The Golden Horse Award, the oldest award in Chinese film industry, has been announced this year for more than 50 years. Known as the ‘Golden Horse Award’ of the ‘Chinese Oscars’, the 50th anniversary of the Avenue of Stars brings together heavyweight movie stars from three places on both sides of the strait. Earl Piaget, who was honored as the chief compliment, presented the Golden Horse’s 50-star red carpet grandly, specially mobilized headquarters resources, mobilized world-class jewellery works, and staff from three places on both sides of the Strait to arrive in Taiwan, creating Golden Horse’s most expensive bright red carpet in the past perfect.
 Zheng Xiuwen, who has been shortlisted for the Golden Horse Awards for the third time, will also announce the best director award together with other finalists in addition to the fiftieth film throne. On such a historic occasion, Zheng Xiuwen chose to wear four Piaget Possession rings. The combination of various shapes and bright and dazzling diamonds showed Zheng Xiuwen’s outstanding elegance and firm determination after hard work. The finalist of the Golden Horse best actress Yan Zhuo Ling, the performance of the starlight red carpet did not disappoint everyone. A champagne gold slung shoulder dress with Piaget Heart earrings as the focus of the styling. Piaget Possession rings and bracelets embellish the playful atmosphere of Yan Zhuo Ling just right, but old-fashioned but not solemn. Challenging the Golden Horse Emperor Liang Jiahui with ‘Cold War’, he chose to wear a Piaget Possession ring, which portrayed Liang Jiahui’s neat and chic qualities, confident and stylish.

Chen Chong, a Chinese actress who has won two Golden Horse Awards and one Golden Horse Award for Best Director, today chose to wear Piaget Rose sculpted rose rings and Piaget Limelight earrings. Her nobility is restrained and fully embodies her great intellectual side. The Piaget Limelight Paris necklace is made of hundreds of crisscross diamonds, and it is accompanied by the Piaget Couture Précieuse jewelry watch, which is gorgeous and individual. One of the most remarkable is the Piaget Couture Précieuse bun in the hair. The shiny ruby ​​is decorated with diamonds, which is gorgeous. Chen Chong will also be tonight with the five best actress finalists to pay tribute to the best director. Count Piaget is the chief praise of the Golden Horse 50, and he will support the Golden Horse with this film treasure who also has the title and director of the Golden Horse, and offer the most sincere blessings and respects to the Chinese film industry.


Ruan Jingtian, who once asked the Golden Horse Emperor, wore a Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch. The ultra-thin surface and crocodile leather strap revealed the elegant side of the movie emperor, and also showed the gentleman’s elegance and excellent taste.

Golden Horse Fifty Introducer Guo Caijie wears a Piaget Couture Précieuse watch. It is made of hundreds of crisscross diamonds. It is gorgeous and individual. With Piaget Limelight New York earrings, the bow is compact and exquisite, perfectly combining Guo Caijie’s luxury and low-key.

 Sui Tang, who challenged Golden Horse for the first time as a lyricist, stepped on the red carpet and became the focal point of the spotlight with the unique design of the Piaget Limelight watch. The exquisite and beautiful diamonds gathered, blooming glamorous, pouring like a waterfall. Under the Piaget Limelight Party earrings, Sui Tang Yu Yun Fenghua’s best interpretation.

 Hong Kong singer He Yunshi attended the Golden Horse Awards as a guest performer today. She will sing the theme song of ‘He Jijun Comes Again’ at the ceremony to show her respect and respect for the teacher Mei Anfang. He Yunshi chose to wear the Piaget Limelight Gala watch on the red carpet. The entire watch was set with diamonds and radiant. Then she was adorned with the Piaget Limelight New York ring to make the Piaget’s gorgeousness and brilliance to the fullest.

One of the hosts of the Golden Horse Fifty Avenue of Lights, Yang Qianyi chose Piaget Jazz Party earrings, sapphire roses with diamonds, and a streamlined Piaget Limelight Gala watch and Piaget Rose lace ring. They are delicate and unique, perfectly presenting Yang Qianyi Confidence and knowledge.

