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Fish Xiang Shallow Bottom Micro-painted Koi Hour Minute Dial Watch Brief Comment

Since ancient times, there has been a saying that ‘the carp jumps over the dragon gate’, Yu Renfei Huang Tengda, and the official transport is prosperous. Therefore, people often use koi to bless others and send a message ‘auspicious and happy.’ And ‘the mud is out of the mud but not stained, the lotus flower is not a monster’ is a symbol of elegance and bright festivals. Jacques de Lo presents this painting full of beautiful meanings on the dial, and the more noble wearer brings the blessing of “good luck with you.” Today the home of the watch brings you this micro Koi hour and minute small dial watch (PetiteHeureMinuteTheCarps), reference model: J005013203.

Jacques Dro’s watchmaker draws inspiration from the koi swimming in the summer lotus pond, and vividly draws a beautiful picture of ‘Suddenly listening to the sound of koi hitting the water, leaping into the clear water’ with vivid and beautiful colors and delicate strokes. Painting.

The 39mm 18K rose gold case with a large ivory enamel dial, like jade, presents a delicate and moist texture.

The watch glass uses a sapphire crystal glass. The watch glass is anti-glare treated to display clearly. The classic dome design presents a beautiful retro look.

The simple 18K rose gold crown is engraved with two Jacques Dross seven-pointed star logos, symbolizing its brand identity.

This watch is paired with a small brown checkered crocodile strap, brown and rose gold for a classic elegant look.

The thickness of this watch is moderate, and the case of 18K rose gold is delicately polished to show a delicate precious metal luster.

The lugs are slender in shape when viewed from the front, showing a delicate and elegant style. The designer’s unique intentions can be seen on the side. A rounded corner makes the watch’s arc more fit the wrist, which is comfortable to wear.

This watch is equipped with a simple and elegant 18K rose gold pin buckle. The shape is simple and easy to use. The top of the buckle is printed with a Jacques de Lore logo, which symbolizes its brand quality.

The white, bright-textured enamel dial with a uniform texture and warm texture is full of rich and colorful koi and fresh and elegant water lilies. Even the deep and light treatment of the water is extremely layered, forming a quiet and interesting mood. Beautiful picture.

The ivory-colored large fire enamel plate exudes immaculate brightness. Jacques Dro’s eccentric hour dial is very brand-recognizable. The two 18K rose gold hands are exquisite and elegant, exuding the elegance and elegance of precious metals in rose gold. Twelve black Roman numerals are clearly printed on it, creating a retro style that blends Eastern and Western cultures.

This watch is limited to 28 pieces in the world. Each watch is engraved with an independent number on the edge of the case. A sapphire crystal is embedded in the center of the case. That’s all.

This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, this movement is equipped with a dual barrel, a power reserve of up to 68 hours, the movement frequency is 28,800 times / hour, the exquisite rotor is decorated with a sun pattern The splint is engraved with exquisite Geneva ripples. In addition, Jacques Dro’s unique shamrock secret mark can also be seen on the movement, which symbolizes ‘lucky’.

Summary: As early as the 18th century, the Emperor Qianlong and the noble officials of the Qing Dynasty had already collected Pierre Jacques Droe’s masterpieces of watches and clocks. As the pioneer brand of clocks and watches exported to China, Jacques Droe is still displayed in the Palace Museum. Less well-kept automatic dolls and pocket watches. This watch combines the western big fire enamel craftsmanship, micro-painting art, complicated mechanical watchmaking process and the ink brush method penetrating Chinese culture, presenting a Chinese style retro style that combines the special things of the 18th century. It has the elegance of the West and the temperament of the East. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 258,500 yuan, and the global limit is only 28 pieces. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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2013 Basel New Patek Philippe

