit of life, the Oyster Perpetual Explorer II becomes an inevitable choice. At present, the watch is priced at 64,200 yuan in the Rolex Store in Beijing Guanya Watch City. Interested friends can go for more details. (Photo / Wen Watch House Chen Zhongyun)

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