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Open A New Chapter Of Huamei 2016 Sihh Cartier New Product Summary

During the 2016 SIHH Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon, Cartier can be described as ‘massive’. According to official information, it showed more than 100 timepieces at the exhibition, fully showing Cartier’s rich product line and excellent Watchmaking skills.
 Judging from the new products released this time, Cartier will push the new focus on the mysterious series, hollow design and cheetah aesthetics. The editors below will summarize the new watches that Cartier debuted during the Haute Horlogerie exhibition. Belongs to its unique charm.
Cartier enamel beads craft cheetah decoration watch

 This watch was inspired by the master of enamel craftsmanship from metal bead craftsmanship, fully embodying Cartier’s ultra-high skill of engraving, polishing, enamel, jewelry, gem setting and watchmaking. The dial uses a metal bead process. This process is extremely complicated. The master of the watch first cuts the enamel into small pieces or crushed into powder, then stretches it into filaments, and then cuts it into small segments. After heating by the welding gun, the filament segments will melt Into beads, and the size of the beads depends on the diameter of the enamel filaments. Secondly, the craftsman put enamel beads into the chassis according to the color and shape of the artwork. The difficulty of this process is that different colors of enamel have different melting temperatures, and it takes more than thirty firings to achieve the ideal effect of firm beads and exquisite enamel.
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 This Cheetah and Hummingbird watch showcases Cartier’s unparalleled design inspiration. The dial decoration is simple and elegant. The black background is dotted with brilliant diamonds. The soft weeds are waving in the wind. A cheetah is resting peacefully in the company of a hummingbird. The cheetah’s silhouette is three-dimensional and vivid. The scenery is really fascinating. If you gently press the winding crown, a little leopard will jump out of the mother’s arms, start the hummingbird to spread its wings, and make a watch’s power reserve display.
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 This new watch with high jewelry craftsmanship is delicate and beautiful, showing the balance between translucent beauty and Cartier’s signature complication. Like real three-dimensional jewelry sculptures, cheetahs are embellished with diamonds and black lacquer spots, elegantly embracing the edges of the dial. Leopard heads, claws, and emerald leopard eyes, every detail is ingenious and lifelike. In contrast, it is the suspended hands on the transparent dial. The 9981 MC movement on the watch is subtly hidden.
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 The watch’s dark blue lacquered dial is embellished with gold powder, which is full of poetic and artistic feelings. At the same time, it also presents two major watchmaking complications of Cartier, namely the retrograde moon phase indicator and day and night display. From dawn to twilight, the sun and moon alternate from left to right above the dial. Beneath the dial, a retrograde hand elegantly shows the moon’s gloomy sky, and the moon phase pattern is paved with diamonds and sapphires.
For more details please click: de Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ Tourbillon Dual Time Zone Moon Phase Watch

 This watch is named after the dial that represents the earth and the moon. The dial is crafted from polished meteorites, cleverly echoing the theme of astronomy. Cartier originally launched this timepiece in 2014 in a platinum lapis lazuli Rotonde de Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ tourbillon dual time zone moon phase watch boldly using a unique display method: on the one hand, the ‘Earth’ dial shows local time, and The 24-hour dial displays the second time zone; on the other hand, the interaction between the ‘Moon’ dial and the tourbillon provides the moon phase display function, which independently presents the complex functions carried by the watch.
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 For more than 100 years, Cartier has given full play to the charm of this mysterious timepiece. The celestial rotating mysterious tourbillon watch is the representative of Cartier’s complex watchmaking technology. The escapement lifts the Cartier Tourbillon’s aesthetics and craftsmanship to a whole new level.
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 The broad case and sharp lines of the Drive de Cartier series watches have become the longing of men’s hearts. Cartier has launched a number of new models of this series. This floating tourbillon watch is equipped with a 9452 MC movement. , The dexterous tourbillon reveals a mystery.
For more details please click: De Cartier series big date dual time zone day and night display watch

