[October 20, 2012, Wuhan] Tissot, a famous Swiss watchmaking brand, held a launch conference of Tissot-Rolok series observatory-certified watches at Wuhan New World Department Store. The theme of this press conference is ‘Inheritance of Time Classics · Branded Years’, and it is a gift to Jiangcheng that is handed down from time to time to write an extraordinary and exquisite and beautiful time round dance. On the day of the event, Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China and Mr. Wu Qilong, the special guest of Tissot, visited the event site and witnessed the legend of timelessness from the Kingdom of Swiss Watches and Clocks with many guests and media present. As one of Tissot’s most classic watches, the Leroco Series Observatory-certified watch is named after the birthplace of the Tissot brand, Swiss Lelok. This watch from the city of time continues the classic elegance of the Tissot-Rock series, with the least error in the art of timepieces, comprehends the accumulation of time, and embarks on a noble and elegant journey with the wearer. Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, and Mr. Wu Qilong, a special guest of Tissot, jointly unveil the certified watches of Tissot Le Locle series observatory
Jiangcheng makes its grand debut in October
    In the autumn of October, Tissot brought its latest masterpiece, the Tissot Rock Lock Observatory watch, into Jiangcheng. The beautiful light and shadow flowing from the autobiographical world works in harmony with the magnificent momentum flowing from the river like the deceased. Add a charm. Wuhan, named after the ‘Jade Flute in the Yellow Crane Tower, Jiangcheng May Plum Blossom’, has both the magnificent Yellow Crane Tower and the antique Luomei Xuan. And Tissot’s hometown-Swiss Lloyd has the same magic. Coincidentally, the watch released this time is under the name of Leroc. With its elegant and time-honored design and extreme precision timepiece art, it touches the marks of time and tastes classic legends.
    At the beginning of the event, the melodious and classic music brought guests and audience back to the European classical town of Lelock, boarded the watchtower of the sixteenth century, touched the classical imprint, and set off on a journey of time dialogue with history. The exquisite echo of time and space echoes with the murmur of the autumn wind in the river city, making this historic city more charming. 159 years ago, Tissot was born in the small Swiss town of Rock, and since then, abstract time has been recorded by figurative clocks in the name of Tissot. Stars move, time passes, and now there is such a watch, with its elegant appearance and retro design, telling its indissoluble bond with the city of time. It is modeled after the details of the large wall clock face on the top of the Lelok clock tower, all writing the story behind the watch, along with the town’s white walls and green grass, which breathes the serenity from a long time.
    After a twitch, Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, came to the stage to give a speech. Thank you for your continued trust and support for the Tissot brand. After that, the special guest Wu Qilong at the event appeared at the event site, and Jiangcheng fell for his arrival. The man who looks like a windy tree in front of him is the perilous tiger with a smile on his face, the handsome and illustrious Shiro, or the affectionate fourth man? ‘The Story of the New White Haired Witch’ was broadcasted as a play that has made a breakthrough attempt in the interpretation of the original book and the broadcast method. The play has attracted widespread attention in the film and television circle. As the producer and starring Wu Qilong, she made a great effort behind the scenes and made a wonderful appearance in front of the scene, adding a touch of shine to her acting career. When talking about the accumulation of years, Wu Qilong said that it is the dedication, persistence and accumulation of countless details that have made today’s gains. Time meticulously carved out Wu Qilong’s aura and nirvana today. Bao Jianfeng emerged from sharpening. The plum blossom fragrance came from bitter cold. Every experience in life cannot be skipped, and every inch of time cannot be copied. For more than a century, Tissot has also become more and more dazzling in the carving of time with its consistent elegance and classics. Time makes classics, classics make eternity, cherish every moment of exquisite time, and let years accumulate to witness our wonderful life.
Accurate timepiece, beautiful design
    Leloc is located on the border of Switzerland and France, close to the Jurassic Mountains, and is the birthplace of many Swiss watches. The beautiful architecture of the medieval style, as well as the white-walled green grass that feeds the tranquil atmosphere from the distant era, all tell the ancient and legend of this town. In 1853, the world famous Tissot watch was born here. In 2003, the Tissot Leglock series was born under the name of Leglock. On the 150th anniversary of Tissot, it paid tribute to the long-established tradition of Swiss watchmaking and the continuous innovation of modern top-notch watchmaking techniques. Explaining the brand concept of ‘innovation, originating from tradition’ to the extreme, Tissot Le Locle watch has always been one of Tissot’s most popular series, and it is also the representative of Swiss watch precision and classic.
