Month: December 2016

Cartier’s Self-produced Movement Series Floating Tourbillon

18K rose gold case, 45 mm diameter, brown alligator strap with rose gold folding buckle. Equipped with Cartier’s first 9452 MC floating tourbillon movement that has been awarded the Geneva Seal of Quality. The design of the case, dial and tourbillon frame is impressive, with excellent viewing and recognition. The price is 855,000 yuan. In all fairness, although this subject matter and this price are unlimited, they are still very attractive in tourbillon watches.
Gold watch is also considered as gold decoration, but in the watch’s value system, it is mainly based on technical content and technological content. Jewellery is based on raw materials, and the proportion of material prices is high. Therefore, in this round of rising gold prices, all gold jewelry on the market has been adjusted in price, while the price of gold watches has remained stable. But not increasing the price does not mean that the material is meaningless for the collection and preservation of the watch. Friends who are concerned about watch auctions should all have a deep understanding. Basically, it is gold watches that can mark high prices on the auction floor.
For example, Christie’s held ‘Luxury Watches and Millennium Collections’ in June this year. The top 10 transaction prices were 4 platinum watches, 2 red gold watches, and 2 gold watches (one of which was Earl Jewellery. Table), 1 platinum watch. The top three are platinum watches, which are Patek Philippe 5002P, Patek Philippe 3939HP and Jaeger-LeCoultre GyroTOURBILLON 1 flip tourbillon perpetual calendar. And the only one without gold is the Royal Oak Tourbillon concept watch made of titanium, carbon fiber and high-tech ceramics launched by Audemars Piguet in 2008, which has also reached the ultimate in material quality.
So, although you ca n’t expect to buy a gold watch to make money, at least it is more value-preserving than a steel watch, and it makes people feel more solid. In particular, gold watches with complex functions and limited editions can be transferred after they are bored, so as not to lose too much. The steel watch, with the exception of a few Patek Philippe and Rolex, basically does not have any value preservation.


Details Of The Ceramic Watch Chanelj12 Gentle And Strong

CHANEL J12 Chromatic
名 Fashion ladies must recognize the white Chanel J12, which is the classic model of J12 nicknamed ‘Milk Watch’. The soft high-precision ceramics has undergone a special process to make its texture and color as warm and charming as milk. In fact, the J12 classic also has a black, the same technology, and quite beautiful. Just like Chanel’s fashion, black and white is moving. In 2011, the J12 family added another new series Chromatic. The flagship model is exactly the same as the classic ‘milk watch’, but the color is neutral silver gray. It uses a new high-tech ceramic mixed titanium, which retains high density The high abrasion resistance and bright surface characteristics of top ceramics increase the lightness and strength of titanium, which is second only to sapphire. At the same time, Chanel’s Swiss watchmakers were inspired by the technology of polishing sapphire with diamond powder, and developed a unique polishing technology that can make J12Chromatic’s titanium ceramics have different reflection effects in different light environments. The light and neutral colors subvert the gender watershed of men’s and women’s watches.