Month: December 2018

Glasutti Original Special Exhibition Hangzhou Station Is Coming Soon—behind Time Watchmaker Joins Hands With The Legendary Artisan To Interpret The Mystery Of The Original With You 360 Degrees.

From September 9th to 18th, 2016, German high-end watchmaking brand Glashütte Original will grandly launch the ‘Glashuti Original Core-360-degree full-angle special exhibition’ in Hangzhou. At the exhibition site, the ‘Wonder Wall’ constructed by various self-produced movement parts will unreservedly show the originality of Glashütte’s original and imprinted craftsmanship. The watchmaker has long been known as the soul behind a delicate watch. The precise movement and various complex functions of the watch come from his own hands. In addition, there is another legendary craftsman who is equally important to the watchmaking industry. The aesthetics of the craftsmanship of a watch are all presented by him. In this exhibition, the original watchmaker from Germany will come to the scene to interpret the mystery of mechanical time, and the brand will specially invite the legendary craftsman-the mysterious watchmaker, to present the original watchmaking technology from Germany without any reservation. .

360-degree experience

    Glashütte Original presents the three themes of ‘persistence to inheritance’, ‘excellence of craftsmanship’ and ‘core of originality’. It has a unique round open space design. Detailed to the dial precision manufacturing tools, precious as antique watches in the 1970s, from ancient times to the present, from the inside to the outside, including the brand from the classic series to the new Basel, leading you 360-degree experience of the original German superb watchmaking Skills, a glimpse of Glashütte’s century-old heritage and accumulation.

    Since 1845, Glashütte, as a symbol of German high-end watchmaking, has become synonymous with excellent watchmaking craftsmanship, German precision pursuit and superb design. Here, the core values ​​of traditional watchmaking and master craftsmanship have been passed down from generation to generation. Inheriting a 171-year-old culture of excellence, Glashütte inherits the essence of watchmaking traditions and integrates the most advanced materials and watchmaking techniques to create masterpieces of timepieces. As a sister city of Dresden, where Glashütte Original is located, Hangzhou is also a city of vitality and innovation. Glashütte Original shows the brand’s traditional craftsmanship in this special exhibition with an original heart of more than 171 Perseverance in craftsmanship and the original spirit of continuous breakthrough; with the classic timepieces that span time, a comprehensive analysis of the past, present and future of German traditional watchmaking.
For more stories about Glashütte’s original watchmaking skills, welcome to come and experience it.

Glashütte Original Core
360-degree full-view special exhibition
Hangzhou Railway Station
September 9-18, 2016
Atrium, Level 1, Block D, Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center


Smart Peacock With Screen Open On The Wrist Tasting Bulgari Divas’dream Series Watch

Women buy watches, in addition to the quality of the watch itself, the appearance must be stunning enough. As a professional watchmaking brand, Bvlgari has always been at the forefront of fashion. Divas’Dream, one of Bvlgari’s four major watch collections, is very good at capturing the elegance of contemporary women. This year, inspired by the gorgeous peacock pattern, this series has created a new Divas’Dream Peacock watch, which once again proves Bulgari’s superb craftsmanship and artistic essence in the creation of jewelry watches.

   Overall watch real shot:

   Watch details real shot:

   This watch is made of 18K rose gold and has a diameter of 37 mm, which is suitable for most female friends.
   One of the highlights of the watch is naturally the feather pattern set on the dial. They are all taken from natural peacock feathers. The craftsmen of Bulgari will collect the fallen feathers and select them strictly at the time of peacock moulting every year. In order to ensure the color saturation and thickness of the feathers, the craftsmen carefully cut, clean and fix the feathers after screening. The feathers were then pasted onto the dial using a paving technique. Therefore, the pattern of each watch is different.

   The new watch continues the classic fan shape of the Divas’Dream series lugs and is set with round brilliant-cut diamonds. Paired with peacock’s bright feather pattern, let the watch bloom.

Bezel set with dazzling round brilliant-cut diamonds

   The crown of the watch is also made of 18K rose gold, and a convex egg-faced red tourmaline is inlaid above the crown. Crystal clear and very tempting.

   The back of the case is designed to be transparent, and the wearer can appreciate the dynamic charm of the movement through sapphire crystal glass. The watch is equipped with a Bulgari-made BVL 191 caliber self-winding mechanical movement with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of 42 hours.

   The watch has a taupe alligator leather strap with an 18K rose gold pin buckle. Both exquisitely gorgeous and elegantly restrained.

   As early as the Middle Ages, peacocks were considered to represent immortal life; in China, peacocks also have the meanings of good luck, old-fashioned aging, and promising future. Bvlgari’s integration of peacock feathers into the design of the watch is not only a challenge to innovative materials, but also a constant pursuit of ultimate creation. Who would not love such a smart and elegant goddess watch? Public price: 215,000 RMB, interested friends go to the Bulgari boutique to try it on.