It is not too late to get to the topic. Buying channels has always been a topic of concern and discussion for all watch enthusiasts. Especially for new players who have not been in the watch market for a long time, they have limited access to various channels for buying watches, and it is not clear what the advantages and disadvantages are. As a fan, I also bought some watches in and out. Specialty stores, purchasing agents, and second-hand companies have all been bought, especially in the secondary market. Therefore, today I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of various ways to buy a watch. Please choose the method that suits you according to your situation.
   Before I start, I want to emphasize that when introducing various advantages and disadvantages, I will focus on the disadvantages and risks. Help new players stop risks before they happen. If there are any omissions, please add them.
brand store
Advantages: The biggest advantage of brand stores and counters is rest assured. Watches sold in brand stores are brand new, unused watches. The watch has a full set of accessories, certificates, tags and warranty cards. All the foils are on the watch. The watch itself, watch box, and accessories are in perfect condition. At the same time, you can try it on when you buy a watch. Although I buy things directly and leave, the specialty store can also provide thoughtful services when buying watches. After buying the watch, the watch has a warranty sale with a warranty card. The advantages are clear to everyone, so I won’t say more.

Specialty stores buy watches are the most secure.
Disadvantages: The problem with specialty stores is simple and expensive. Not only watches, jewelry, handbags, any luxury goods bought in domestic counters are expensive. Watches are different from cars. We buy cars in 4S stores. The price of the cars is relatively stable. The discount amount and range of each 4S store are not much different. But watches are not the same. Due to exchange rates, discounts, secondary markets and other factors, the price gap between watches is very large. In my previous example, a watch with a public price of 140,000 may have a transaction price of only 40,000. The spread is amazing. This will attract a lot of people to buy watches outside the specialty store (the risks exist I will talk about below). After all, buying money is the first issue to consider.
   The second problem is that the popular models are out of stock all year round. We all know that popular watches cannot be bought at many specialty stores in China. Although the specialty store will say that it is necessary to order, to wait in line, wait for half a year, wait for one year, but there are few people who are really willing to wait in line. At the same time, there are also tying situations in specialty stores, and you must buy one with other watches.

Players who have just entered the world of famous watches must go to the specialty store to buy watches.
   Buy the watch at the public price from the specialty store. If the watch is worn by yourself for a lifetime, there is no problem. Once the watch wants to be transferred and sold in the future, the money will be lost a lot, and you must be mentally prepared before selling it. Let me give you an example. I do n’t say which watch it is. A friend bought a watch for 520,000. I do n’t like it after wearing it for a few months. Surprising, I lost more than 400,000 in a few months, but this is the case.

Advantages: Purchasing can buy the same brand new complete set of watches at a lower price than domestic counters. The advantage is cheap, the watch is still new. At the same time, because the watches are all UNPROFOR, there is no difference between a watch bought in theory and a watch bought at a domestic counter. A watch can save tens or even hundreds of thousands.
Disadvantages: Shopping can buy the same watches as domestic counters, but in theory. Because the watch is in the process of ‘crossing the ocean and crossing the mountains’, no one can guarantee that there will be no problems. The simplest problem is that in the mailing process, it is very common for the watch packaging to be damaged, and it is not uncommon to get damage to the watch’s outer box. I once received the watch, and the decoration on the watch box was wiped off (I said one more stupid thing I did before. I bought a bag and mailed it home. When I hit the carton with a knife, I didn’t expect to hit the knife with a knife. Dust bag, directly made a big opening in the dust bag, if you want to cry without tears, you must be careful when unpacking). But these are trivial issues, not problems. It should be noted that some overseas watches, such as Rolex’s DAY DATE, are not English, but Arabic. In this case, if you do not want to read Arabic, you can only change the calendar circle afterwards (I think this Actually it’s not a problem).
   A major problem with overseas purchasing is immigration, which involves smuggling. Most of the overseas purchasing watches are watches and watch cases separated. The watch’s flesh came in, and the watch box came in. European watches first arrived in Hong Kong and then came in from Hong Kong. As you all know, not only purchasing and buying watches abroad, there are also problems of entering the customs. Watches and boxes are separated. Although most people are fortunate that they have not been investigated, there is still the problem of being investigated even if the probability is small. In addition, accessories such as insurance cards have been mailed separately, and they have also been lost. No matter how small the risks are, there are risks. When the watch is mailed, there is also the problem of price protection. Watches with tens of thousands of yuan are fine. Watches with hundreds of thousands of yuan, don’t forget to include the insurance price, unless you don’t think you need to insure the price.
   At the same time, it is worth noting that some overseas purchasing agents are not really purchasing agents, but ‘pretend overseas purchasing agents’ are actually domestic shipments, the goods are all in the country, and then make a courier order. This problem is more common in handbags and bags, as well as in watches. Some people even ‘pretend’ a brand counter, and then shoot live video shopping. If you are concerned about these issues, please pay attention to distinguishing.