As the chairman of the Golden Horse Awards Executive Committee, Hou Xiaoxian who will announce the best film with Li An and previous Golden Horse filmmakers will enter the Golden Horse venue with the Piaget Altiplano Date ultra-thin watch. Coinciding with the half-century of Golden Horse, in addition to the strong line-up of finalists, the ceremony awards and event guests have also been specially designed. The Piaget Altiplano Date ultra-thin watch worn by Hou Xiaoxian is not only Piaget’s classic series, but also breaks the ultra-thin record of the world’s self-winding watch, symbolizing the spirit of the Golden Horse Fifty to inherit the tradition and to be innovative. Director Zhu Yanping wears Piaget Altiplano watch, ultra-thin surface inlaid with diamonds, the design is pure and timeless, showing Director Zhu’s classic classic style.

The director Chen Zheyi, who won the ‘Earl’s Award of Excellence’ for ‘Parents Are Not Home’, wears a Piaget Emperador watch, with a straight and curved arc-shaped case combined with a crocodile leather strap. The eye-catching design also sets off Chen Zheyi’s outstanding talent. Liang Lemin and Lu Jianqing were shortlisted for the Best New Director award together with ‘Cold War’. Liang Lemin wore a Piaget Emperador Coussin white gold watch. The rough and thick design combined with the delicate and exquisite movement showed Liang Lemin’s outstanding appearance. Lu Jianqing wore a Piaget Polo watch, with a white gold surface and a leather strap, revealing a sporty and stylish style. There is still a rigorous frame in leisure.

 Tonight’s starry red carpet, Yang Guimei chose to wear a Piaget Limelight New York necklace. The gradual sapphire gathered on her chest, and then shedding like a meteor. The Piaget Rose carved rose ring and the Couture Précieuse watch were brilliant. Tonight’s Yang Guimei , Beautiful. After the golden horse shadow, Zheng Yuling, wearing a Piaget Magic Garden ring tonight, gorgeous diamonds around the hexagonal cut crystal, to show Zheng Yuling’s peerless style and manners. Gui Yalei, who won the Best Supporting Actress after two Golden Horse Films, is undoubtedly a benchmark figure in the Chinese film industry.

 Gui Yalei wore the Piaget Couture Précieuse necklace and Piaget Possession earrings. The chain-shaped diamonds showed a structured sense, and the thin chain was more dazzling. The Piaget Limelight Party ring on the hand and the sapphire seated on the finely carved diamond setting. Add a touch of luxury to the overall look.

 After the Golden Horse film, Ling Bo returned to the country for the Golden Horse 50 times, wearing a Piaget Limelight Garden Party theme watch, platinum material and emerald to bring out a strong vitality, successfully interpreting Ling Bo’s immortal status as an evergreen tree in the Chinese film industry.

Ke Jiayu attended the 50th Golden Horse Awards, wearing Piaget Limelight coral ring, sapphire proudly surrounded by diamonds, paired with Piaget Rose openwork earrings, fresh and charming. The Couture Précieuse bracelet watch worn on the hand is surrounded by diamonds, creating a finishing touch for Ke Jiayu’s overall look today.

 Guo Shuyao, who participated in the fiftieth Golden Horse Awards as the best newcomer, chose Piaget Heart earrings as a match. The heart-shaped earrings hung from the ears and set against the Piaget Heart ring on her hand, showing the youthful and sweet vitality. The bracelet added a touch of personality to her.

 Lin Meixiu, who was selected as the best supporting actress for ‘Dear Grandma’, the Piaget Limelight Dancing Light full-diamond watch is very shining. With the Piaget Possession ring, the crystal clear diamonds were immediately appreciated by the audience. The Piaget Possession necklace and earrings are light embellishments, which set off Lin Meixiu tonight.

The Starlight Red Carpet kicked off the fiftieth Golden Horse Awards, with movie stars struggling to compete and focus on their eyes. The veteran of the movie industry or the dark horse that has emerged from the army, after the warm-up match on the red carpet, who is the winner of the golden horse will be announced by the Golden Horse Awards and the chief Count Piaget. At the same time, the Golden Horse Awards and Count Paiget also thanked the filmmakers for their contributions to the Chinese film industry. They also hope that all filmmakers can continue to improve and work hard for the Chinese film industry and encourage them!