In addition to Longines’ main partner, it is also the Longines FEI Nations Cup ™ Jumping Final held today at the Royal Polo Club of Barcelona. ) Title partner and official timekeeper. To this end, Swiss watch brand Longines has the honor to time the victory of the Dutch team. The Dutch team includes Jur Vrieling who rides “VDL Glasgow v. Merelsnest”, Michel Hendrix who rides “Baileys”, Marc Houtzager who rides “Sterrehof’s Calimero” and Harrie Smolders who ride “Don VHP”. In recognition of their victory, Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines, presented elegant Longines watches to the championship team members. The compact and exciting finals have ended months of active preparations and exciting competitions across Europe, the United States, Mexico, Canada and the UAE.

   On September 29th (Friday), Longines also sponsored another highlight event of this event-‘Longines FEI Nations Cup Jumping-Challenge Cup’ The result was won by the United Arab Emirates, followed by Ireland and Brazil. In addition, Longines is eagerly looking forward to the ‘Longines Cup of the City of Barcelona’ to be held tomorrow. With this event, the four-day intense competition will be successfully concluded.

   Longines also chooses to hold the European launch of its latest Concas V.H.P. watch during this distinguished equestrian obstacle course. V.H.P. (Very High Precision) presents a new breakthrough in quartz technology-extremely precise, using advanced technology, full of dynamic appearance, and at the same time elegant design unique to the brand. The unique movement is equipped with a high precision for the analog watch (the error is only ± 5 seconds per year), and can be reset by the GPD (gear position detection) system after impact or magnetic field interference. The VHP watch has been positioned as a model of extreme precision.
   Earlier today, Longines and FIFA announced the creation of two new awards-‘Longines FEI World’s Best Jumping Rider’ and ‘Longines FEI World’s Best Jumping Rider’ Longines FEI World’s Best Jumping Horse. The prize is awarded to the best rider and horse of the year in the equestrian obstacle course according to the Longines rankings. In addition, under the agreement between Swiss watch brand Longines and FIFA, Longines is the title partner of the three leagues (Western Europe, North America and China) and the ‘Longines FIFA World Cup Obstacle Finals’.