Do not touch the second watch if you are not familiar with the market.
Two watches

Advantages: The advantages of the second watch are cheap, save money, and suitable for playing. The second-hand market reflects the true value of watches. Each watch is directly returned to its original shape, and the advantages and disadvantages of it are clear at a glance. There are hundreds of thousands of public prices, second-hand as long as 40,000, 50,000; some public prices are not high, second-hand also have to exceed the public price. For example, some Rolexes, which were previously bought second-hand, can now be sold for a profit. Buying and selling second-hand, will not lose any money (less money is lost) is very suitable for playing.
Disadvantages: buying second-hand must be familiar with the market, buying second-hand must be familiar with the market, buying second-hand must be familiar with the market, I will say the important thing three times.
   The second watch is not a new watch, the original second watch is scratched. It’s just a matter of more scratches and less scratches. Some second watches will remain in their original condition without being processed. However, some other watches will undergo secondary treatment, re-polishing, brushing, and chamfering, so that the watch has the same appearance as the new watch. Secondary processing is common in secondary watches, and it’s no secret. Individual two watches are injured, such as the side of the case, the mirror, and the lugs are easily accessible. There are not many second watches with complete boxes and accessories. Many of them are single watches or lack something, and some box accessories are equipped with rear accessories. This is normal. Second, because the watch is not a new watch, either the warranty period has expired or the warranty card has been lost. In short, most of the watches have no warranty. For the second watch with a long production time, the watch will need maintenance. In addition to the problems of the watch itself, the problem of the second watch is the understanding of the market. From an economic point of view, not all second-hand watches on the market can be bought. Buying ‘wrong’ two watches (referring to poorly circulated watches and unpopular watches) means that this watch is difficult to sell again. In addition, in order to save the bargaining space, people will set the price of some watches higher. Without knowing the market, it seems that the price of the second watch is very much lower than the public price, but if you buy it blindly, you will lose a lot. .

Secondary treatments, re-polishing, drawing, etc. are very common in secondary watches.
Each method has a good side and a bad side. Please think for yourself what you want.

   No need to hide, I bought a second watch for many years without going to a specialty store or purchasing. Because what I want is ‘play’. I am familiar with the market of the second watch and accept the rules of the second watch. This is the way that suits me. So friends, what do you want?

   For anyone who is just starting to buy a watch, and ‘excellent’ watch, must go to a specialty store to buy a watch. According to the public price buying table, what you buy is protection, practicality, and after-sales service. If you are just starting to buy a watch, you pay great attention to every detail of the watch. In this case, if you buy a watch outside a specialty store, you will leave ‘hidden dangers’. After a problem occurs, it will make you unhappy. As I mentioned earlier, there are risks outside the specialty stores. If you are determined to save money and accept the purchasing method, then you have to bear the ‘risk’ that may occur in the watch. At the same time, the fact that Shui Ke was not found today does not mean that it will never be found. For ordinary watch friends, do not touch second-hand, because second-hand need to pay ‘tuition fees’, if there is no person playing around with a second watch to lead the way, watch appearance, model, year, repair, maintenance are all aspects.