On September 20, 2012, the Par Coeur Charity Dinner was held in the scenic Collonges Abbey, beside Lyon, France. Tissot is proud to be the official designated sponsor of this high-profile charity dinner. The dinner was hosted by Tissot image ambassador Tony Parker, captain of the French national basketball team. He is also one of the founders of the Par Coeur Association. The Par Coeur Association is committed to helping poor children and their families around the world improve their lives.

Tony Parker

The annual Par Coeur Charity Dinner hosts donations to various charities funded by Tony Parker. This year, the Par Coeur Association is responsible for raising funds for the American Wishing Foundation, and Tony Parker is also the image ambassador for the foundation. The foundation provides an opportunity for children whose lives are at risk from a medical accident to fulfill their wishes.
In order to pay tribute to this caring and great basketball player, Tissot has specially launched a commemorative watch, named after the basketball player-Rush 330 Series 2012 Tony Parker Limited Edition Watch. The watch draws inspiration from this great athlete. Its crown and chronograph buttons are decorated with stripes. Through these details, the dynamic side of the watch is displayed, which is in line with the dynamic professional image of professional athletes. And, just like the slam dunk of basketball player Changhong, this watch has the dominance of one side and can stand out from the crowd. This limited edition watch particularly emphasizes the 9 o’clock scale, which represents Tony Parker’s jersey number ‘9’. In addition, the main color of the watch is also orange, which is the color of basketball, symbolizing the wild and fiery passion of this sport.

Lichi 330 Series Limited Edition

That night, the Par Coeur Charity Dinner definitely had too many highlights. Tony Parker as the host, the launch of his exclusive limited edition Tissot watch, and many celebrities … all these links have made this charity dinner a huge success and let all participants have a wonderful Night.