Month: March 2017

Luxury Big White Feast Paris Grand Mercure Pure Color Fashion

White always gives people a sense of holiness and nobility. The matching of large areas of white can enhance the gas field invisibly. Therefore, white is also the favorite color of big-name designers. If you are not confident enough about your temperament, you can’t go wrong by choosing white. Introduce some big-name white classics and feel a gorgeous white feast.
 Noble gorgeous white handbag
    Crocodile leather bags are very expensive, and they are even more precious when processed into white. Chanel’s classic handbag marks the most luxurious combination in fashion: white crocodile leather and diamonds. The white gold double C buckle on the handbag is set with 334 diamonds for a total of 3.56 carats. The white gold bracelet is decorated with crocodile leather. It is not only a gorgeous handbag, but also a precious jewellery.
 Solid color elegant jewellery
      Ms. COCO CHANEL once said: Pearl is a woman’s best friend. Ms. COCO loves pearl accessories, and she never wears a pearl necklace to go out. Chanel pearl bracelets walk between formal elegance and casual romance. The pure white of pearls appears more gentle and elegant in summer. The design of the bracelet brings the lively and playfulness of a little girl, making you the most shining princess.
    The beauty of the Louis Vuitton Tambour Bijou Secret jewellery watch is that its dial is hidden under a rotatable dial cover, which makes the watch a jewellery. Blinking white diamonds outline the circular petal Monogram flowers in the center of the dial cover. Turn the dial cover gently, and the dial-shaped petals Monogram flowers flickering in front of the sky, so smart, soft and precious. A white gold case with a mother-of-pearl dial decorated with a pavé-set diamond strap (diamonds weighing approximately 10 carats). In addition to pearls, the unique lustrous texture of Fritillaria has also been favored by designers. As a pure color species in the ocean, Fritillaria represents pure love, and represents preciousness and love. Fritillaria’s unique Ambilight and precious metals of any material complement each other, and the pure wave of light flows with an admirable sense of nobility.
     Grand Mercure Paris Ocean Jewelry, pure white mother-of-pearl with exquisite diamonds, hand-made, combining design, craftsmanship and aesthetics of jewelry appreciation, from creation, casting, gem selection and setting, to grinding, polishing, and grinding Light craftsmanship, every detail is hand-made by skilled craftsmen, the details are handled seamlessly, showing extraordinary low-key luxury, originality.
 Extraordinary pure white accessories
    Speaking of white accessories, Chanel’s J12 watch is considered to be the premier white masterpiece. The latest Chanel J12 watch launched a new fine jewelry watch with a bezel set with 46 baguette-cut diamonds, with a total diamond weight of 4.5 carats, the pinnacle of a complex watch. The watch frame and bracelet are made of white high-tech precision ceramics and 18K white gold. Inside is the manual-winding movement ‘Chanel 05-T.1’ with a power reserve of 100 hours. It perfectly combines the tradition of watch technology with high technology. Limited to 12 worldwide.
    Hermes uses white to make the sport also contains a strong elegance. Hermes is based on the theme of tennis, and the entire conference site has been arranged into a grassy arena. During the costume show, two models have been practicing tennis extensions in front of the runway. With the sound of the hitting sound in the background music, the atmosphere of the entire show is very careful. Designer Jean Paul Gaultier uses tennis and large whites as inspiration to design the spring and summer women’s clothing series, which brings us a very elegant and classic new feeling. The most amazing thing is that the designer actually shaped a model of sportswear. Out of the noble sense of the Greek goddess, the cotton pleated long skirt transformed from a tennis skirt is soft and elegant, which is very eye-catching.
     Giuseppe Zanodi is like Dolce & Gabbana in the world of women’s shoes. Using imitation gemstones to transform snakes and dragon totems into sexy symbols, conveying wild and powerful Italian sexy is a strength, and the heels are amazingly high. . The combination of hemp rope and white pearls set off a retro fashion for high heels.


Galapagos Islands Special Edition

The Galapagos Islands, more than 1,000 kilometers west of Ecuador, is a mecca for biology. The flora and fauna there have evolved naturally and have never been affected by the mainland. It is an ideal ecology for scientists. Research place. In 1978, UNESCO listed it as a World Natural Heritage, and in 2007 declared the Galapagos Islands an endangered natural heritage. The IWC Ocean series, which has always paid attention to environmental protection, has launched a special section of the Ocean series inspired by the ocean. Part of the sales revenue is used to support the protection of the island’s ecological environment and the research work of the Darwin Foundation. The watch’s all-steel case is coated with a special black vulcanized rubber, and the bottom of the watch is engraved with a sea turtle relief, equipped with a quick-change strap system and a chronograph function.