Responsible for commenting on the Patek Philippe booth: This year, Patek Philippe mainly described four main models to the media. This year, Patek Philippe did not compete with the complex models it was good at, but changed the simple models The main highlights of the Patek Philippe booth this year are:
1. Although there is no major change in the style of the Patek Philippe booth, it is mainly based on simplicity, but the display of the movement wall made us see for the first time that the polishing of its quartz movement is so exquisite.
2, 5227 is a simple watch, but the fine tuning of the appearance and the mysterious back cover hinges have become a highlight.
Although the 3200 is not a super complicated model, the 8-day long power plus the practical week calendar and the silicon escapement are also a big highlight.
4, women’s watch, launched a simple version of the 7000 three-question watch 7200, for women who like the 7000 look more affordable option.
 At the 2013 Basel Watch Fair, Patek Philippe came here with its new work, and the eye-catching counters stood out for a moment. These new works are all made of precious metals, with extremely exquisite craftsmanship. The lens of the watch house also recorded these exquisite figures.

5208 platinum watch
 This is a platinum one-button chronograph. In addition to the timing function, he also has three questions and a perpetual calendar function. The dial is made of luxury precious metal with a diameter of 42 mm. Movement model: Cal
 R CH 27
PS. At first glance, the dial of this watch is very messy, but upon closer inspection, it is found that every component inside is very delicate and charming. The sapphire blue hands match the color of the metal parts on the back.
Better than each other.
Watch Details: This watch uses Cal240 LU CL
C movement. Table diameter 44 mm. 30 meters life waterproof. How many secrets in the vast universe that have not been deciphered by humans seem to be answered in the dial. Is the designer of this watch an astronomer? It is a beautiful thing to bring such a watch at work. The Cosmic Star 6104 white gold watch uses the same movement as this watch. The only difference is that this white gold watch is inlaid with square cut diamonds on the case, making the entire dial look more vivid. How about it? Take a closer look at the diamonds on this case. Does it look like the little stars in the infinite universe?
Watch Details: Both the 5073 and 5074 watches use Cal R
Movement 27. The same also has a 42 mm diameter. The three models from the left to the right in the picture below are made of platinum diamonds, platinum, platinum and rose gold. Now that we have the same movement, let’s do our best
Just choose the surface material. Everyone must guess that this diamond watch has the highest price, but it is worth noting that the products we buy are not necessarily the most expensive and are best for you. My suggestion is that if the skin is relatively fair, then Please choose a diamond or platinum model, for a shiny skin that is more white and lustrous. In contrast, the skin is healthy bronze or darker, so we choose the rose gold style is better.
黝 Dark hair with bright skin and golden color will make the skin more healthy and textured. The 42 mm diameter is the perfect fit for men.
Watch details:
There are several different models of this watch, divided according to material: white gold and rose gold. As a women’s watch, naturally pay more attention to details. Alligator leather straps are anti-wear and matte. Dial in motion
On the basis of white gold and rose gold, both are set with brilliant high-end diamonds, which fits the woman’s mentality of using watches as jewelry. These watch movements use Cal CH 29-535
PS movement. In addition to strengthening the appearance, more emphasis is placed on the quality of the content.
Watch Details: Both watches use Cal240
HU movement. Very small maps are engraved on the small dial. The very precise graduations on the edge of the dial can provide you with local time in many countries, which is the best choice for long-term business travelers. On the table
In the choice of shell, Patek Philippe uses two materials, namely platinum and gold. For a perfect match in color, the platinum watch is fitted with a dark blue alligator strap. The strap on the gold watch is a brown-red crocodile
Leather material. The perfect appearance wrapped outside the precision movement is very exciting.
Watch details: Same as the previous model, this World Time watch also uses Cal240
HU movement. But the dial looks more luxurious, because in addition to white gold, a larger area uses rose gold as the main material of the case, and diamonds as decoration, making it look more luxurious. 36 milli
The diameter of the meter is relatively small, but after integrating many luxurious materials, the large diameter is not as delicate as the small one. The swell of diamonds will make the watch look full and rich.

