Month: January 2017

Innovative Interpretation Of Classic Reproduction: Cartier 2017 New Tank Watch Series

After decades of changes in the family of Tank watches, dozens of unique members have been born. This year, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of TANK, Cartier has launched a number of new works in line with the new world style, all of which have extraordinary looks, and are expected to be as popular as other classic series in the past. Look at our in-depth reports below, which will definitely make you look forward to this 100-year-old classic’s future evolution.

   Cartier TANK series launched three new series of classics this year to highlight modern style, including: TANK Louis Cartier series designed with vertical lugs, rounded corners, TANK Américaine American tank series with a more rectangular shape and elegant temperament, Perfectly symmetrical TANK Française French tank. In addition, at the same time, the central tank that reproduced the wonderful works of 1921 is also introduced. It pays the highest respect to the classics and combines the fine watchmaking technology to create the new TANK Cintrée central hollow watch. The entire series of works will be officially listed in September.

New TANK Américaine American Tank Watch
   The TANK Américaine watch was designed in 1987 and officially launched in 1989. Its curved case continues the idea of ​​the TANK Cintrée central tank watch: the rectangular shape is more straightforward, and the vertical lugs are more rounded. The extended lines and slightly curved shape make this watch distinctive and classic. The work is a tribute to Cartier’s original TANK watch to General Pershing.

TANK Américaine stainless steel watch Quartz movement.
   TANK Américaine watches bring out the geometric aesthetics to the fullest, sharp and feminine, straight and curved, rounded and corners subtly blended, it is also Cartier’s first waterproof case curved watch. This wide-format watch also features a new folding clasp that allows the bracelet to adjust its length to the wrist, replacing Cartier’s buckle design that has been in use since 1910. The new TANK Américaine watch reflects the spirit of the original TANK watch in a simple, contemporary style. The simple lines become the focus of the wrist, and the timeless classic steel is like a precious material, which reflects a truly modern style.

The curved case of the new TANK Française French watch is integrated with the bracelet, and the lines, shapes and materials are harmonious.
New TANK Française French Watch
   Born in 1996, the TANK Française watch improves the iconic design of this classic masterpiece (vertical lugs, Roman numeral hour dial, minute track, sword-shaped hands, convex round sapphire winding crown), with a link bracelet . The curved case is integrated with the bracelet, and the lines, shapes and materials are harmonious. Its geometric design becomes softer and more eye-catching: the vertical lugs are beveled, and the bracelet links are concavely curved. The finishing details of the watchmaking process highlight the overall lines. Today, this practical and unique watch combines freedom of creativity with a combination of stainless steel and brilliant diamonds.

TANK Française stainless steel watch Stainless steel case set with round brilliant-cut diamonds.
New TANK Louis Cartier Watch
   The TANK Louis Cartier watch came out in 1922, symbolizing the true TANK spirit. The iconic design of the vertical lugs, rounded corners, and integrated lugs and case is still classic and timeless. The eye-catching styling and unique style blend harmoniously, showing the pure and timeless charm of the watch. Two new models are equipped with 8971 MC manual-winding mechanical movements: the elegant elegance of rose gold is as elegant as the graphics; the ladies’ models are made of rose gold or white gold and the ears are set with brilliant diamonds.

TANK Louis Cartier watch in white gold and diamonds Rhodium-plated white gold, set with round brilliant-cut diamonds, hand-wound mechanical movement 8971 MC, small reference price is about NTD 550,000.

TANK Louis Cartier watch in rose gold large rose gold, 8971 MC manual winding mechanical movement.
Fine Watchmaking
New TANK Cintrée Central Skeleton Watch
   Between square and rectangular, Cartier chose the latter as the shape of the earliest TANK watches: the curved case of the TANK Cintrée watch fits the wrist perfectly. This bold exploration of functions and styles laid the foundation for Cartier’s introduction of the TANK Américaine in the 1980s.

TANK Cintrée skeleton watch in rose gold Rose gold case, 9917 MC manual winding mechanical movement, limited to 100 pieces.
   The extended lines of the vertical lugs are clear and powerful, forming a framework for the overall shape. Two models in rose gold or platinum are equipped with a skeleton movement designed for curved cases. The transparent and minimalist design reveals only classic elements: hands and minute track, and stacked gears that match the curved shape of the TANK Cintrée watch. The memorable aesthetic style and unique and extraordinary movement are combined to achieve this masterpiece of watchmaking art.

TANK Cintrée skeleton platinum watch, platinum case, 9917 MC manual winding mechanical movement, limited to 100 pieces.


Taste Panerai’s New Pam00507 Luminor 3-day Moving Storage Bronze Diving Watch

In 2013, Panerai started a material war for us. This time we bring to you the memories from the sea and the past brought to us by Panerai. In their hearts, bronze always reminds them of the ocean. Classic sailing boats are full of objects made of this material. The passage of time and the effect of the environment will cause the surface of the bronze to form green rust, which also makes each piece of bronze unique. Two years ago, Panerai launched the first watch with a bronze case, which was well received internationally. Now, Panerai is proud to present the luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Power Reserve Automatic Bronzo. This new limited edition is made of the same material. It also shows a long-lasting charm and a distinctive nautical style . Official model: PAM00507

   In fact, this is not the first Bronze watch of Panerai. With the fans’ enthusiasm for the first launch, Panerai will definitely continue this fiery chase. I believe it is because of this. Only then will this watch be born today.

