On July 1, 2014, the 2014 China-Switzerland Economic Forum, which aims to promote bilateral trade cooperation between China and Switzerland, and enhance the competitiveness and sustainable development of the two countries, was grandly opened in Beijing. For China and Switzerland, this will mean that the Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement, which is of inter-temporal significance, has officially entered into force. Hublot relies on the world’s remarkable achievements in the world of watchmaking and business. The top Swiss watch brands have released an exclusive ‘Classic Fusion Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement Limited Watch’, which witnesses the milestone symbolizing the milestone of Sino-Swiss economic and trade cooperation Historic moment.

   Switzerland is a global power of traditional high-end manufacturing, and Swiss fine watchmaking is the mainstay of ‘Swiss-made Switzerland.’ With the entry into force of the China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement and the further improvement of China’s manufacturing level and consumption power, the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries in the field of watch manufacturing will face unprecedented new opportunities, injecting vitality into the vigorous development of the watch industry.

   The China-Switzerland Economic Forum is hosted by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in China and the Swiss Embassy. Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot’s Board of Directors and President of LVMH Group’s Watch Division, was invited to attend the meeting. Mr. Shan, Mr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Ambassador of Switzerland to China, Mrs. Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch, Director of the Economic Affairs Department of the Swiss Federal Government, and business elites, academic celebrities and government dignitaries from all walks of life exchanged and discussed the two issues together. China’s economic cooperation on important issues such as quality, innovation, competitiveness and sustainable development.

   As the leader of the Swiss watch industry, Jean-Claude Biver shared and exchanged the successful experience of the Swiss watchmaking industry with Chinese and Swiss guests. ‘I am very honored to represent The Swiss watch industry participated in the Sino-Swiss Economic Forum and witnessed a new future for Sino-Swiss economic and trade cooperation. China is one of the most important markets for Hublot. I believe the formal entry into force of the China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement for us, This is a great opportunity. I believe Hublot will show stronger competitiveness in an open, equal, mutually beneficial and mature market environment. ‘

   Swiss Ambassador to China Dai Shangxian said: ‘The formal entry into force of the China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement will play a significant role in promoting bilateral trade between China and Switzerland. Switzerland is the cradle of the world-renowned watchmaking industry, with hundreds of The watchmaking craftsmanship and historical traditions that have been passed down until now are our cultural treasures. Important innovations in the field of precision machinery and production have promoted the core competitiveness and sustainable development of the industry. Today’s Swiss watchmaking industry is still in the ascendant and flourishing. The international market occupies a leading position. We are glad to see that Swiss watchmaking, which is a benchmark of the times, has won praises from consumers in China. I look forward to the extensive exchanges and cooperation between China and Switzerland in areas including the watch industry, and jointly create more Long-term economic development. ‘

   To witness and commemorate this unprecedented and important moment, Hublot specially launched the ‘Classic Fusion China-Swiss Free Trade Agreement Limited Watch’. Adhering to the 45mm diameter case of the classic fusion series, the satin-brushed dial and the chronograph dial are located at 3 and 9 o’clock, respectively. The Chinese and Swiss flags are clearly engraved with the words ‘Implementation of the Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement’ and ‘1.7.2014’ on the back and back, symbolizing this important historical moment.

   The strap is made of black natural rubber and black alligator leather, stitched with woolen threads that represent Chinese red. The ‘Classic Fusion China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement Limited Watch’ launched a limited edition of 20 King Gold models (a rare gold with 5% platinum) and a limited edition of 30 titanium models.
   As an important part of corporate social responsibility, Hublot will spare no effort to support the promotion and praise of the Swiss tradition. With the spirit of innovation and breakthrough, we will open up a broad market and an unlimited future for the development of high-end watchmaking!