 This large calendar dual time zone day and night display watch combines elegant shapes and complex functions. The design of the watch is inspired by the shape of antique cars. The guilloché dial is reminiscent of a car’s air intake grille, and the winding crown is like The bolt-like, delicate design adds unique charm to the look.
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 The Clé de Cartier watch, born in 2015, is named after its key-like winding crown. Cartier takes a traditional watch as its inspiration and interprets a new operation method. Today, this brand new watch is equipped with Cartier’s first self-winding skeleton movement-9621 MC, the dial is transformed into the skeleton skeleton bridge with the iconic Roman numerals, III, VI, IX and XII digital style The hollowed-out bridge and the movement complement each other.
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 Cartier dared to challenge the watch design and continue the spirit of ‘Mechanical Legend’. The launch of the Crash skeleton watch made of rose gold is eye-catching. This Crash watch is equipped with a 9618 MC movement, the case and the movement are combined into one, presenting a natural classic asymmetric shape. The iconic Roman numeral decoration is striking and striking, the skeletonized movement and the twisted case subtly fit, the Crash skeletonized watch is also equipped with a transparent case back, and the sophisticated mechanism of the 9618 MC manual winding mechanical movement can be seen at a glance.
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 The Hypnose watch is an interpretation of Cartier’s wonderful time with endless swirls. The charm, graceful shape and charming lines of this jewellery watch are fascinating at first sight. Cartier continues its unique style, demonstrating outstanding quality and becoming another classic of the brand. The watchmaker and the jewellery craftsman work together to express their feelings and break through the difficulties with ingenious techniques. The two major craftsmanship are merged into one to achieve a beautiful high-end jewelry watch.
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Feeling Heritage And Innovation Watch House Special Breguet 2015 New Appreciation Meeting

On the morning of September 12, 2015, the ‘Special Exhibition of Breguet 2015 New Appreciation Watch House’ arrived as scheduled. The event was co-organized by the Watch House and the brand Breguet, and came to SKP, a bustling commercial and shopping mall in Beijing. Participating in the netizen recruitment by the Watch House Forum and WeChat, the brand Breguet shared the new watch released by Breguet in 2015 with the watchmates present.

   The Breguet VIP Room, located on the third floor of the Beijing SKP mall, coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Breguet series. This exhibition is a collection of the Breguet brand history and classic watches. Try it on.

   The event started on time at 11 am, and the staff of the Breguet brand introduced the development history of Breguet and the series handed down and the new watches released by Breguet this year. The table friends who were present were deeply attracted by the charm of Baodi’s brand and concentrated on it.

   In the introduction, watch friends watch the Breguet classic watches and this year’s new watches in the exhibition window of the VIP room.

   The most anticipated moment has come, watch friends began to try on Breguet watches, appreciate the Breguet watches in all directions, and get close contact with the watches. The staff present were eager to resolve all questions about Breguet watches for the table friends.

   This box of Breguet heritage watches is exciting.

   At the end of the event, some of the tablemates present took a group photo with the staff of the Breguet brand. The brand will make their own electronic photo albums for each of the attendees and send them to them through the Breguet public WeChat account.
Summary: The “House of Breguet 2015 New Product Appreciation Watch House” was successfully held, which not only allowed everyone to understand the history of Breguet and its new products this year, but also promoted the exchange between watchmakers. The wearing session also gave everyone more opportunities to experience Breguet watches. The successful holding of this watch home special event cannot be separated from the support and attention of all watch friends. Here at the watch home, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone, and also thank the brand Breguet for this rare event. Appreciation meeting, pay attention to watch home and pay attention to more exciting activities in the future.


First To See 2014 巴塞尔雷达 Booth Style

2014 Basel International Jewelery & Watch Fair has opened watch home front mission staff also reported
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Best Watches Chrysmer Series 8688 Watch Real Shot Appreciation

Clesmer 8688, 42mm round dial men’s watch, metal case with automatic movement, date function, skeleton balance, dark brown leather strap.

 The Cresmer series is a perfect interpretation of minimalist watchmaking. It is inspired by a platinum ultra-thin self-winding watch (now in the Baume & Mercier Museum), introduced in 1965. It combines straight lugs and rounds. The case is perfectly integrated. The ultra-slim features make the Kleissmer series acclaimed, with Roman numerals and slender engravings perfectly distributed on the simple dial.

 This ingenious style with an alligator leather strap is driven by a self-winding mechanical movement; the ultra-thin version is equipped with a Swiss-made quartz movement. A self-winding chronograph in a slim case made by the Cresmer series, it is designed for watch enthusiasts who desire design, function and aesthetics.

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