Patek Philippe’s women’s moon phase watch series welcomes a new member. The new Calatrava Ref. 7121 watch, launched this year, is set with 66 brilliant-cut diamonds, like a dazzling galaxy. This classic and fascinating treasure seems to make every minute countless endless charm. The timing of the Calatrava Ref. 7121 debut was just right. For modern women who are fashion-conscious and confident, mechanical watches are now their undisputed first choice. It would be perfect if you could add some complexity. If the brilliance of diamonds blooms again, it can be said that the dream comes true. Patek Philippe’s new hand-wound moon phase display Calatrava women’s watch combines these three elements. This watch is particularly striking with its classic elegant, gold-tone round official Calatrava case.
Details of the watch: Details of the watch: Details of the watch: Ref. 5200 Gondolo The eight-day power reserve week and date display watch is truly a timepiece for watch lovers who prefer manual winding. Patek Philippe has developed a new movement specifically for this watch,
In many ways, it is reminiscent of the Ref. 5100 ‘Ten Day Power Reserve’ watch launched by the brand 13 years ago to welcome the new millennium. With Ref. 5100
The difference is that this new Gondolo watch uses a new research and development developed by the Patek Philippe Advanced Technology Research Center.
Movement components made of Silinvar®, an innovative material that has won Patek Philippe several patents in recent years. The exquisite and charming movement has an eight-day power reserve display, an analog date display with hands, and
The large window-style week display shows that the aesthetics full of personality will never disappoint watch lovers. The case with the movement is carefully carved to show a beautiful arc, which is very Art Deco style, which once again shows that Patek Philippe is in the design
Ability to design and cast extraordinary cases.
 Watch details: Watch details: 20130428 / 17752.html
Summary: The price of Patek Philippe is relatively high, and the watch home provides everyone with Patek Philippe’s new works this year. Even among the visitors in the exhibition hall, they also saw more and bought less. I think that the significance of luxury brands, in addition to becoming a pioneer model in the watch industry, is more to indicate the direction for the rapid development of watchmaking.
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Cartier Chengdu Ocean Pacific Taikoo Li Flagship Store Grand Opening

April 18, 2015, Chengdu-Cartier’s first flagship store in China opened grandly in Chengdu Ocean Pacific. Cartier’s Global President and CEO, Mr. Stanislas de Quercize, North Asia Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lu Huiquan, and China’s CEO, Mr. Louis Ferla, attended the opening ceremony and witnessed another time in the development of Cartier in China. important moment.

Cartier Global President and CEO Mr. Deng Geshi (right), North Asia Chief Executive Officer Lu Huiquan (left), and China CEO Lu Yisi (middle) launched Cartier Keys, officially unveiling Cartier’s Chengdu Ocean Pacific Taikoo Li flagship store Curtain.

Exterior view of Cartier Chengdu Ocean Pacific’s flagship store

Cartier Chengdu Ocean Pacific’s flagship store, watch and jewelry display area on the first floor

The spiral staircase connecting one to three floors is particularly eye-catching. Its meandering shape is like Cartier’s fine jewelry necklace. On the red gradient wall on the side of the staircase, a lifelike Cartier cheetah, with the proud style of a century-old king, is quiet. Waiting for every distinguished guest.

  Located in Chengdu’s most prosperous emerging business circle, Cartier Ocean Pacific’s flagship store has three floors, with a total area of ​​nearly 1,000 square meters, and is one of the brand’s largest boutiques in China. This unique flagship store is under the artistic direction of Bruno Moinard, the royal designer of the internationally renowned former French President Mitterand, not only following Cartier’s consistent bronze tone and design style, but also creatively transforming China Elements blend with Cartier’s aesthetic style. The details inside the flagship store exude a rich oriental charm, and the bronze pillars are engraved with auspicious seal characters such as ‘Treasure, Blessing, Richness, and Phoenix’, showing the designer’s ingenuity. The boutiques all adopt Chinese classical style furniture, echoing the overall design concept.