Month: April 2017

Grand Seiko (Crown Blue Lion) Gs9 Club China Club Was Established

On the afternoon of October 20, Grand Seiko Blue Lions held the grand opening ceremony of ‘Grand Seiko Blue Lions GS9 CLUB China Club’ in Beijing Wangfujing. Mr. Kawata Fangke, Executive Officer and Executive Officer of Seiko Co., Ltd., Mr. Yoshimura, Chairman of Seiko China, Ms. Zhang Ling, Vice President of Shanghai Xinyu Watch Group Co., Ltd. Attend the event and light up the GS9 CLUB together.

 Grand Seiko has always adhered to the unique style of clear elegance, aiming at ‘the best practical watch in the world’ and pursuing the highest level of basic functions such as high precision, legibility and durability. . The pursuit of ‘ideal’ watch goals has also allowed Grand Seiko’s Blue Lion team to pursue excellence and continue to innovate.

 This event is the first time that GS9 CLUB has landed in China since its establishment in 2015. In the future, GS9 Club will also become a gathering place for domestic Grand Seiko blue lion enthusiasts. The event invited Japanese national treasure technician Koto Fujie and Chen Fei, the only senior technician in China who passed the GS repair certification, to come to the scene to assemble and explain the movement and escapement. The members who were present were more fortunate to experience the process of assembling the escapement mechanism by the technicians. In addition, Jerry King, a senior collector of GRAND SEIKO and blue lion, brought six GS antique watches from the collection to the scene, and talked about the history of the watch with fans on the scene, and talked about the collection and talked about life.

 It is reported that in April 2019, a member point system will be introduced in China. Every consumer who buys a watch will become a brand member and enjoy the benefits of point redemption, including private customized overseas travel, fine dining restaurant experience, and personal health. High-quality services such as medical examinations.

    Since Grand Seiko cooperated with Xinyu Watch Group, it has continuously presented more advanced watchmaking technology to consumers. Xinyu Watch Group, with its professionalism and pioneering spirit, has a unique vision and rich experience to collect watch quality from the world for watch lovers and experience a unique watch appreciation process. Mr. Yoshimura, Chairman of Seiko China, said: ‘We promise that in the future, Chinese consumers will be able to buy more Japanese GS watch models. The price is also maintained at the same price in China and Japan, providing Chinese consumers with more convenient Purchase method (omni-channel). In addition, only consumers who previously lived in Japan can become members of GS9 CLUB. Now consumers who buy our watches in China can also become members of GS9 CLUB and enjoy the same as Japanese members High-quality service. I believe that in Xinyu Sanbao, Grand Seiko’s blue lion tablemates can get the best experience and service. ‘

 In the future, Grand Seiko will continue to cooperate with Xinyu Watch Group to achieve a win-win situation for both parties and consumers. Through the Xinyu Watch Group, the brand story of Grand Seiko and the unparalleled craftsmanship were presented to Chinese consumers, which promoted the development of the Chinese watch industry.


Longines Janet’s Vitality Appears Grateful Mother

Long-prepared Longines Taipei 101 flagship store is built with the same consistent global elegant style. It is specially chosen to hold the Soft Opening opening event on the occasion of Mother’s Day. It is expected to provide consumers with better services. Quality and more comfortable shopping space. Longines specially selects two round and chic watches from the Longines Giants series. It is made of rose gold and stainless steel. It is equipped with a mother-of-pearl dial embellished with 12 brilliant diamond hour markers. Its watch lines are like the mother’s meticulous care and Caring. Longines specially prepares two different sizes of the same watch, which are suitable for the mother’s gentle wrists all over the world, demonstrating the diverse face of the mother.

 On the day of the event, Longines specially invited Janet, who was loved by the image of Sunshine, to show the elegant models of Longines. On the day, she appeared in a sports dress with Longines sunglasses and smiled. She said, ‘I grew up abroad, I used to wear sunglasses to go out to resist the sun, especially the eyes of most elders could not withstand the strong ultraviolet rays, and needed special care and protection. This year, Longines launched the purchase of designated Mother’s Day watches. It’s practical and considerate to give elegant women’s sunglasses. ”I never expected that the Longines watch was a surprise to prepare Janet’s mother’s day special watch for the mother, so that Janet’s mother was overjoyed and had an unforgettable mother’s day.

 On the same day, Janet also had a heavy responsibility. He co-presented the prize with the Vice President of Longines in Taiwan to the winner of the Tomorrow Star trial. This year’s trial was completed in Taichung Boom Tennis Academy in mid-April. Taiwan-British mixed-race Gülen. Joanna overwhelmed the females, with a perfect record of winning all five games, she will travel to France on behalf of Taiwan to compete with other players in the world. Janet will especially show young French players at the event, and young players will teach Janet tennis swing. warm. The young player also hopes to set foot on the dream of the French Open Roland Heights Tennis Hall and go all out to leave the best memories and marks for his life, and hope to use it as the best Mother’s Day gift for his mother.

 Erica, deputy general manager of Longines Taiwan, said: ‘Every Longines watch is a treasure box of time passing on time. In this treasure box of time is loaded with moving emotions and beautiful memories, so each Longines watch can be guaranteed forever Long-lasting. In the training of tennis talents, Longines also adheres to the concept of inheriting experience and time, from world tennis stars Agassi and Graff, Taiwanese tennis expert Yang Zonghua, to the sixth consecutive year of Taiwan’s tennis youth champion. On behalf of Glan Joanna, it represents the best testimony of Longines’ time and love. ‘

 Janet’s mother was moved to accept the Longines giant series rose gold two-tone women’s watch as the best Mother’s Day gift.

 Young player Gülen. Joanna teaches Janet to swing, and she has a full frame.

 Janet arrives at the newly opened Longines Taipei 101 flagship store in a sporty style

 Recommended models for Longines Mother’s Day, starting at NTD $ 85,100. From now until the end of May, you can purchase a ‘Longines Original Women’s Sunglasses’ at the Longines watch authorized dealers in the province to purchase a model of the giant series.