   In terms of functions, it is still a familiar layout of the disk. The clear date display window and power reserve are very common functional designs of Panerai. The small second hand is also familiar to us, but this is how the conventional design application creates it. A watch of great concern.

Appearance articles:
   The bronze used to make the Luminau 1 950 watch case is CuSn8, which is an alloy of pure copper and pure tin, and has a very high resistance to the corrosion caused by seawater and environmental conditions. In addition to having extremely high structural toughness, this material can always maintain its original warm tone, and at the same time, the surface will be covered with a layer of green rust as time passes, making its appearance more rustic.
   Bronze reacts with external factors (air, moisture, heat and daily wear) to form green rust on the surface; this does not change the properties of this material. These traces of time make each watch more unique and forgiving. Full of personality. The case size is 47 mm in diameter like the classic Panerai watch, and the classic one is the crown bridge with a locking device to seal the winding crown.
   The dark green dial features hour markers, a bronze studded bezel surrounds it, and scales are provided to measure dive time. The bezels are connected by a special system designed and patented by Panerai, which precisely ensures that the ratchet moves only one space at a time.
   The bottom of the case is a matte titanium with sapphire crystal glass, a leather strap engraved with the panelai logo, and a trapezoidal matte titanium buckle. Includes a spare strap and a stainless steel screwdriver. The overall look is retro.


   The most striking feature on the dial is the important new feature unique to this model. The three-day power reserve curved indicator at 4 o’clock allows the wearer to clearly understand the power of the movement. In addition to this very useful feature, the watch is also equipped with a date display at the three o’clock position.
   Nine o’clock is a small seconds dial. This watch is equipped with a zero reset device (very useful when synchronizing with the reference time signal) and a system for quickly adjusting the time (the hour hand can jump forward or backward by one hour each time Way to adjust without affecting the operation of the watch).
Movement articles:

   The sapphire crystal case back is fixed to the case by a titanium ring. The reason for choosing titanium is that it is extremely irritating to the skin. Through the bottom cover, you can admire the Panerai P.9002 self-winding movement, which was independently developed and manufactured by Panerai’s watch factory in Neuchâtel. The P.9002 movement contains 237 components, and the rotor can be wound in both directions, while the two barrels connected can accumulate a power reserve of up to three days. The variable inertia balance wheel vibrates at a frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Four speed adjusting screws are distributed radially in the balance wheel.

Summary: Regardless of the choice of materials or the configuration of the movement, the price of this Panerai watch will exceed yours. The 100,000 mark is definitely easy to pass, and it is expected that it may break through the price level of twenty. Of course, if you start with a PP for the price from a pure purchase, it may also be a very good choice, so I am afraid that only the enthusiastic ‘Pei Fans’ will spend the blood to pay for the brand.

More watch details: panerai / 27960 /


Chopin Creates Unique Tourbillon Watch For Only Watch Charity Auction

The Only Watch L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon created by Chopard is a unique timepiece designed by its brand for the Only Watch 2011 charity auction. It has a distinctive personality and indisputable strength, reflecting the brand’s innovative determination to break the traditional watch design.
The LUC Engine One Tourbillon watch (Ref. 168526-3004) is equipped with the patented LUC Calibre 1TRM manually wound tourbillon movement, just like a car engine, mounted on a quiet block that can absorb vibrations, supported by three lever arms, as if suspended In the middle of the case. The design, development and production of this movement are done in the Chopard watchmaking factory, with a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour and a power reserve of up to 60 hours. This tourbillon movement includes hours, minutes, seconds, and power reserve display. It has also been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (C.O.S.C), which proves that it has the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.
In order to comply with the traditional practice of automobile manufacturing, this miniature ‘engine set’ is also branded with the brand’s logo; a bow-shaped component at 12 o’clock is directly fixed on the front of the movement to display the power reserve; The corresponding 6 o’clock tourbillon splint, Chopard has adopted a new design that has never been used before.
The L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon Only Watch is a mechanical masterpiece. Its excellence lies not only in the manufacture of high-end movements, but also in its exquisite appearance that others cannot imitate. Titanium case covered with diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating is waterproof to 50 meters, alternately polished and frosted; the slightly curved lugs are fixed to the case with screws to enhance the overall dynamic effect. The side of the case is engraved with ‘Only Watch 2011’.
The dial is also inspired by the automotive world, with a transparent design. The unique Arabic numerals and hour markers of the L.U.C series are smudged yellow and anti-engraved in the anti-glare sapphire crystal glass. The four raised ‘bones’ on the hand-stitched black alligator leather strap are reminiscent of the seat texture of a classic racing car, thus perfecting the design of this watch.