    “In October 2011, the Tissot Leloc watch was 276 points ahead of the second place by 276 points. It won the 2011 International Official Astronomical Observatory Certified Watch Contest classic category, and once again refreshed the legend of Leloc. Applying the ultimate ‘core’ from the champion of the international timepiece competition, Tissot has launched the Leroc series of automatic mechanical astronomical watches. With elegant appearance, retro design, and extreme precision, it tells the city of time. The incomprehensible relationship is another interpretation of Tissot’s legend. The launch of the Tissot Le Locle series of observatory watches is exactly to reflect on Tissot’s century-old watchmaking tradition and pass on its charm from generation to generation. ‘Vice President of Tissot China President Yao Zhongwei said in his speech.
    Later, with Mr. Yao Zhongwei and Wu Qilong’s light-starting device, Tissot Rock’s series of observatory-certified watches appeared elegantly, and the nostalgic space created by the exquisite watch made the audience enthusiastically. Wu Qilong himself expressed the wrist The heartfelt love of the watch. Continuing the classic design style of the Tissot Locke series, the Tissot Locke series observatory-certified watches look like a delicate and exquisite art palace, guilloche-like decorative shading, and complex line vector patterns, showing the exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality; At six o’clock below the dial, the English name of the Lerock series is engraved with retro handwritten italics, adding a classic charm; the modern Arabic numerals and bar scales are easy to read, soft and rigid, and there is no lack of comfort And elegant and noble experience. On the back of the watch, the Tissot nameplate outlines the perfect Tissot outline, and there are medieval nostalgic carvings surrounding it. It is this beautiful design that makes this classic watch stand the test of time and last forever. It can withstand the confirmation and digging over and over again, and has accumulated wisdom in the years.
Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, presented Wu Qilong with a Tissot-Lorocco-certified watch
The crowd sang and blessed overflowing
    When Mr. Yao Zhongwei personally wore this Tissot Locke Observatory watch as ‘BMW as a hero’ for Wu Qilong himself, in addition to the gift of time, a thick blessing was permeating the audience. It turned out that after learning that Wu Qilong was about to celebrate his birthday at the end of the month, Tissot specially met with the Wu Qilong fan group to present him with a delicate cake as a birthday surprise. The audience cheered again and again, Wu Qilong was very excited, and expressed his gratitude to everyone, ‘Thank you General Yao, for working with Tissot many times, I can feel that I have a very special destiny with Tissot. Pursuing excellence and challenging myself. This is Tissot. Perseverance is also my conviction, which will surely become an unforgettable classic time in my life! ‘
    After the Chiron language was completed, nearly 10,000 audience members sang ‘Birthday Song’ in unison, and the bright voice floated over Wuhan, and the blessings warmed the cold winter. The reason why Wu Qilong can be quite accomplished in the fields of film, video, song, film and television production, and even fashion, has made his debut in Asia without young frivolity, has gone through the doldrums without slackness, and is now an influential power idol It is even more modest, and perhaps thanks to the fans.
Tissot’s special guest Mr. Wu Qilong, cut the birthday greetings from Tissot
Watch Paradise
    Wuhan New World Department Store is one of the most popular indoor shopping malls in Wuhan. The Tissot store in Wuhan New World Department Store uses the brand’s usual black, red and white as the main color, and uses more shiny and reflective decorative materials. The interior walls of the store have changed from deep black to bright white, and the overall style is simpler. fashion. The store’s façade design is simple and generous, highlighting the Tissot brand identity, creating a classic Tissot style. The store uses the latest design of the front display cabinet in Switzerland, delicately displaying all Tissot products. The timeless Tissot classic series as well as the sports series with both functions and fashion, the classic nostalgic series and the high-tech innovative touch screen series all show the 159-year glorious tradition and perfect quality of Tissot in silence. Several sets of display cases stand tall, and the various watches lying in the middle of it are like the quiet and bright stars in the Milky Way. All kinds of watches brewed a distinctive beauty and value under the soft and delicate light.
Tissot store in Wuhan New World Department Store