On September 24, 2014, in Shanghai, China, the third behind-the-scenes heroes ceremony hosted by the internationally renowned watch brand Hamilton was held in the Shanghai Mall Theatre. Stars and film behind-the-scenes workers attended the event, including new film emperors Liao Fan, Wu Xiubo, Yan Ni, Zhang Hanyu, Zheng Peipei, and many other film and television celebrities. The chairman of the jury Xu Anhua, the judge Wang Xuezhen, Mai Jia, Yu Liwei, Huo Tingxiao, and some Well-known behind-the-scenes filmmakers and numerous media efforts have witnessed this glorious event.

 ‘Hamilton’s Heroes behind the Scenes’ was founded by Hamilton Watch in Hollywood, USA and has been successfully held for seven sessions. The hard-working workers who dig into the film are the spirit of selfless dedication and the cooperation of front-stage actors. Bring us all a wonderful film. In 2012, Hamilton introduced this festival to China. The first festival was held in Beijing Water Cube, which has far-reaching significance for China’s film industry. Now it has been held for the third time. It is their persistence and encouragement of behind-the-scenes filmmakers that make our film industry more colorful.

At the start of the awards ceremony, many stars entered the red carpet. The picture above is Wang Jingchun.

Awarding guest Yan Ni, a famous actor.

 The award-winning guest famous actor Zheng Peipei claims to be the first martial arts actress of the Hong Kong Film Festival. Recently, he has just participated in Hunan TV’s ‘Flowers and Teenagers’. His fame is also in the sky. Next to this is her daughter Atomie, a versatile woman. actor.

 Awarding guests: Hong Kong famous director, screenwriter, Huang Baiming, many of his classic works are familiar to everyone, such as ‘Happy Ghost Series’, ‘Family Funeral’, ‘Nine Star Announcement’, ‘Seven Years Itch’

 The award-winning guest actor Zhang Hanyu, his tough guy image is unforgettable in everyone’s minds, I will not cite classic works one by one. The latest movie work should be last year’s ‘Three Brothers of Fire’ as the brave and combative ‘Tian Dalin’ .

 The award-winning guest actor Wu Xiubo, everyone now affectionately calls his uncle, especially the ‘Divorce Lawyer’ which has just ended, which makes his uncle’s image even more popular. In 2014, he starred in the TV series ‘Divorce Lawyer’, ‘My Youth Is Eighth Degree’, ‘Ma Xiangyang’s Travel to the Country’.

The judges of the ceremony from left to right are: Xu Anhua, chairman of the jury, Wang Xuezhen, famous actor, and Huo Tingxiao, art director.

The judges of the ceremony from left to right are: photographer Yu Liwei and editor Mai Jia.

 The award-winning guest Liao Fan. In February 2014, Liao Fan won the Best Actor Award at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival with ‘Day Fireworks’. He was also the first Chinese actor to win the award. Get the highest bonus bear award.

 After the grand star red carpet show, the awards section has also begun. The award-winning works are basically classic movies that everyone knows well, from the compact plot ‘Day Fireworks’ to the cleverly edited ‘No Man’s Land’ to the sound-sounding ‘Hypnotic Master’ and the beautiful ‘Backlight Flying’ The films represent the hard work and dedication of the majority of the workers behind the scenes.

The awarding guests Yan Ni, Zhang Hanyu and Yu Li jointly presented the ‘Best Art Direction Award’.

The awarding guest Wu Xiubo presented the ‘Best Editing Award’.

The awarding guest Wang Xuezheng presented the ‘Best Modeling Award’.

The award presenter Liao Fan presented the ‘Best Photography Award’.

 As the awards session came to an end, the beautiful singer Jiang Meiqi’s beautiful singing brought everyone a new feeling. By the end of 2013, Jiang Meiqi had released a total of 16 albums, and many songs in the album were selected as TV series and Movie theme song.

 The event organizer gave us many surprises. Everyone thought that Jiang Meiqi would not have any surprises after singing. I never expected that Qi Yu would sing two songs for everyone. I personally feel that although the sound is not clear, it is still touching. My favorite The ‘Happy Face’ was particularly touched.

 In the end, the grandest prize, ‘Hamilton Special Contribution Award’ was won by Xu Anhua, who has a lot of classic works in Chinese cinema, such as ‘Half Life’, ‘Woman Forty’, ‘Jade Guanyin’, ‘Sister Tao’, etc. Directors, Mr. Sylvain Dolla and Mr. Huang Baiming, the global CEO of Hamilton, presented her the trophy in person.

Summary: ‘Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes heroes festival’, as a festival that inspires and rewards behind-the-scenes filmmakers, is held in China for three times. Every time it brings you support, watching the award-winning guests excited or even tearful I can also feel happy and proud to witness this sacred moment. As a watch brand and movie, Hamilton has a long history of sponsoring and shooting many classic works, and now reporting such a grand ceremony shows its brand culture. And the road of development, we wish the Chinese film industry can get better and better, and Hamilton can perform better and better in China. (Picture / text watch home Zhang Wenhao)